YMA – 18

When I realized who the soft, delicate body belonged to, which was locked in my arms, I suddenly came to my senses. 

My mind flashed with the realization: Ever since Medea turned 20, and we scheduled union nights, I had never fallen asleep beside her. 


Because I was disgusted by her trying to douse me with an aphrodisiac, it made me distrust her. So, I always ejaculated once and left the bedroom right afterward. 

Yes, it had been like that, hadn’t it…

[Flashback to earlier in the night]

‘Hah, ah… anymore……… Ah, please…’

‘It hurts…..?’  

With a trembling imploring Medea locked in his arms, Lyle whispered gently.

Medea had no idea what to do with her face soaked with pleasure.  

‘Yeah……. I think it seems to be weird… Hnngh, Your Majesty…’

He achieved their desires by coaxing and soothing Medea when she was struggling. 

As the number of times of their coupling exceeded eight, Medea was stretched out; not even aware saliva was spilling out of her mouth. 

Lyle was still not satisfied and released his desires in her.  

He greedily coveted and coveted… and even left red marks all over her body.  

[End of flashback]

‘Oh My God.’  

With a blushing look, Lyle swept his face in disbelief.  

Never before had he lost his reason and gone mad with lust by embracing a woman.

‘I never had this even after drinking an aphrodisiac—You must be insane.’  

With a burning face, Lyle peeped at Medea, who was sleeping as if she were dead.

No dress hung around her waist.  

After the second climax, Lyle became extremely passionate and became irritated by the cloth that covered Medea and tore it apart.

“You’re not really dead, are you?” 

He was a Sword Master and persistently made her reach new thresholds, so her body couldn’t be fine.

He enjoyed helping Medea be overwhelmed by unfamiliar stimulation…  

Lyle listened to her even breathing and watched her naked body wrapped in a blanket. 

It was as if flower petals were strewn across, over her delicate skin. 

They were all traces left by Lyle, who had adored her without a second thought. 

‘You seem to be sleeping well.’  

Lyle, who couldn’t stop turning his eyes towards her soft skin, was ashamed when he noticed that heat was already gathering around his navel and ready to hurriedly sheath himself in Medea’s body. 

Lyle, covered his eyes with his palms pressed against them and turned away from her….

‘I have to stay away from her, for her safety.’

‘But when Medea opens her eyes, I want to be the first person she sees….’ 

“Haa … .” 

Lyle sighed deeply, as he sat on a nearby sofa. 

She had no memory. So it was very likely that she would remember yesterday as her first time with him.

‘So that’s it. There’s no other reason.’ 

He swept his red face again—trying to will his heated face away with a wipe, as Lyle stared at Medea peacefully sleeping. 

* * *

Her long, elegant eyelashes trembled. 

Lyle, looking frantically at Medea’s slumbering face, got up from his seat, realizing she was about to wake up.

He was about to go back to bed but hesitated.

‘Why am I approaching Medea?’ 

Union day was yesterday. 

As usual, it was appropriate to get dressed and get out of here before Medea woke up. 

Lyle didn’t know why, but he wondered what kind of expression she would make and what she would look like upon waking up. Last night’s Medea was cute as ever …. 

I don’t want to admit it, but to a certain extent, no, I thought it was very, very lovely.

Maybe he wanted to make sure and see how Medea, who had spent a hot night with him, would face him the next day. 

If Medea had the same old reaction as before, it seemed that this tickling feeling he had begun to harbour would immediately disappear.

Therefore, this was the only foolproof plan to eliminate these mysterious feelings before he realizes what it is. 

Lyle made this excuse and hurried to put his ass back on the sofa.

Medea started to wake, her eyelids still heavy, and her eyes foggy. She looked around with a faint look. 

Her half-sleep expressions were adorable, making Lyle feel more uncomfortable with a pang. 

Medea looked like she hadn’t figured out the situation yet. ‘Ugh…’ Even the sound of her breathing while deep in slumber made Lyle’s heartbeat. 

Lyle stared at Medea with an uncomfortable expression; her eyelids blinked, flickering like butterfly wings, revealing her beautiful eyes.


Lyle thought Medea was beautiful.

Even before her engagement, Medea had been praised as the most beautiful woman on the continent. So it’s nothing new, but……. Previously, because of Lyle’s prejudices, she had despised herself after he spent nights with her, so her beauty never reached his eyes nor gave him a chance to see her properly. 

But now Lyle feels whiplashed by Medea’s charm. 

A human being awoke with a face bearing such glamour that it made previous ‘beauties’ claim to be striking again. This was common to Medea. The title “The most beautiful woman on the continent’ was by no means a myth.

Lyle couldn’t even breathe properly upon witnessing such extreme loveliness. 

Without blinking his eyes, he stared at Medea. His lips parts as he started at her visage, a vision of beauty, clear eyes deeper than the sea, looked back at him, her silver hair hanging over the silk bedding.

Medea was also gawking at him as he stared at her straight into her blue eyes, stunned as if she had not expected Lyle. 

Wow! His heart started to beat even wilder, his eyes inflamed at the sight of her beautiful pale pearly skin turning into a feverish peach.

Medea, who pulled the blanket over her breasts, also hid her face. She looked at Lyle with resentment, barely showing her eyes.

“Wh— why are you still here?” cried Medea in an anguished voice of shame. 

Her words incited sadistic and surly tendencies that Lyle didn’t even know existed within him. 

“Is that something you should say as soon as you see your husband’s face?” 

Lyle said in a displeased tone as if denying this strange fresh feeling that spread through his heart.

Then, when he stood up, his penis, which had been terribly excited, as if revealing his innermost thoughts, shook up and down and hit his thighs with a slap in accordance with Lyle’s movements. Medea turned her head in a panic, adding insult to injury; she had just woken up completely naked.

At night lanterns barely lit their bodies and seeing it in the bright morning was very destructive. 

Lyle, who saw Medea’s reaction, also looked at his apex. He knew this would happen because he was already heated when he watched Medea’s abdomen.

It’s not that he didn’t feel embarrassed, but…… He was the Emperor, and Medea, lying on the bed, was the Empress. The recognized woman of an emperor. 

Do I, the Emperor, need a time and place to desire my woman? Does it matter if it was the day or night? I am your husband. 

Lyle strode towards the bed, determined to be a little brazen.

* * *

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