YMA – 177

The scenery was a swamp. When a manastone hit a suspicious part, a waveform distorted the fake view, and the landscape disappeared. Tim’s mouth went dry as the ripples distorted the mirage and revealed the actual landscape.

He looked up at a vast and imposing building.

The Dark Tower.

Even within the Tower of Magic, it was only a rumor hissed among elderly wizards. But here he was, confirming its existence with his very own eyes. 

The tower pierced the sky, surpassing even the gloomy clouds surrounding it. It was a milky white building, but it seemed rather grim due to the aura it reverberated.

It was as the tortured wizard had told them. It would be consistent with the facts revealed by the prisoner interrogated by the knights.

Tim turned his back and headed for a village in the distance. He wanted to teleport to the capital with movement magic, but if he used his powers within such a close range, his enemy would find out.


Lyle rose and kissed Suyeon’s forehead as she slept. Then, he got out of bed, put the blanket and curtains in place, and left the bedroom.

Outside the bedroom, the Empress’s exclusive attendants were waiting.

“… … take care of the Empress.”

Listening to the ladies-in-waiting’s reply, Lyle entered another room attached to the empress’ quarters. There, the attendants who had all the preparations were waiting.

The black armor passed down from generation to generation in the imperial family was held in the hands of the attendants. Lyle changed his clothes and put on his armor.

The armor with the magic stone in it was to destroy the spells of the wizards and block curses.

The Emperor of Istasia always held hands with the Magic Tower, but that did not mean he was friendly with all mages.

The Istasia Imperial family had suffered from curses from wizards and witches thousands of years ago. As a result, they mercilessly punished those who practiced nefarious sorcery, which returned with resentment and enchantments.

It has been said that this black armor was made from the solidified blood and grievances of those killed at that time, a story that could not be dismissed as a joke.

However, this armor was originally made of black metal. Metal removed from a meteorite that had the property of repelling any magic.

Emperors of the time made armor and swords out of it.

It was still highly sought after.

“Your Majesty… … .”

Ike entered the room as the attendant held out his helmet. When he arrived, he was told to enter the room immediately.

“Everything is ready.”


Lyle put on a helmet and raised a sword.

It was a pity that he didn’t check if Dion was in the Dark Tower, but this was an opportunity he could not miss. He had to destroy them before they noticed and fled.

“… … The hunt will be finished before dark. Keep in mind that you must not let a single one escape.”

“I understand, Your Majesty,”

Ike replied with his eyes shining brightly.

Lyle’s blue cloak flapped as he left the room. It was time to start hunting.


If they could not use magic, most wizards were inferior to even ordinary citizens. It was even worse in front of knights with swords.

There were less than 50 people in the Tower of Magic who could fight against the knights by casting attack magic on the spot. Only a few magicians could cast offensive spells in the Dark Tower, where wizards who had been kicked out of the Tower of Magic gathered and wandered.

The the 1st and 2nd Order was led by the Emperor as acting Knight Commander. The 4th Order was led by his favorite knight and sword, Ike Raiora. All of them were warriors of the vanguard with battlefield experience and trained at fighting wizards.

The elders of the Tower of Magic appeared and constructed a fence around the Dark Tower. The younger wizards cleared the way into the Dark Tower so the knights could storm in.

It was an unexpected raid.

It was already too late when they noticed a brigade marching around the Dark Tower. The Magic Tower elders blocked their retreat, and all that was left was a one-sided slaughter.

Amid the blood and screams and shouts, Lyle continued upstairs. He was looking for Dion.

Even if he slaughtered them all, it would be meaningless if he missed Dion. He was the one who invaded the barracks where the Empress stayed, threatening and seducing her.



The fact of the Emperor’s campaign was belatedly known to the House of Lords and the administration. It was a one-sided notice.

He was an emperor with military power in his hand, so this was not uncommon. Even in this case, the House of Lords had no choice but to keep silent as it was to destroy the Dark Tower.

They recalled that some nobles were sacrificed during the hunt.

“It is self-evident that His Majesty will return safely, but… … It’s the Dark Tower. To think that it’s a reality… … .”

“Didn’t Archduke Rowendale join hands with them! Now that the Archduke is dead, there’s no way to confirm… … His Majesty did a good job. Look at the Marquis of Bermon… … .”

“Ahem—rumor has it that the Marquis of Bermon was not a hapless victim, but was in a cooperative relationship with them like the Archduke Rowendale… … .”

“What are you talking about! The Bermon was also a victim… … . How could you insult the dead with such words?”

Suspicions about the Marquis of Bermon were widespread, but because so many high-ranking nobles had secret relations and deals with her, they chose to stay silent.

“More than that… … I heard that the atmosphere in the imperial palace is unusual these days… … .”

“What do you mean the atmosphere in the imperial palace is unusual?”

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