YMA – 176

She looked up at Lyle in amazement who began sucking on her lowers lips and then the stamen of her flower. Suyeon trembled as his finger movements that stirred her and made her feel good inside continued.

“Ah, ah… … . Aang… … . Oh!”

“Shall I do it for you? Suyeon? Or shall we go to bed like this?”

As Lyle pointed out, the traces left on the sofa bothered her. If they moved to the bedroom like this, it would be obvious who wet the couch.

“Sofa… … ! On the sofa… … .”

“All right.”

Lyle raised his head with a smirk.

She watched coolly take off his clothes, calmly admiring Lyle’s naked body. She was always happy to see it. Thanks to him, her eyes were blessed.

When she reached out to touch his body, Lyle came to her side.

Lyle’s large penis stood up terribly at Suyeon’s touch. Her hand reached from his broad, hard chest to his lower midriff. Being both ashamed and happy about that lovely thing, Suyeon glanced at Lyle.

“Here too… … Can I touch you?”

“Touch me as much as you want. It’s all yours ugh… … .”

As soon as his permission was given, Suyeon’s hand grazed the tip of his cock. Lyle’s eyes blurred, and his expression grew hazy as her fingertips circled lightly on his hard head.

“Su, Yeon… … . Do you want to put it in now?”

“Not yet. I want to touch you more.”

He looked at Suyeon, who shook her head with a conflicted face. Although her touch was stimulating, he knew where it felt better.

“I’ll let you touch it to your heart’s content later. So now… … .”

“Your Majesty, can I suck you here?”

Suyeon asked, gently gripping his tip. Lyle looked at her with a surprised face. He looked like he had heard something wrong.

“What what what… … what?”

“Well, because… … Your Majesty licks me often… … .”

Lyle was so agitated, she felt ashamed of herself. Lyle blushed and turned red as if embarrassed. But he seemed more excited rather than angry.

“Oh, no! I can’t make you do that… … .”

“Why not? You said your body was mine?”

His lust rose as she spoke with her cheeks dyed in embarrassment. Lyle looked at her with his mouth half open.

You said you would suck mine… … . I’m happy… … .

“Mine is big… … your lips will split. That’s not allowed.”

At those words, she hesitated and touched her lips. She thought it would be impossible to put everything in, but she hesitated and then said,

“Then I’ll lick you a little. Won’t you like that too?”

Lyle swallowed dryly at the whisper of lovely lips.

There’s no way I wouldn’t like it… … . It’s embarrassing for a while… … I can imagine how good it would feel.

His heart was shaken, but his care for Suyeon was greater than his immediate desire.

“Not now. Later… … I’ll let you lick it after I wash up.”

As he spoke, Lyle spread her legs wide apart. He was already at his limit. His overexcited penis felt like it was about to burst.

Suyeon trembled slightly and looked at Lyle with expectant eyes.

The tip of his penis was inserted into her soaking wet spot. Even though only the head came in, her entrance opened. Lyle pushed in waist in beat with Suyeon’s breathing.

“Huh… … .”

Something hot and large slipped inside. She gasped for breath at the sensation she couldn’t get used to, her flesh stretching to the limit.

On the other hand, Lyle was trying hard not to piston her sweetly wrapped insides. Her insides felt very good.

“Haa… … .”

Their sweet breaths mingled, and kisses followed. Suyeon hugged his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. Beneath her legs and toes, she could feel the muscles of his firm and strong waist wriggling.

“Your Majesty… … How did you get your body to be like this?”

“Are you asking me that in this situation?”

Lyle asked with a smile.


Even with a light hit on the waist, his curved penis stirred Suyeon’s insides. As she was shaking from the sweet shock, Lyle whispered grimly.

“Where… … We’ll see if that keeps you wondering about it.”

“No, that’s not what I meant! Aahh!”

A shout of S\sweet ecstasy pierced the ceiling of the drawing room as she orgasmed at his unrelenting thrusts. Then, pressing Suyeon’s bouncing body with his waist, Lyle excitedly pushed his thicker-than-usual penis in.

Melting, Suyeon clung to Lyle’s shoulder with an exclamation.

It was a sweet daily life, as always.

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