YMA – 175

“Are you tired? They say sweets are good for recovering from fatigue. Would you like some more cake?”

“I won’t refuse if the Empress feeds me.”

Suyeon giggled at Lyle, who was waiting with his mouth open with ‘Ah.’ He looked at her smile, which seemed to be much closer than before.


A sweet sigh escaped her lips. Even though it was a kiss where their lips collided lightly, heat spread across Suyeon’s face.

“What is it all of a sudden?”

“Your smile is so pretty… … . So I kissed you.”

Lyle stared at her with a feverish gaze.


When he called her by her name, her clear blue eyes fluttered.

Suyeon, who did not respond intensely to any whispers, was shaken by her name. Maybe because she thought her very existence was a lie.

Even though she was convinced, it was a vulgar thought from Lyle’s point of view. The first and only person he fell in love with was her.

“I love you… … . I love you, Suyeon.”

It was a difficult name to pronounce, but Lyle confessed to Suyeon with clear pronunciation.

He didn’t have the courage to ask if she loved him too right now. Instead, he just grabbed Suyeon’s hands and buried his face in them. She looked at Lyle with slightly surprised eyes.

Lyle raised his head slowly and looked at her with her face flushed red. Suyeon slightly averted her eyes at that gaze and said,

“… … me too.”


For a moment, he stared at Suyeon, startled.

She was taken aback and embarrassed by Lyle’s immediate reaction. She tried to free her hand from his, but it was held tight.

“Are… … Are you serious? Tell me again!”

Her earlobes turned red when he hugged her as if clinging to her. She knew Lyle would like it, but she didn’t think he would like it this much.

“I, I like… … .”

Gulp— Lyle’s mouth became dry. Suyeon asked, avoiding his gaze.

“… … do you want to hear that?”

“Suyeon… … .”

Once pulled into his arms, she kept looking elsewhere. Finally, he blocked her gaze by locking her head between his arms.

“If you keep making excuses, I might get angry, is that okay?”

“How are you going to be angry?”

Suyeon asked daringly with sarcasm. Her sly expression made him want to swallow her up, which made Lyle even more impatient.

“You know all about how I feel. Are you doing this because you want to see me pass out, unable to breath?”

“It can’t be. How much, for Your Majesty, I… … .”

Suyeon suddenly stopped talking at a critical point, and Lyle got very excited. Even though he glared at her with a preying gaze, she smiled and averted her eyes.


“I respect you.”

Frustrated, Lyle buried his face in her shoulder.

Then he growled and set his teeth on the nape of her neck. Suyeon twisted her body while yelping softly.

“How dare you tease the emperor?”

“W—unn—when did I! Ahh, ugh… … . Wait, don’t take off my clothes— oh!”

Among the two layers of curtains, lace curtains were drawn over the windows, blocking only strong sunlight. Because of this, one couldn’t glimpse the scene from the outside, but it was still midday.

She wiggled at Lyle’s mischievous hand, pulling down the hem of her dress. He licked the nape of Suyeon’s neck while holding her tightly to prevent her from running away.

“You said you would give me sweets. I don’t have anything as sweet as you… … I must take you.”

“Ah… … . uh, those words… … . Ah ha… … .”

The loose hem of the dress was removed from Suyeon’s body. Although her body hadn’t grown yet, it was easy to remove her clothes because tightening them was forbidden.

When he skillfully took off her underwear and stroked her smooth lower belly. Suyeon flinched, horrified, and disliked it. She hadn’t put on weight yet, but she seemed worried about gaining weight.

“… … When will you gain weight here?”

“Ugh… … . Just think about it— don’t say something offensive!”

“Won’t the belly grow full when our child grows up?”

“That’s the baby’s growth, not my belly fat!”

This time, it was Lyle’s turn to chuckle at her words.

“Yes, yes.”

“Uhh… … . Don’t stroke the belly fat!”

“You said it wasn’t belly fat?”

Saying that Lyle kissed Suyeon’s lower abdomen. It was so lovely to think their child was nestled in here. As he caressed the place with his lips and touched between her legs, her private place quickly became wet.

“Ha, Your Majesty… … .”

His smile deepened as she trembled.

“Can I eat you out, Suyeon?”

Even though her name was just attached to his usual dirty talk, it felt twice as obscene. Suyeon whimpered, unable to answer.

Her body, which had become responsive only to Lyle, became easily aroused by the caressing of her petals. It was unacceptable for him to put his face in a place that was already wet.

But even if she protested, he would lick it, and if she said yes, he would suck hard… … so she didn’t know how to answer.

In the meantime, Lyle’s long fingers came inside her. Her insides flinched and trembled with pleasure at his gentle caress.

“Suyeon… … . If you don’t answer, can I do as I please?”

‘Even if I answer, you’ll do whatever you want… … .’

She glanced at Lyle as if he were heartless.


Lyle descended between Suyeon’s legs, making a path of saliva as if her eyes were an answer. Then, caught by her knees, she looked at him in surprise.

“No… … .”

“You get wet faster. Your insides get very soft, too,”

Lyle whispered, poking her flesh with two fingers.

She struggled to close her legs, but Lyle lifted one of her legs. Hot breath poured out on her fully exposed vagina. Suyeon struggled as she gripped the cushion on the sofa.

“Ugh, uh… … . Lyle… … . Ahhh… … .”

“The sofa is already wet. I don’t care… … I don’t think my empress shares my opinion.”

It was embarrassing that Lyle’s whispering voice sank into her entrance. A shiver ran through her body as his hot tongue gently licked up her slit up to her quivering clit.

“If you feel embarrassed, I’ll put it here… … . I’ll just spray my cum over it so no one knows the empress slopped all over it first.”


You’re not that kind of character! Since when did you start talking like that?

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