YMA – 173

It took two hours to block the golem’s movement with vine magic and destroy its core. It would have taken less than 20 minutes if each person had taken on one monster like a team.

“… … You must have caught him, right?”

When Tim asked, looking exhausted, Ashd grinned and tossed the tiny cage at his feet. There was a black mouse in the cell.

“Did you turn him into a rat?”

“So you were thinking of dragging that bulk? Never in a million years!”

Ashd declared and scrutinized the ruins of the destroyed golem. Because there were two of them, there were fragments of stones scattered everywhere.

“You should learn some magic to break rocks… … .”

“Aren’t you supposed to be teaching me properly!”

“Well, I caught him, but I have to look into that cave too. What if he left something behind because he ran away in a hurry… … .”

Ashd strode toward the cave as Tim took a deep sigh, picked up the cage, and followed him. Originally, it was a cage for trapping insects, so the much bigger mouse couldn’t slip out.

“Well, if you cooperate properly, you might be able to preserve your life… … .”

Tim pursued Ashd while giving the mouse something between advice and self-talk.


The joy in murder. How those proud and arrogant faces were stained with fear!

Killing nobles was so much fun. Maybe it was because they always dominated and stood above others, so seeing them unable to adapt to their role reversal and collapse was a great joy in life.

At some point, if he blew off a pair of hands or feet, they would come to their senses and crawl and beg.

Ethel felt the greatest joy when she saw them shed tears, begging for their lives with runny noses and howling in fear.

‘I wish I could have enjoyed it with a little more effort. Unfortunately, I ran out of time.’

It was a murder to destroy evidence. So she had to kill her in the allocated time, so she had too little time to savor her entertainment.

Still, she couldn’t watch the magnate, the Marquess of Bermon, screaming at her feet and begging to escape.

‘I should have enjoyed it a bit more before killing it… … . What a bummer.’

Ethel let out a sigh as she recalled the moment that had been too brief. It was a waste, but the dark tower lord had ordered her.

‘That empress… … I wish I could handle it.’

At the bottom of the imperial palace was a huge magic circle. Since it constantly interfered with magic, it was difficult to do magic unless it was a high-grade magic tool. It is said that the first emperor built it that way because he was afraid of being cursed.

The Emperor couldn’t be helped; it would be difficult to touch him with Ethel’s skills, but the empress was different. She was a woman that she could easily kill if he could only lure her out of the imperial palace.

And yet the tower lord said no. What’s so great about noticing a magic tool!

The woman whom the Emperor was particularly fond of did not even come out of the palace. If it wasn’t for that chance last time, who knew when she’d get another chance?

“Bethany, how much is this?”

At the sight of her customers entering the shop, Ethel suddenly regained her senses and rose from her seat.

She was disguised as Bethany, a woman who works part-time at a flower shop in the capital. Her setting was that she was the daughter of a fallen aristocrat, saving money for her scattered family after her father died.

This flower shop supplied flowers to all nobles in the capital. So naturally, the store’s employees were good at approaching employees working for aristocratic families.

She had already poisoned the shopkeeper with the same tea she had given to the Marquis of Bermon. Ethel could also use magic to control the mind.

After sending off a middle-aged woman that bought a bunch of hyacinths, Ethel sat down again. Using her magic to torture and kill someone was fun, but for Ethel, this mundane life was so boring that she wanted to die.

A long shadow fell over Ethel’s head.

“Welcome! This is Mrs. Maia’s flower shop, what flowers do you need?”

Ethel rose up with a bright smile, but when she saw Ike standing in front of her and the knights behind her, her expression hardened.

Ike looked at Ethel with a relaxed smile.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not the type to enjoy flowers. To put it bluntly… … I guess you could say I’m someone who enjoys being chosen by flowers?”

The knights unanimously drew her swords and aimed at her. Ike smiled slyly with a sharp gaze and continued:

“There is someone who dared to threaten the Emperor’s flower, so you have to cooperate. Of course… … The wizards behind me are chanting reverse spells, so it won’t be of any use if you try to use magic now.”

Ethel looked at Ike, turning blue in the face. Then, looking around, she saw the wizards of the Mage Tower behind the lined-up soldiers.

“Why me… … . You’re misunderstanding something!”

“Wizard, the insignia of the seal.”

She screamed and tried to drag out time, but Ike gestured to the wizard behind him with his chin. Then the sorceress approached with a red-hot ring.

It contained a seal that temporarily made it impossible to use magic. However, since it is a treasure passed only to the Lord of the Tower, they seemed agreed to cooperate with this case.

“You can’t do this! Aaaagh!”

The ring was placed around the neck of the defiant Ethel. Since it is a magic tool that does not react unless it is a wizard, the smell of burning flesh validated the charges and incriminated her.

Seeing that the signet ring was engraved with the magic seal, Ike smiled contentedly.

“Drag her away!”


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