YMA – 17

I thought I would feel repulsed, but something resembling joy rang out in my heart.


Lyle’s voice grew deep with sweetness, melting in pleasure. Medea felt her heart throb, struck by with his seductiveness, and looked at Lyle in surprise.  

Not noticing her expression Lyle tightened his grip on her waist, lifting her back and deepening his insertion inside a quivering Medea. 

“Uhhh Haa Ah… Ah … !” 

Lyle remembered everything he learned and was desperately trying to figure out all the places he hadn’t known, 

Lyle didn’t stop for a moment. Coming in and out with a scary ferociousness and tasting her depths. Medea was dizzy from his technique.

“Oohhh…… Ah! Ah!  Ahhh… … !”

Medea yelled and whimpered as she twitched and jiggled with climax under Lyle.

I had hoped it wouldn’t be unpleasant, but I was never expecting this ecstatic pleasure.  

‘I’m glad… … . It’s a real relief but… …’

I took the wrong route. 

That inkling of intuition struck me hard.

“Oh, ah ah… … . Ahhhhhhhh… … !” 

Bouncing his waist, Lyle then pushed his member all the way to it’s base into Medea’s core. Medea was overwhelmed with the feeling of being widened and Lyle’s penis moving in different directions and growing more prominent with a pulse. At the deepest thrust, he poured out his semen, and Medea felt his liquid fulling her up. 

I knew he was going to ejaculate inside, but it was different to feel it directly. Unspilled tears seemed to come out from the strange texture. 

“Uhh… . Ugh… …”

Lyle came closer to inspect me, and in the end, I’m in tears. 

Lyle kissed Medea’s eyelids. 

‘Is it done now?’

Medea wondered with a blank face. Because she was wet, maybe she absorbed something?

Pregnancy itself was scary, but whatever, I would deal with that when it came. Right now, I passed the hurdle in front of me. 

‘… … Why don’t you pull it out?’ 

I looked at Lyle blankly, but his penis suddenly regained strength.


Lyle, of course, noticed it. 

With a flaming face, Lyle looked down. 

He had never gotten hard more than once with Medea. 

The nights he had to spend with Medea always had an unavoidable mood of pleasure and guilt. Lyle had never experienced unabashed lewd enjoyment or such a height of euphoria like today. 

It was the first time that I felt like this. 

“Uh …. I…”

Medea’s cheeks were flushed red, looking up at Lyle in embarrassment. 

The impulse to bite and lick her adorable cheeks coursed through him, and he found himself already moving.

And as he moved, his penis stood up and looked angry. As it engorged, it grew bigger and thicker, Medea who was under Lyle, twisted her body. 

Lyle hugged her to keep her from fleeing and kissed her cheek. 

It was union night. 

There is no guarantee that a child will be born from one coupling. Wouldn’t it be better to do it as much as possible… … ? 

Lyle licked Media’s cheek and swallowed her moan. 


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  1. “There is no guarantee that a child will be born from one coupling. Wouldn’t it be better to do it as much as possible?”…Methinks this has nothing to do with the child lol. Thx for the double update!

  2. lyle saying it just a “union night” is basically saying it shouldn’t be a problem going all out. Yeah right kekeke


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