YMA – 169

“Ahh… … . Umm… … .”

As she hesitated because she couldn’t call Lyle, two of his fingers came through her wet entrance. Her back was excited as the fingers came in like water and caressed her insides obscenely.

“Ahhh, ah… … . your Majesty… … .”

“It is overflowing. Are my fingers that tasty? You’re sucking like you don’t want to let go… … .”

whispering, Lyle slowly pushed and inserted his finger very gradually. Suyeon moaned and shook her head.

She knew her wet flesh was clinging to Lyle’s fingers, but that was just a reaction to the stimulus.

“Ahhh… … . that is… … not… … . Ugh… … .”

Long, elegant fingers teased Suyeon’s insides. She gasped sweetly and trembled.

‘Does Lyle like me like this? Or does he just desire this body… … .’

It spilled over, and more flowed as she moaned. Even so, she tightened around Lyle’s fingers so sweetly that he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Ahhh, ahhh!”

Suyeon struggled in the bathtub, her ass bouncing. Her stiff nipples pointed towards the ceiling as she climaxed, reflecting in a mirror standing near the bathtub.

“Haaa haaaa… … .”

His finger slipped from Suyeon, who moaned and collapsed into Lyle’s chest.

He put her legs held up and spread out on the bathtub wall, and opened her entrance with his fingers.

“You are mine, aren’t you… … ?”

Suyeon’s entrance, reflected in the mirror, was twitching. Lyle’s penis menacingly thrusted and grazed in front of her.

“Ah! Your-Your Majesty… … .”

“Tell me, say, you’re mine,”

Lyle whispered and kissed Suyeon on the cheek.

She turned her head and looked at him. She blinked and stared at the burning lust in his red eyes.


Her hand, submerged in the water, reached out to Lyle’s. A soft hand, absurdly small compared to his, skimmed over his long erection.

“Ugh… … !”

Even the face that endured irritation with gritted teeth was breathtakingly beautiful.

“Will you be mine?” [t1v: she’s asking him now]

“What… … ?”

Suyeon stared at Lyle’s parted lips with a look that wanted to kiss him. His cheeks flushed with uncontrollable joy.

His approaching cock pierced Suyeon’s soft flesh without hesitation.

“Ah, ahaaaang!”

Lyle snatched her lips as he groaned inside Suyeon, who reached her peak lightly.

His penis swelled as the kiss mixed saliva and sticky tongues tasted each other. As the already oversized pillar tightly filled her insides, Suyeon twisted her waist.

“Hmm, unghh… … .If it gets bigger… … . Ohh, ahh!”

Lyle thrusted and pounded with a powerful joy. The water that came with it seeped into Suyeon, and it felt like his erection surged even more.

“Huh, ah!”

“It is yours. Take everything, every single strand of my hair. I will be yours.”

“Huh! Ah, ah! Ugh! Aang!”

Suyeon’s body shook wildly due to his hammering. Leaning on Lyle’s chest, half-lying down, the pressure was light on her, but her pleasure was incredible. She moaned on top of him, and he caressed her, lusting after her writhing body.

Because of the position, the penetration was not deep, but his heart swelled. Holding her stiff nipples, he played with her undulating breasts and caressed her flower bud soaked in love sap. Suyeon, melted by Lyle’s touch, struggled with her pleasure.

Her eyes were white, and her climax, which she did not know how many times she had been, continued to torment her.

“Ah! Aaaaaaaaah!”

Lyle sighed as she bent her body back like a bow and poured semen into the quivering Suyeon.

He was hers now and ever since.


As he kissed her disheveled silver hair on the bed, Lyle pondered what Suyeon meant.

He already knew that the depth of her feelings differed from his. She probably didn’t mean it as he did; that he loves her.

If you want me, just give me yourself. Maybe that’s it?

‘I can give you this body as much as you like.’

It felt like he was falling deeper and deeper into love when he was able to think of Medea and her as separate people. Now, nothing was holding back this feeling anymore.

Maybe he was selfish and cruel, but Lyle did not want the real Medea to return.

He didn’t mean that he was glad she was dead. However, as long as he could keep Suyeon by his side, he felt he could do anything.

‘… … I may have to apologize to you, but I love this woman now.’

Without even time to grieve over her death, he filled her empty seat with another heart.

From the beginning, it was a position Medea would never have given up. He thought it would be empty forever.

‘How funny I must be now that I understand you.’

He was beginning to resemble the old Medea, whom he despised and only regarded as bothersome.

If there is anything different about his relationship with Medea in the past… … Suyeon corrected the direction of Lyle’s love for her. She pulled his crooked hand and faced him. Always.

“Suyeon… … . I think I’ve come to love you even more.”

So, he felt like he was going insane with anxiety.


The Lord of the Dark Tower.

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