YMA – 168

Suyeon looked up at him in surprise, but her attendants remained calm. This wasn’t the first or second time the Emperor issued such an order, so they assumed he would volunteer like usual.

“Understood, Your Majesty.”

The maids went to the bathroom while Lyle and Suyeon were silent. He glanced at her after he had committed it.

Instead, Suyeon was staring elsewhere, dyed red. His heart skipped a beat.

‘It wasn’t Medea… … . I can’t believe it… … Wh—what did you do to a woman you don’t know?’

He did all sorts of lewd things that he never did, even with his first wife. She was so cute— how she felt and reacted, and there were so many things he wanted to do besides that.

Even though he was married, he was reluctant even to touch Medea. Recalling that he didn’t feel that way for Suyeon, Lyle felt restless.

Looking back, he really did look like a pervert. So lascivious. Still, if when the same situation came, he didn’t think he’d be able to stand it.

‘It was because of you. I can’t do it without you.’

While hesitating and pondering their embarrassment, the maids came out of the bathroom.

“Your Majesty, the bath is ready.”

“Organize the bedroom and leave. I will stay with the Empress.”

After bathing the Empress, he said that she would use the bedroom.

Realizing the Emperor’s intention, the maids glanced at Suyeon for a moment. Their gazes say they were worried if it would be okay if she slept with the Emperor since her fever had just gone down.

“I-I’m fine, so do as His Majesty tells you to do.”

When Suyeon said in case Lyle’s mind would change, and their cover be blown, her maids looked away and lowered their heads.

“Please call us if you need anything.”

“Yes… … .”

When she peeked a glance at Lyle as she answered, he came over and pulled back the blanket. Then, he lifted Suyeon and held her, walking to the bathroom.

This wasn’t even the first time he’d bathed Medea, but his face was burning. When he learned the truth, he realized she was a young lady he had only known for a few months.

His heartbeat was pounding against his chest so hard he thought Suyeon in his arms must feel it. Lyle felt embarrassed, but on the other hand, he thought that he would like Suyeon to know:

Because what I like is you.

Because it was always you… … . I hope you know that.

Lyle reached for Suyeon’s pajamas as she stood on the bathroom floor with his help. He untied the ribbon around her breasts and pulled her top open and down.

The soft cloth fell at her feet… … her nude body was revealed.

Since she came to this world, she had stopped wearing underwear in bed, as he embraced her almost every night.

‘Lyle’s hands … … are shaking?’

Suyeon thought as she glanced at Lyle’s heated ears. Could he be outraged at the fact that he had to attend the bath of the woman who deceived him?

‘Are you ashamed? It’s nothing new, it can’t be… … .’

However, contrary to Suyeon’s thoughts, Lyle was swallowing her dry saliva.

He had never been able to reach her thoughts, but he was in a situation where he could touch the body of the woman he had a crush on. Although he was already her husband and she was with his child… … Even after repeating that fact to himself hundreds of times, his heart trembled. His heart was throbbing, and he felt like he was going crazy.


Although he fell in love with Suyeon, his trauma and fear of women had not disappeared. Except for Suyeon, he was still averse to other women.

Perhaps that’s why when a corner of his mind thought that she wasn’t Medea, whom he was already familiar with, but Suyeon, his body brimmed with tension. Yet, at the same time, he was excited.

‘What combination is this?’

Suyeon looked the other way when his pants swelled up like they were about to burst to his embarrassment. If left alone, his end would be wet with liquid. Suyeon should never see his pants getting wet and stained.

So he rationalized that he should take off his clothes.

Lyle turned her around and disrobed. Since he had always done as much, Suyeon didn’t think much of it.


After removing his clothes, he picked her up and headed for the bathtub. Steam rose from the tub filled with moderately warm water.

As usual, while carrying Suyeon, they both entered the bath. She sat down on the bathtub floor and adjusted her position, and Lyle’s penis naturally landed on her ass.

‘Ugh… … .’

It was familiar to them, so it was more stimulating. It is because he had tasted her from the front and back. After all, Suyeon allowed it.

Aware of the erection that grew bigger and harder against her back, Suyeon turned red.

“Y-Your Majesty… … .”

In response to her embarrassed voice, Lyle let out a surly voice.

“Relax. I won’t push my greed into the Empress right away,”

he said and caressed her body with his wet hands.

Lyle let out a deep sigh at the deafening sound of his heart beating and thought:

Can you hear? You’re making my heart race. You made me like this.

“Unh… … .”

Lyle’s large palm touched Suyeon’s body. Maybe because she was more nervous than usual, she felt sensitive. Her expression blurred as she was held in his arms.

‘I shouldn’t make weird noises… … .’


A hand slipped between her legs and clutched her crotch. Lyle didn’t push his finger through her folds; his hand stayed there, but her body reacted intensely.

It had been since Lyle used the strange aphrodisiac from before, but Suyeon felt indignant and ashamed of it all over again.

“Ugh, huh… … .”

It felt strange even though he was covering it and kneading it. Even in the water, she could feel a clear liquid flowing through her slit.

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