YMA – 167

Upon returning to the palace, Medea’s fever rose, possibly from shock and stress. Lyle moved her to the bedroom while the frightened head maid and housekeepers called the doctor.

Her exclusive ladies-in-waiting could not stay by Medea’s side due to work being under a spell at the hunting tournament. A magician separately called the women to check whether there were any aftereffects or effects of mind control.

Even though he called her high priest from the temple, Medea couldn’t get up for three days. Although she had a high fever, it was strange to hear that the child in the womb was safe. Suyeon was relieved, but Lyle seemed in a complicated state of mind.

Just as he arrived at the tent and was about to enter, he heard the sorcerer ask Medea, “What is your real name?”

After that, he heard things he didn’t want to believe. He thought Medea— no, Suyeon—that if she hadn’t had their child in her belly, she would have followed Dion.

‘What do I want to do?’

He knows what to do. There was another soul inside the body of the Empress… … . This would be unbelievable even to the wizards. It would be impossible to convince them. Instead, it would seem easier to understand if he said that a monster was taking the form of the Empress.

First of all, Medea must give birth to a baby.

It was only lineage of the imperial family. Whatever she was, she was a child, the union of the Card family and the Imperial family. Because of that child’s existence, Duke Card finally decided to give in to Lyle.

The child, whether prince or princess, would become the heir to this Empire. And, and Medea… … .

‘Will you leave me?’

Lyle had been confident that even though Medea had lost all memories of her love for him, she could fall in love with him again. She was also kind to him, so he was comfortable thinking she would eventually love him.


She was not Medea.

She only wore the shell of Medea, but she was a completely different person. She is a completely different person with a different mindset, thoughts, and judgment.

Maybe that’s why he fell for her so hard.

Suddenly, he was terrified. He reflected on his actions. After coming down to this world, he forced the position of the Empress upon the unaware woman and made her carry his child.

She chose to remain here because of her sense of responsibility for her baby… … There was no way she loved him… … .

‘No, I’m not sure yet. Med—… … No, Suyeon, it hasn’t even been a year since she became my wife. It is clear that she will be by my side, at least as long as she with child… … .’

Lyle smiled bitterly as he looked down at Suyeon, whose fever had now cooled down and slept looking comfortable. He was afraid:

What kind of eyes must you have had while looking at me?

Wasn’t I a terrible person to you?

You have already revealed the intention to leave my side once before. It was my greed that clutched onto you and made you pregnant.

I am afraid that you will resent me. I’m so scared you’ll build a wall on my way to you and won’t let me in beyond it.


Her whole body was sticky because she had been sick for a while. The maids stayed by her side, wiping her head, hands, and feet with a towel soaked in water, but she continued to sweat. As soon as she came to her senses, she thought: First, I must wash up.

“… … Empress.”

Hearing Lyle’s voice as if he was standing by her side, Suyeon gave a somewhat startled look as if it was unexpected. Lyle was dissatisfied with that gaze.

“Isn’t it time for a government meeting?”

“The meeting is over. … … Aren’t you hungry?”

“Ah… … . I think I am hungry.”

She had been ill for three days and was given only medicine and water. It was a bad situation even if had just been herself, but now that she with child, she thought she should force herself to eat.

“Let’s bring in the food. For now, you’ll have to settle for watery thin soup.”

“Yes… … .”

Lyle stared at Suyeon, who sighed. He wanted to reach out, stroke her forehead, and kiss her, but… … He was afraid that Suyeon would refuse.

When he called the ladies-in-waiting, a moderately warm soup quickly entered the bedroom. It was so fast that she wondered if the chef had been waiting the entire time making the soup.

Lyle quickly came over and helped Suyeon up. Before she could even reach for the spoon on the tray, he grabbed it first and scooped it up for her to eat.


Lyle displaying the same kindness as before confused Suyeon.

She glanced at Lyle but did not reject it. If he treated her the same as before, she’d probably be happy enough to bring her to tears.

But what if he said that this was simply for the child in her belly… … .

‘I think that would be heartbreaking in its own way… … .’

Lyle’s expression darkened as she lowered her clouded gaze as if she was about to burst into tears.

“Do you have a headache?”

Surprised, Lyle reached out to her forehead with his hand to feel her temperature. Her forehead was warm but not to the point of being hot.

Belatedly noticing Suyeon’s startled gaze, Lyle removed his hand.

“Soup… … there is still more.”

Averting his gaze shyly, Lyle played with the spoon again. Then, with a face filled with half anticipation and half anxiety, Suyeon accepted the soup he offered her and ate it well.

“Your Majesty, you must have sweated a lot. You need to wash now,”

as the ladies-in-waiting spoke, the empty soup plates and trays were removed.

Lyle looked at them and then looked at Suyeon again…. 

… will you refuse?

“I will do the washing. Just get her bath ready.”


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