YMA – 165

As Medea froze and went pale, Lyle clenched his teeth and looked away. Dion burst into laughter at his reaction.

“Look! Didn’t I tell you so? Can you be by the side of an Emperor like this?”

“Shut up!”

Lyle charged at him, and he jumped back, evading the attack. Dion chuckled.

“I’ll stop here for today and go back. You’re kinda scary. Even if only the mental body was transferred, it can be cut, so I want… … . Don’t be too hard on this lady.”

Then, Dion’s figure instantly evaporated, leaving only the maid Lina in her place. Lina fell to the floor as if she had been unconscious since the beginning.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

The voices of the knights came from behind Lyle, who stood tall in front of the fainted maid. Medea peeked at him, unable to meet his gaze.

Lyle was… … his head was down.

“The ladies-in-waiting… … seemed to be under a spell. Strictly protect the Empress.”

After giving instructions, Lyle strode out of the tent. Some knights clamored and chased after the Emperor, while others approached Medea.

“Your Majesty, please come with us,”

politely said one of the knights who approached her. They quickly supported Medea, who staggered for a moment.

‘Lyle… … He didn’t even make eye contact with me.’

It was natural. The woman he thought was Medea wasn’t Medea. Another soul possessed and had entered her body… … . What could be more terrifying than that?

Now she has a child in her tummy, and he won’t hurt her, but it would be a different story after giving birth.

“Your Majesty, Empress? Are you okay?”

“Ah… … . I am… … .”

Seeing the knights hurriedly pulling out their handkerchiefs, Medea realized that she was crying. Dazed, she took a cloth and wiped away her tears.

She probably will never see this child again once she has this baby. Maybe she’ll be kicked out of the palace. Perhaps she’ll die locked up in a tower like Lyle’s mother.

‘Still, she can’t let the child die. He was born because of me.’

She regretted not being able to call them her own child with confidence. Because this body was not hers… … Because she’s not Medea.

Since Lyle had deep affection for her, he will be good to her child. so… … .

‘Will Dion still need me after I give birth?’

After that, she could leave here. Dion said he would give her a new body so she could go into that body… … She just needed to live a new life.

‘I just need to hold on until then.’

Her thick sadness stuffing her heart leaked as tears.

Medea, unable to contain her misery, was led out of her tent by her knights.


The temporary plaza was in chaos. The reason it didn’t completely collapse was because of Sid and the other knights. They commanded other knights by rank. So when Lyle joined them, things accelerated.

“Is the Empress all right?”

“She’s safe.”

Lyle’s face was cold as he replied. Sid sensed something strange but focused on dealing with the monsters without asking. Now, this was more pressing.

Whether it was simply for the purpose of attracting the attention of the Emperor, the damage was reported one after another.

It was the Marquis of Bermon who was found in the most miserable form. With her severed head lying on the ground and her body torn apart, she seemed to be the first to be targeted.

She had briefly interacted with the Duke of Lance, and information obtained said that she had acted as Rowendal’s mistress in the past.

She was a sly, foxy woman. Lyle had planned to watch her movements and see her ability to slip away. But, unfortunately, he hadn’t even gotten a proper report yet… … .

‘Was she dealt with while questioning the Empress and even sorted out the last connection… … .’

Because of this, even his last clue to the Dark Tower was lost. Lyle bit his lip and watched the men cleaning up.

Medea was not Medea.

He knew from the start that something was different. The only thing that remained the same was her eye and hair color. Her expressions, gaze on him, voice, tone… … Laughing, talking, and acting–everything was completely foreign.

How could she be Medea? She was so different!

‘She was another woman… … ?’

The past Medea was now a hazy memory. Now, to Lyle, Medea was the only woman with his child.

When he tried to think of Medea, he recalled her greeting him with and bright smile. But she’s not his Empress, but a fake that just took over her body… … .

It seemed that the whole world was distorted and turned upside down.

Lyle loved her with all his heart, mind, and soul. He had never desired anything in the world the way he wanted her.

‘Medea… … . Millie… … .I love you… … .’

Medea had never responded to any of his confessions. At Lyle’s admission, she seemed pleased but, at the same time, seemed confused while donning a complicated expression.

Lyle knew she didn’t love him.

So he never once begged her to answer.

Knowing his own disposition, his heart would not be filled even if he made her say ‘I love you’ with lies.

Medea is dead. That day when she fell from the second-floor balcony. It must have been then. It had been since then that she had changed entirely.

Even if he didn’t love her, she was his Empress, with whom he had lived side-to-side for years. One side of his heart deserved to be hurt… … but the immediate situation prevented him from focusing on Medea’s death.

“Your Majesty… … ? Are you alright?”

One of the knights asked, examining Lyle’s complexion. He replied that he was fine and saw the nobles’ carriages and progression exiting the hunting grounds. It was with Lyle’s permission that they were able to leave.

Lyle took in the sight and thought of Medea. She also had to return to the imperial palace. A view like this would not be suitable for a pregnant woman.

“Where is the Empress?”


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