YMA – 163

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“It seems Sir Hestia climbed to the end of the mountain range. He will need more time to come down.”

He called in someone to bring back his prey and said he would come down the mountain before night fell.

Luke was among the remaining candidates, but he was worried about Seira and went to the road forest with the servants.

‘Didn’t she say that Luke Card is infatuated with Baron Hestia? Wasn’t Medea mistaken? ‘

Although Medea had told him that Luke was in love with Baron Hestia, initially, Lyle was convinced that there was some misunderstanding.

‘Duke Card may interfere … .’

If rumors leaked, the Duke of Card’s honor, as well as the dignity of the Imperial family, would be in jeopardy. Luke Card was also the Emperor’s brother-in-law.

‘Medea said she would support them. … but if the Duke finds out, the situation may spiral out of control. … . ‘

“Oh— Oh my gods!”

Screams rang out of a servant’s mouth that spotted a cart being dragged to the square. The first thing that moved was the knights close by.

Accidents were not uncommon; sometimes, demons thought to be dead, woke up. It was a mishap that first-time participants sometimes made.

But in this case, it wasn’t just one or two monsters. Instead, the bodies of the monsters gathered in the square stirred and began to move.

“Your Majesty!”

“Protect His Majesty!”

The Emperor’s escorts shouted and tried to encircle Lyle, but he was already running somewhere.

He was rushing toward the tent of the Imperial family.

“Your Majesty!”

The knight shouted after the Emperor, but Lyle did not look back.

If the aim was to kill him, surely the person responsible for trying to reanimate these dead demons knew that they would not be his match.

So it was bait.

To distract the Emperor’s attention.

So what do you really want… … .

‘Medea… … !’

From the beginning, he was anxious about being apart. So why did he put her down when she was in his arms? Precious things should not have left his embrace.

Lyle was running and scanned between the tents with a terrible speed and spotted a square carrying a knight’s sword. He was so fast the youth didn’t recognize him and was so startled that he forgot to bow. Also, those with low status never saw the Emperor up close

“I’ll borrow this.”

Lyle passed by the boy’s side and snatched away the blade he was holding.

As he rushed near the tent, where there should have been many people—like the Empress and her maids, his senses picked up on only two moving in the tent.

As if they were fighting.


Medea suddenly grabbed the man’s collar with both hands and headbutted him in the head. There was no trick or technique; both of them held their heads and rolled around in pain.

Ughh … .

Medea’s head was also in tremendous pain as she squeezed out all her remaining power and struck him with her head. It hurt so much that she was in tears.

“Ugh… … . You ignorant—!”

The sorcerer glared at her in anger. Likewise, Medea was holding her forehead and spitting out anger at the man.

“What wizard’s head is so hard! You’re not a wizard, are you?”

“What are you talking about!”

Grinding his teeth, the wizard got up, stumbling. Medea also grabbed the tent and got up; she was still dizzy.

“What mage has such a solid head! The Dark Tower is doomed— Uh!”

“Did you guess that far?”

She hurriedly covered her mouth, but the sorcerer had already heard her. The mage stared at Medea, vexed.

“It’s no coincidence that you recognized the magic tools for opening the gate. What else do you know?”

Medea avoided his eyes as if she didn’t want to speak, but the mage’s terrifying glare struck fear in her heart. Finally, she reluctantly opened her mouth, trying to buy time.

“Do you happen to be—Are you the Archmage of the Dark Tower … ?”

“Are you trying to figure me out?”

I guess I’m right, this punk!

Why is this big giant appearing in front of me? Even in the original, the Lord of the Dark Tower did not appear! He’s just mentioned in a few lines!

“Or not. I’d prefer if you’re not,”

she said meekly and slowly, avoiding his eyes, but the sorcerer laughed like he was very amused. Then he bowed in an elegant attitude as if nothing had happened before.

“I am Dion, the owner of the Dark Tower. Empress of Istasia, Medea… … . No, what’s your real name?”

What is your real name?

Dion asked, and her mouth went dry. Her name had been pushed out of her memory for many months now. It’s a name that no one could call her by anymore.

“I was wondering how you recognized my magic tools. … You’re lucky you are a wandering soul. I happen to be very interested in other worlds.”

Dion reached out as he took a step towards her.

“Come with me. I will return you to your world.”

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    1. Right? But then didnt she already die in her previous world? Not to mention the original owner also died so what would happen to the baby??? Are we even sure if tge original owner will come back and take care of the child? I mean she was obsessive with Lyle

      1. Yes she did die so is a bad idea to go back to her world..she should just forget about that world an live in this one.. i really don’t understand tat mentality….you know you are dead in your original world and God t who ever you want to believe in..gave you a seif hanged to live in this world…why go back when ur dead? Family? They moved on..friends…you can make new ones

    2. Porque ela não deu um chute nas bolas dele???😬 E por favor autor, não vamos começar com a palhaçada de “Quero voltar pro meu mundo” , ela tem que pensar no bebê em seu ventre e que o tempo da outra Medea já foi, mesmo se ela se for Medea OG não vai voltar. Acho que no máximo ele (arquimago) colocaria ela em um corpo novo em seu antigo mundo, talvez alguém em coma ou com morte cerebral como aconteceu com ela na Medea. Não sei porque essas isekais tem vontade de voltar a seus mundos, tem tanta gente que quer ir e não voltar e só me escrevem estórias de gente indo e querendo voltar e fazendo um monte de asneiras por isso. 😧 Não dá pra entender 😒
      Obrigado pela tradução e atualização, esperando loucamente os próximos capítulos 😆😚🍭

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