YMA – 164

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Medea looked at Dion in astonishment. Returning to her original world. Was that possible?

“That’s… … That’s impossible. I died in my world… … .”

“I know. Didn’t I call you a wandering ‘soul’? You can’t come here unless you die in that world. Weren’t you always anxious? Of that body… … .”

Dion’s gaze scanned over Medea’s body.

“Wondering if the real owner would reappear and you’d be kicked out?”

“… … . ”

No, the original Medea is dead! Therefore… … There’s no way the real Medea’s soul would reappear.

She thought that, trying to convince herself, but she couldn’t bear to speak. It was like acknowledging that she was a thief.

Even if it wasn’t intentional, she took Medea’s body. … She stole her life and husband and made them her own.

“If you come to me… … I’ll give you a new body. There is no need to be bound by a troublesome position and an annoying emperor. You will be able to live as you please. If you want strength, I will give you strength.”

‘Lie. It’s a lie… … .’

If she had just arrived in Medea’s body, she would have been shaken–At least if there wasn’t a new life growing in her belly. … she may have held Dion’s hand.

“I can tell just by looking at your eyes. You’re distressed being the Empress, aren’t you? Your kind have always desired freedom and love novel things. I can give those things to you.”

“Why now… … . no. I have a child.”

When Medea spoke, Dion’s brows crumpled in irritation, clearly very annoyed.

“It’s not your child.”

Those obvious words that he spit out pierced and hurt Medea deeply. She almost snapped back that it was her own child, but she couldn’t say it out loud.

“What about Medea? Can you bring her real soul back?”

“Medea is dead. It was the energy of your soul that crossed over to this dimension that revived the body that died.”

The real soul would never return to this body.

At Dion’s cold words, she looked down at her belly.

Then, even more, she could not go. If she left this body, what would happen to this child?

“Dimensional energy still remains in your soul. That makes you special. Luckily, I am a talent individual who is capable of recognizing your uniqueness.”

Medea stared at Dion sharply.

“You want to experiment on me?”

“I won’t deny it… … . But all I desire is the energy you have. It won’t harm your soul. In exchange I’ll give you a body of a more beautiful human than that body… … If you want, I will give you strength and wealth. Come to me. You don’t have to worry.”

Medea thought hard but shook his head.

“I can’t give up my child.”

“You seem to be mistaken just because you were wearing the Empress’ body for a few months. The child in your belly is a child between the dead Empress and Emperor, not yours.”

“It’s because of me that I have this child.”

She chose to act with Lyle and slept together intending to have children. It was a child caused by her actions.

“I won’t give up this child.”

“Did you even listen to me? You seem to have fooled yourself while having to play the role of Empress.”

Clicking his tongue in annoyance, Dion inspected her expression.

He was growing bored of being the Lord of the Dark Tower. He originally intended to abandon his position and leave the continent. … But suddenly, a new excitement appeared.

‘A wandering soul… … .’

It was a mysterious being mentioned only in forbidden books. Even in the story, it was such a rarity that it prevented it from being rumored.

It was said that such a soul comes in scarce times once every tens of thousands of years and once every thousand years if very lucky and in close proximity. A soul enters a dead body, revives it, and lives as a human being.

Sometimes they lived an ordinary life, but others did crazy and unexpected things. They were full of extraordinary luck and mysterious energy. As they passed the river of death between the worlds, they gained that fortune and power.

Dion was curious about that energy.

Such energy was powerful enough to revive a dead body completely. He heard it could only be used at the moment of possession, but it was well worth researching.

That is why he hadn’t killed her yet.

“It’s useless to endure. If I told the Emperor… … if he knew about your true identity, he would turn away from you.”

Can you afford that?

At the end of Dion’s threats, her face became pale.

I don’t think Lyle would believe it if he heard that, but if any doubt was planted in his heart… … .

“I can’t—No! I won’t make any choice that puts the baby in danger.”

Dion had already confirmed that the real Medea’s soul would not come back. There is no way she would choose to abandon the child and leave. Considering the Archmage’s attitude, if she followed him, the child’s safety would not be guaranteed.

“How stupid. If the child is a problem—”

Annoyed, Dion tried to reach for Medea’s lower abdomen.

At that moment, the tent behind Dion was divided.

“That’s it.”

The tent tore, and the soundproofing magic cracked.

Medea’s heartbeat raced as she heard his footsteps walking into the tent. She looked up at him reflexively.

Lyle’s hard gaze held hers. Petrified, an alarm of cold, terrified realization struck her chest. Her heart sank.

He heard.

Lyle heard her conversation with Dion.

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