YMA – 162

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She frowned and glared at the man. At most, it must be a ploy to extract information, eat it, and kill her!

A mysterious man who uses magic. It was obvious who it was. It must be a sorcerer from the Dark Tower with a high probability. Since Medea was not the main character, but a side character in the periphery of the main characters, it was unlikely that the Lord of the Tower of Darkness had come directly.

‘If I mess around here, I will die in one shot! Don’t forget! You’re not the main character, you’re the main character’s sidekick! The main character is Seira!’

It is an acknowledged skill of the main characters’ to kill time by talking nonsense, but it was a skill that was rarely allowed to others. If used incorrectly, she could fly to the underworld in no time.

The man came closer and closer to Medea, who slipped out of bed and stepped back. The man grinned and said to her,

“Tell me something. Maybe I’ll make you feel better and spare you? Inside the stomach… … You have a baby, so how can you give up so easily?”

Oh, this is a mean bastard.

Medea glared at the mage, feeling her annoyance filled to the limit at the man’s last words.

“Is it okay to say that to a pregnant woman? Twisted… … . Your personality is trash.”

“You… … you’re not that woman.”

After saying that, the man quickly closed the distance between them. She was startled and withdrew.

The tent touched her back, but the wizard did not stop. With her red eyes narrowed, he looked at Medea with eyes trying to peer into her soul.

What? Who is this bastard?

There was no man like this in the original novel.

It was clear that the Dark Tower was a nuisance that cooperated with Rowendal, but it wasn’t a strong enough organization to not collapse with Rowendal’s fall. Although, of course, the Tower of Magic helped destroy the Tower of Darkness… … .

‘If only the Lord hadn’t abandoned us… … .’

For a moment, she remembered a line that a mage of the Dark Tower had uttered while dying.

Regarding the failure to catch the Archmage of the Tower of Darkness, there was slight speculation that ‘one of the sub-male characters would be the Owner of the Tower of Darkness’ or ‘one of the sub-male characters that the writer “killed off” and making them appear.’

‘No way… … .’

Is that kid?

While hesitating, the wizard was right in front of her. Red eyes looked straight into Medea’s eyes. When she looked away nervously, he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

“Fascinating. Is it a ‘wandering soul’… … . what a rarity.”

“Hey, let me go!”

She tried to break free from his hand, but he wouldn’t budge. Her jaw didn’t hurt, but it was still immobilized. What’s this? Weren’t wizards weaklings?

“Don’t you want to go back to the original world?”

When she looked up in surprise, the man smiled, lifting his lips exposed under the mask.

“You must be missing it. You must have been scared alone in an unfamiliar world… … .”

It would be a lie if she said she wasn’t shaken, but Medea decided to think calmly.

She herself died in that world, and Medea in this world also died, so she was a soul that entered an empty body. There was no way to return to her original world. How could she go back when her body was dead?

And what about the baby in her belly? What about her child?

‘I could have fallen into a coma without dying at that drinking party, but… … .’

Now she had a child of mine and hadn’t even felt the baby kick yet. Although it was born in Medea’s body, since it was the child of her and Lyle’s relationship, she thought of the baby as her own.

But would the child feel the same way? And Lyle… … .

In an instant, fear sored.

In the original story, the real Medea was dead. So she thought that Medea’s soul was also dead. She went to the underworld… … .

But what if she didn’t?

What would happen to her if the real Medea returned? Both her child and her husband… … Could she dare to miss them if they weren’t originally hers?

Because they belong to Medea?

“Don’t make me laugh!”


In the square, monsters were lying under the flag of each family.

In the case of high-ranking aristocrats, three or four knights could participate, and it was common to catch more than four. Participation was proof of honor and status since the cost of being in the hunt was considerable, but there were many families. So there were a vast number of demons in front of the tents.

Judges were looking at each kill that each knight had brought.

Not all the knights had returned yet. Only a top few knights that returned early were left, and if someone with better prey appeared, they continued to be eliminated. Those who had hunted monsters due to the criteria were cut early.

Most of the warriors were already eliminated and only eight last candidates left. Therefore, a servant appeared to announce the Emperor’s arrival.

Lyle confirmed that someone was missing where the knights of the Imperial household were gathered.

“Is Baron Hestia not back yet?”

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