YMA – 161

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“Hmm… … .”

The neck full of kiss marks was covered from the beginning… … Her wet eyes and her rosy cheeks were exceedingly lovely.

You can’t show this face to another man.

“Medea, your cheeks are red… … Are you going to stay here until the heat dies down?”

“Ugh, yes… … .”

Medea said while touching her cheek. Even if she’s caught anyway, there’s no need to show it off! Instead, she wanted to stay in the tent until her red cheeks cooled off.

“Alright, I’ll let your maids in. Take a rest,”

Lyle suggested while lightly stroking Medea’s hair.

Look at him being the cause and then giving the cure!

But it was true that she was tired, having been tormented by Lyle for more than half a day.

‘I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten sick yet while dealing with that human being. Actually, isn’t this body very strong?’

Just as Medea had put on her dress neatly, Lyle was sporting his suit as if nothing had happened.

He kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the tent. Soon after, her attendants rushed into the tent as if they had been waiting.

“Your Majesty, the Empress.”

Seeing her ladies-in-waiting honoring her, Medea felt embarrassed. Even the heavy heat inside the tent felt mortifying, as if announcing their affair.

Perhaps it was Lyle’s consideration that the only ones who entered the tent were the maids closest to her. The attendants were still waiting outside.

The ladies-in-waiting gathered around Medea. They kneeled, thinking that their gaze should not be higher than her, who was sitting on the edge of the bed and announced:

“Earl Raspelt caught an incredible monster.”

“You should see it, your Imperial Majesty.”

“And what about Lord Nerren!”

“It was a devil with black horns…. “

At the chatter of her ladies-in-waiting, Medea watched them regaining her composure.

“What about Luke and Sir Hestia?”

“The Little Duke of Card came back a while ago… … .”

Woo woo woo woo… … .

The long sound of the horn announcing the end of the hunt rang out. Even if Seira was still hunting, she should hear this and return to her tent.

“Even if the hunt is over, it takes time to bring back all the prey and game. Perhaps only after the sky turns completely red will those hunted be moved to the plaza.”

Even if every aristocrat competing caught three or four, it would amount to a vast number. A vast amount monster corpses were moved to the temporary plaza in the middle of the competition, but the number after the hunt was over was huge. To think that they all were gathered in just a few hours… … .

‘This tournament is on a grand scale.’

It must have cost an enormous amount of money to attach a wizard to each participating knight. High-ranking aristocrats hired their own magicians, but in the case of those who didn’t have money, the imperial family provided them with low-level magicians.

‘It means the finances are solid. People are participating as if it were natural.’

To think that the reign has continued since Lyle ascended the throne… … The message was that you could trust Lyle’s abilities as the Emperor.

The ladies-in-waiting, who had been chatting happily while sitting next to Medea, suddenly shut up. She looked puzzled as everyone looked at the tent entrance simultaneously.

‘What’s up?’

She followed their gaze and looked at the entrance, but no one was there.

All the ladies-in-waiting got up from their seats without a word and moved away from Medea, and headed for the entrance to the tent.

“What’s going on all of a sudden? What are you all doing?”

The eight maids gathered in the tent suddenly fell to the floor, fainting. When Medea looked up in surprise, a tall man walked out among her attendants.

“Who… … !”

She looked around at the other ladies-in-waiting, but all of them were lying on the floor unconscious.

‘What’s this all of a sudden!’

The entrance to the tent was obviously closed. Also, he looked taller than the maids, but she couldn’t understand how he appeared among the ladies-in-waiting.

While looking at her maids, Medea suddenly realized that the number of her maids was missing by one.

‘Wizard! He’s a wizard!’

A man who is that tall cannot disguise himself as a woman who is thinner and shorter than he is. She wondered if he transformed with magic, but if he did, he would have been discovered by Lyle.

What did you do?

Medea looked towards the tent entrance.

“Anyone— ! Is there anyone!”

“Hi, we are seeing each other for the first time, right? But at least I’ve seen your face before.”

The enemy had the same red eyes as Lyle, but she thought his were creepy. His blonde hair was closer to orange than Seira’s.

His gorgeous, flowing hair reminded her of a prince, but the long, slit-red eyes created a sense of horror.

“It’s a tent with soundproofing magic, so you have to stand at the entrance to hear voices. There was a lady-in-waiting standing at the entrance, but I’ve cast a spell on her similar to the women lying here.”

So no one will disturb us.

He added and smiled brightly.

‘If it’s possible with my skills, I want to hit you!’

The man’s upper half of his face was covered. A black mask half covered his nose and completely covered his eyebrows. With only his eyes revealed.

But with those unusual eyes, would there be any point wearing a mask? Lyle’s red eyes were by no means common. He was the first person she saw other than Lyle with red eyes.

“Hmm—they said you had amnesia. Your atmosphere has completely changed… … . looks alive now.”

At the sight of him approaching, Medea rose from her seat. She sensed the mage had bad intentions.

“Who… … who are you?”

“Well? Who do you think I am? If you get it right, I’ll give you a prize,”

he taunted with a grin.

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