YMA – 160

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“He retired last year. He’s a nobleman, famous for his big temper and broad-minded disposition… … I left it to him until last year. Not this year, because I am not participating.”


Lyle pulled her by the waist, opened Medea’s wet petals and continued.

“It looks like you’re trying to delay this moment by making me talk, but that’s too much of a question.”

Lyle buried his face in her groin. Then, an obscene touch that had become utterly familiar in just a few months opened Medea’s petals and entered.

“In return, a lot rewards… … I’ll let you enjoy it.”

Medea’s back curved like a bow as he sucked in tightly and forcefully. She was startled and tried to remove Lyle, but it was too late.

A sweet sigh filled the tent.


After cutting off his horns, it was a breeze. Although he was big and his teeth were intimidating, he was no match for the Sword Master. Besides, since he was alone, he was no match for Seira.

‘Before… … Maybe my skills have improved a bit.’

Remembering how difficult hunting was back on the estate, Seira put a knife to Inaskma’s neck. As she radiated sword energy and pulled him down, the monster with a deep cut in his spine collapsed.

Aghh… … .

The ground shook, and Inaskma keeled over. She saw the monster’s blood dripping from the wound and soaking the earth.

“Baron Hestia! How amazing… … .”

Full of admiration, the wizard approached. Edward jumped excitedly, running ahead of the wizard toward Saira.

“Are you done?”

“Uh-huh, this one has big horns, so it would be better to make a separate mark on the horns and cut off only the tips.”


The horns of Inaskma were hard, so it was impossible for Edward, a servant knight, to cut them. Seira wrapped her blade, cut it off, and threw it at Edward.

Edward said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Can you give me these horn after the competition? I’ll make it an heirloom!”

“It doesn’t matter if you give it away, but don’t make it an heirloom. It’s a demon’s horn.”

“Hee hee!”

Looking at the excited Edward, Seira remembered her younger brother, Nicole, whom she had left behind at the manor. Since they were the same age, she felt that the two of them would make good friends.

Seira looked down at her palm as she watched Edward pull out the monster’s fangs. By her standards, she accomplished a little, but in the eyes of others she had made a huge achievement. Seira smiled, realizing that her sparring with the Emperor had been a good experience for herself.

When she survived at the hands of assassins to save her brother, or was wounded by the Emperor, all of her experiences accumulated and became hers.

‘But if you don’t get stronger… … .’

A while ago, the winds of sweeping purges blew, but she could tell Medea wasn’t relieved yet. Saira could tell just by looking at the increase in escorts and knights.

I want to protect you.

Even if she was just a product of chance or petty curiosity, she was the one who saved their lives.

‘Right now, I’m just receiving, but… … Certainly someday!’


“Huh… … . Ohhh…! … .”

She couldn’t help it and screamed. In the first place, who could stand it?!

Even though she had never been to a ball or banquet yet, Medea could sense that her social life was completely over.

‘I can’t hold my face up in front of nobles anymore! Huh… … .’

Still, it was terrifying that Lyle could make her feel so amazing.

‘Or maybe I’m just a loser … … .’

Lyle seemed to enjoy that Medea was utterly disheveled and screamed, but then he dressed her and laid her down on her bed.

“Ugh… … .”

As she glared at him, feeling mortified, Lyle smiled and kissed her long.

“… … This tent is enchanted with soundproofing spells. The noise inside can’t go out.”

At the word that opened her ears, Medea jerked, and her eyes met Lyle’s. He said with a grin,

“Although everyone will have noticed what we’ve been up to in here.”

‘It’s all because of you!’ she was about to shout, but he took her lips, and only a sweet moan leaked out.

‘Don’t stick your tongue out! It’s so fast!’

“(Cough)… hmmm… .”

She heard a presence at the tent’s entrance, but Lyle didn’t pay attention.

Medea was gripped by her wrists, pressed against the bed, and wriggled under him. Lyle wasn’t putting any weight on her, but she was immobilized.

“Um, agh… … .”

“Millie, open your mouth a little more when we kiss… … .”

Someone outside the tent spoke up when Lyle whispered in a wet voice and kissed her again.

“Your Majesty, may I blow the horn now?”

Lyle raised his head with an annoyed expression, glanced at the entrance, and opened his mouth as if he couldn’t do anything about it.


Lyle let go of her Medea and checked her condition. Although her dress was a bit wrinkled, her outfit seemed fine for now. But her face was a completely different story.

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