YMA – 16

“Haa kah…”

Lyle’s finger pulled out, and the transparent love liquor stretched like a thread. 

Lyle quickly took off his clothes. All he had to do was expose his penis as he had done in the past with Medea but couldn’t think of it in his excitement. 

He tore off his clothes and hugged Medea. 


Medea’s eyes widened the sensation of Lyle’s penis against her. 

Lyle blinked as he registered her hot cheeks and lewd chagrined eyes, suffocating him with cuteness.

Medea was always a beauty, but it had never reached Lyle’s eyes before. In the past, her allure had been erased by her harsh words and overbearing actions.

“Ahh! It’s hot…” 

Medea murmured as she rubbed against his penis, applying her flowing liquid. Why was her whispering to herself so provocative?

Lyle couldn’t take it and pushed his the head of his member into her entrance with a blurry expression. 

The narrow and hot texture seemed to resemble the Medea that Lyle remembered, but it was completely different. Lyle clenched his teeth, intoxicated by the melting sweet stimulus. 


Medea was trembling with delicate, small shivers under the pressure.

Lyle couldn’t get rid of the feeling that it was as if he was embracing her for the first time. 

As Lyle’s stiffness slowly entered her deeper and deeper, a hotter pressure began to build up.

Medea lips were swollen, and her heavily lidded, blurred eyes pleaded at him.

“Uhh, more… no more….” 

Sweating from holding himself back, Lyle couldn’t help but grin from the grievance of such an alluring enticement. The look in his eye held a devilish mischievousness.

“Really? Is that so?”

He pushed his penis to the root. 

Whooo! Moaning, Medea lowered her head to the side. Lyle tried to search her eyes to see if she was in pain as he kept still in her tightness.

“Medea. Millie….” 

Even nicknames that I had never sung before flowed through my lips. 

Medea, who was swallowing a groan with her cheeks dyed, glanced at Lyle. 

She looked so adorable that Lyle grabbed Medea’s cheek and kissed her hurriedly. 

Medea fluttered in Lyle’s arms with his coveted kiss. 


Her wet flesh that was swallowing his organ to its roots. It was rapturous. 

Lyle couldn’t resist ecstatic stimulus and began to move his waist smoothly. 

While his pillar twitched in her insides, he slowly pushed up, opening her narrow vagina wider. 

“Ah………. …… …… ……!!” 

Medea’s eyes grew bigger with the distinct sensation. 

Lyle also saw them and read pleasure in her expression. 

* * *

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