YMA – 159

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Thud….. thud… … . thud… …

Seira frowned at a familiar sound she had heard before. Something like this appeared near the capital? Was it because of the magic tool that the wizards installed?

In any case, it was a dangerous monster, and she would need to take care of the squire, wizard and servants, never mind herself.

“Mage, please wait here with the others.”

“Huh? What… … .”

The heavy sound was getting closer and closer. Seira looked in the direction it was heading and spoke to the sorcerer.

“I’ll have to check it out, but… … I think it might be an Inaskma.”

“An Inaskma? Isn’t that a demon that appears in the North? —It can’t be in a place like this… … .”

Inaskma looked like a 6-meter giant reindeer, but it was a troublesome monster that bit people with its teeth and shot thunderbolts with its horns. They were demons that usually lived in groups near the tops of mountains in the North, and even when they came down to the village, they attacked in groups of three or four.

“Please wait! If it’s Inaskma, the knight can’t handle it alone… … .”

“I can handle it.”

Seira glanced back in the direction of the monster and said. It was a little odd, but now this Inaskma seemed to be alone.

“It’s said the radius of the thunderbolt can reach over 80 meters … … It doesn’t matter if you watch, but please don’t come within that radius.”

Saying that Seira flapped her cloak and left. The squire, the servants, and the remaining wizard watched Seira’s back with worry.


“Ha… … . ha… … .”

Lyle smiled as he wiped Medea’s body clean with a damp cloth.

“Are you spilling again? After all, it would be better to wash it with water.”

“Oh, haaa… … .”

He spread Medea’s legs and touched the trembling entrance with his wet hands. Lyle dug out his semen, making her peak several times.

“If you keep getting wet like this, there’s no point in wiping it off.”

As he spoke, he licked her stiff nipples and poked them with his tongue. Medea flinched and bounced, twisting her body to avoid more stimuli. Lyle chuckled darkly at that, then held her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it as if gulping it down.

“Ha ha ha ha… … . stop… … . Aang… … !”

He had only embraced her a few times, but by stimulating her whole body under the pretext of washing, it seemed that she had orgasmed dozens of times. Her body had already become overly sensitive and reacted to his soft tongue teasing.

“Ahhh… … !”

A high-pitched sound was about to come out, so desperately, Medea held her mouth shut with both hands. She felt so good, but she felt like she would die if her lewd sounds leaked out of the tent.

“Ugh, uh… … . Ughnnn… … !”

Medea’s hair fluttered across the thick bearskin rug as she shook her head with excitement.

After sumptuously tormenting her until she came, Lyle let go of her saliva-soaked nipples as if satisfied.

“Ahhh… … ha… … .”

How long? Although even his toes were filled with pleasure, Lyle continued to want to touch her.

He smiled with satisfaction as he watched the scene of a drooling and limp Medea. Then, while teasing, he dampened the half-dried cloth with water again and wiped the saliva from her breasts with a gentle touch.

“Um… … .”

This was also an obscene touch, but it was nothing compared to Lyle licking her nipples himself. Lyle moved the cloth between Medea’s legs as he savored her heated expression.

“Ugh, unnh… … .”

She could feel him fiddling her petals over the wet cloth again. Teary-eyed, Medea choked back her moans.

Lyle brought in lunch so the two of them could eat it inside, but she felt she wouldn’t be able to until the monster hunt was over.

‘It’s been a while since I ate… … . What if I don’t make it to the last awards ceremony?’

Some knights came back when they thought they had finished hunting in moderation, but the default was that the hunt continued until the sun went down. When the sun seems to be going down, the Emperor’s attendants ask the Emperor for permission to blow the horn. Hearing the sound of the horn, everyone had to stop hunting and return.

The Emperor was to be briefed on the tally, to look at the five best prey, and to choose the final winner.

‘Wait… … . If the emperor had participated, who would choose the winner?’

The Emperor has also hunted monsters, so it would be laughable if he had to pick the winner. So when Lyle participated, there must have been someone chosen instead.

Who was it?


Medea’s waist bounced at the touch of his two fingers entering her. Lyle opened his fingers and peered inside.

“You’re still twitching. Would it stop flowing if I calmed it down? Umm? How should I calm you down?”

Lie. You have no intention of calming me down.

Medea shook her head, feeling embarrassed that her flesh was open and he could see her insides.

Lyle laughed and ran his inserted finger through the trembling inside.

“Huh, uh… … .”

“If you look so happy and full of pleasure, I have no choice but to touch you… … .”

Lyle said that, but in this place without a mirror, it was difficult for Medea to imagine what kind of expression she was making.

“Should I suck it out once again?”

He pulled out his fingers and opened her legs, which frightened her.

“Uh— in the previous tournament!”


He stopped just before his lips touched her drenched petals. Medea continued, thinking that she shouldn’t hesitate.

“I heard that Your Majesty has also hunted! Who crowned the winner? If his Majesty had also participated… … .”

“Ah… … .”

Lyle smirked and licked his lips as he looked at her narrow opening. The place in Medea was twitching convulsively, perhaps because of tension.

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