YMA – 158

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She gasped in Lyle’s arms, bouncing lightly.

Upon inserting it all the way, his penis moved as if it were settling into her. With the feeling that something big and thick was digging through her insides, she wondered if it was okay for her to do this.

Isn’t this too deep? Can I do this?

But Lyle was already moving. Medea groaned softly at the feeling of him pushing inside. Her waist was pulled back as she lurched at the blows.


At her rising emotions, Medea hurriedly sealed her mouth. Now that Lyle was behind her, she wondered if it wouldn’t matter if she covered her face. Because she didn’t think he would lick it once he had already inserted it.

The sound of slapping flesh colliding resounded loudly. Medea rocked back and forth violently, holding her lips together with both her hands.

A lump of hot flesh cut through the opening filled with the liquid of pleasure. She noticed that Lyle wasn’t inserting as deeply as before, but it was enough of a move to drive her crazy.

“Uh! Ungh! Ugh! Unnn!”

His penis swelled as he desperately suppressed the leaking cum. The moment Lyle ejaculated, Medea also climaxed with him and stumbled.

“Huh… … .”

A spurt of liquid spilled over their connection. Medea blushed at the remnants of pleasure pouring out of her lower mouth and looked down at it.

Even though the penis was still deeply embedded, white liquid pouring through the gap was an obscene sight, even though it was something she had seen before.


As if teasing her gaze, Lyle moved his erection. Medea was frightened by the movement of his waist from side to side and pressed her lips.

“Oh! yes! Uh… … . Ugh! Oh no! oh!”

Even if she covered her lips, the sound leaked out when she wasn’t biting her lips.

He was never satisfied with just one or two. Lyle had always satisfied Medea to the point it was overflowing.

Medea groaned and reached behind her to stroke Lyle’s hair. She felt him rubbing his cheek against her hand as if clinging to her. Medea’s voice rose as his thrusts became increasingly violent.

Seira should show off her skills… … . That way, even if Seira’s identity was discovered later, words like saying that she couldn’t be a knight wouldn’t come out.



It was a type of monster that had poisoned claws. Although it stopped breathing, it was a demon that could poison you even if you brushed past its claws while carrying it.

You had cut off its hands and feet for the carriers. It would be difficult for the people hired for the tournament to rush into the monsters captured by each knight.

Seira did not entrust it to a servant knight, but cut it with a dagger herself. It was because knights who were servants of knights were usually young boys with little experience, so they could easily get hurt.

Sure enough, the boy assigned as Seira’s servant also said it was the first time he had seen a lagos.

“It turns up quite a bit in my hometown.”

It was common for monsters when they were out of food to attack private houses. Of course, it would be fortunate if it snowed heavily in winter, but the demons that came down from the mountain, taking advantage of the moment the snow melted, were quite a nuisance.

His hands and feet were kept in a bag like plucked fangs. If a monster lost its hands and feet, there were cases where it was suspected that someone else had hunted it.

Edward was a servant knight of the Duke of Card. He was the son of a vassal of the duchy. It wasn’t uncommon for young children from lower-ranking families to get into trouble, so Luke helped him.

Fortunately, Edward was a quick-witted kid with just the right amount of curiosity. As Seira stepped back, he quickly drew a mark in pink, the empress’ color, over a circle of purple, the color of the imperial family.

“Which direction are you going now?”

Loading the heavy sack onto his horse, he asked excitedly.

Edward was thirteen this year and the third time he had participated in this competition as a servant. Until last year, he had been a servant to an elderly knight, so he knew roughly what kind and size of monster one had to catch to win.

‘This knight might win!’

It was rumored that he was favored by the Empress, and he also liked that he was young and belonged to a barony like himself. For Edward, who had no siblings, he felt like he had an older brother.

“Well… … .”

The difference between monsters and wild beasts was simple. Mountain beasts ran away when humans showed signs of approaching, but monsters approached instead.

If the army or guards came, they would run away, but in such a small group… … One knight and one or two servant knights, a wizard and an attendant, and a group of servants were approaching, so they did not run away.

‘In this case, since they are hunting monsters in a wide area, it might be different… … . It’s the first time I’ve seen a magic tool that attracts monsters… … .’

There were many monsters in her hometown, so she often went hunting. Even though Seira herself was secretly practicing her sword, there were times when she heard the news that a servant’s son had gone missing in the forest, and so she went in search.

She defeated many demons back then… … There was also a case where she had to run with a poisoned child on her back.

‘No, no—This is not the time to reminisce… … . It seems too silent?’

Thud… … .

Hearing the sound of something shaking the ground, Seira gave a signal to her party to be quiet and listened.

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