YMA – 157

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Just a little rubbing on her favorite places made Medea flounder and her legs shake. Instantly, honey flowed down her thighs through the wet crevice between her legs.

‘No… … .’

Any more spills will stain the carpet on the floor. Of course, the ladies-in-waiting and attendants from the imperial palace would have noticed what the two were doing anyway, but seeing the evidence with their own eyes was another matter.

“Yo— Your Majesty… … . no. No, can’t… … let it flow… … .”

“Should I suck it all up?”

Lyle seduced with a sweet dark voice.

“I will suck the Empress until she loses her mind. Until your cute voice rings throughout the hunting grounds.”

Medea, pale, shook her head. Finding her desperation cute, Lyle felt the urge to tie her up and really follow up with it.

“… … If you bite your lip, I really will.”

Medea, who had bitten her lip at his low voice, opened her mouth. He liked her hot lips and thought to block it with a kiss, but it would be a reward.

I’m doing this because you won’t tell me you love me.

“Ughh, ah!”

At the sound of her rising voice, Medea put her hand over her mouth. Lyle rubbed her soggy flesh and brought his lips to her ear.

“Don’t cover your face. Show me your face.”

I must see your lewd, beautiful face that bewitches me every day.

Lowering her hands, Medea suppressed her moaning in tears. She shook her head, biting her lip with her blurred expression.

“You’re so cute, Medea. You’re so beautiful… … .”

Whispering in ecstasy, Medea glared at him, red in the face. She didn’t seem to know yet that the sight of that expression excited him to the point of wanting to devour her.


Medea was startled as his fingers stretched inside and violently stirred her. She struggled to swallow her moans at the strange sound of water rubbing against her soft wet flesh.

Even though her blushing face was revealing vivid pleasure, the expression of her trying to suppress it in embarrassment was lovely.

“Oh… … . Oh, uh… … .”

Medea held back her sounds as she twisted her waist every time he pushed his fingers in and out. Her love juice that flowed from her secret area was already soaking her calves.

“Ahh… … . please please… … . Ahhh… … .”

She trembled and begged Lyle as if she could no longer bear it. The number of fingers coveting her insides increased to three, with her being aware of it.

Lyle knew all of her weak spots and where she would twitch when touched.

Because he loved her. Because he was always touching her, trying to figure out what gave her the most pleasure, he knew every inch of her where she felt most aroused.

So… … .


Medea’s eyes widened as he declared that, blowing his breath into her ear canal. Whether it was from being pushed into torturous pleasure or resentment towards Lyle, her beautiful blue eyes filled with tears.

Lyle watched her and stuck his tongue into her ear. Then, at the thrill of his provocation, she twisted in his arms.

I love you, Millie… … . think of me

“Uhhhh, uhhhh… … . Umm… … . stop…no … . More, ahh… … .”

Overflowing honey wet Medea’s ankles and dripped onto the carpet. She felt her lewd liquid seeping between the soles of her feet.

“Ah… … .”

Lyle choked with thirst. He had Medea spread her legs as far as she could so he suck her pussy.

“Oh, Lyle!”

At the sound of her screaming voice, Lyle quickly took Medea’s lips. He swallowed every sound of ecstasy he stuck and pushed in his tongue inside Medea.

I wanted to lick your bottom like this.

Looking into her eyes with a heavy, debauched gaze, Lyle greedily lusted after her mouth.

“Um, ugh… … . hmm… … .”

Climaxing, she trembled in Lyle’s arms. Even in the midst of her peaking, her whole body languidly drooped, yielding and melting to Lyle’s touch.

“Haaa… … . Huh… … .”

When he pulled out his finger, sap dripped out. Quivering, Medea gasped, her lips wet with his saliva. Lyle smiled kindly after he licked up her tears.

“… … It seems someone has returned with the first prey.”

People cheered outside the tent. Since they were the people who were waiting for the knights to return, the first prey was bound to attract people’s attention.

Lyle gently stirred her twitching flesh and tidied her up. A moan leaked out as he ran his fingertips over her spasming opening.

“Do you want to go watch?”

Medea hadn’t seen what people called monsters since she came to this world. She was curious, but on the contrary, she was also afraid to see them. Horror movie monsters are fake, but this one is real!

“Oh, no, not really… … . Ugh… … .”

While cradling Medea with one arm, he pulled his pants down with the other hand. He took it off his feet, kicked it back, holding her from behind, and pulled her up to a standing position.

“Ah… … .”

His swollen penis swept up and rubbed against her wet entrance. Her expression grew hazy from the pleasurable sensation of the tip breaking through and piercing her opening.

“Yes… … .”

It was embarrassing, but she liked his cock more than his fingers. As she reflexively pushed her butt back, Lyle pushed and thrusted in deeply as if he had been waiting.

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