YMA – 156

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It felt like he was struggling to fill his broken heart.

No matter how much was poured in, it flowed through the cracks of his heart, but the moment it was poured in was ecstatic and sweet, so he couldn’t stop wanting her.

Looking into Medea’s bewildered eyes, Lyle lowered his hand and grabbed her buttock over the hem of her dress.


As he pulled her closer to his body, she could feel his excited desire was felt through the clothes of her dress. Her makeup-less cheeks were stained with shame.

Medea hated makeup, but out of greed for sight, Lyle instructed her maids-in-waiting not to put makeup on her.

She would be stained with tears and sweat, so there is no need for makeup. He didn’t want the skin he licked and tasted to be dirty with powder.

Especially since he couldn’t clearly see her face turning red like now when it was powdered.

“… … They would have brought a change of clothes, but everyone would notice if the empress who entered the tent with the emperor changed her outfit.”

So, wouldn’t it be better to take it off?

Lyle whispered as he massaged her plump ass. Medea glared at him with her tear-stained face.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

As he smiled wickedly and kissed the corner of her eye, Medea became irritated. He took her hand pushing him, and set his teeth on her fingers. He watched the Empress’s face as he licked her fingers, lapped them up, and went slowly down her palm. Her expression was blurring.

I made you react only to me in a cowardly way. You can’t help but feel it no matter how I touch you now.

He licked her palms and kissed her lips softly. He hadn’t even undressed her yet, but a chilling excitement ran through Lyle’s body.

He had never wanted something like this before. Fearing that his own desires would hurt Medea, but he was anxious to feel her every moment.

“Haaa [sfx: sigh]… … .”

With hazy eyes, Medea tried to free her hand from his grip. Lyle bit her finger painlessly and looked lustfully into her eyes.

No one but me knows how beautiful the moment those blue eyes are dyed with pleasure is.

Even though I see you every day, I desire you more and more.

Lyle whispered, wanting to take away Medea’s quivering breath.

“I will take it off.”

Medea’s unanswered eyes shook slightly. She was endearing, even when she nodded reluctantly with shyness.

When her permission was granted, Lyle reached for her dress.

He thought he had gotten pretty good at undressing a woman’s clothes by now, but it was difficult to do so without damaging her dress. When he tried to pull it with force, Medea grabbed his hand with frightened eyes.

“Oh… … .”

A fancy dress with many decorations was removed from her body. Tormented by the urge to inspect every inch of her body, Lyle laid the dress out on a table far from the bed.

Medea, in her underwear, was hesitating, so he kissed her. His lovely Empress….even her saliva was so sweet that he could keep his tongue off of her. So he sucked again and again and swallowed her saliva until he heard Medea gasp in his arms.

If you do that, I can’t stand it.

His hand was impatient to pull down her underwear. While the dress was carefully laid out on the table, the undergarments no one would see were tossed onto the nearby sofa.

Sweet Medea, you’ve been caught by a troublesome man.

At last, Lyle scanned her exposed skin with an unquenchable gaze. Even he thought he was a lustful beast. Despite being so wary and disgusted by lust, this could not be helped. He couldn’t breathe without loving her.

Medea caught his hot gaze and glanced at the suit he was wearing.

“W-what about your Majesty?”

He should also take off his dress obediently for the same reason as her. If Lyle’s pants got wet with traces of an affair, the nobles gathered here would eventually notice, so she asked him to take them off.

Lyle looked into Medea’s eyes and smiled.

“I will not take it off. … … Won’t it be fine if you don’t get excited?’

Saying that Lyle ran his fingertips across Medea’s soft thighs. Lyle’s eyes were ecstatic as she twisted, feeling a thrilling shudder just by that.


Medea swallowed her breath at the fingers poking through her slit.

Her body was already wet just from kissing. Lyle’s fingers, which opened her wet flesh, were eager to enter. Because she is loved almost every day her body became accustomed to his touch.

“Ohh… … .”

Even though it was only one finger, her back curled up and lifted. Lyle moved his fingers, squeezed by her soft inner flesh. The fact that he knew all of her favorite places made him ecstatic.

“Unnngh… … . unnn… … .”

Lyle looked surly at her as she shook and suppressed her moans.

“Why are you holding back your cute sounds, Empress? Is it because we’re in a tent?”

It was natural. Even though it was decorated like a room, it was merely a space surrounded by a thick cloth. There was no sound insulation here.

Only whispering could not be overheard, but this place was full of knights besides ordinary nobles. Moreover, Medea knew from reading the original novel that their hearing abilities were unusual.

“No one knows the Empress in this tent… … They won’t know that you’re enjoying yourself in such an obscene way.”

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