YMA – 154

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“Wasn’t that also the day His Majesty was rejected by the Empress?”

If the Empress rejected the Emperor, it would be a safe day as there would be no more sudden visits on that day. So if she aimed for that day, she had committed an affair by enticing her lover… … .

“It’s something I’ve heard happens all the time. I can’t disclose the source.”

The lady who had brought it up earlier answered with a coy face.

All the ladies swore that only they would keep it to themselves, but they all knew they wouldn’t. The Empress commits adultery! What could be more fun than that!

Moreover, since the Emperor was so fond of the Empress, his wrath would be even greater.

“Then what will happen to the child in the belly?”

“That is so clever… … Baron Hestia came to the capital after the Empress became pregnant.”

Since it was an affair conducted after she had conceived the Emperor’s child, it meant that even if they were caught, the child in her belly would not be suspected.

The nobles were all speculating, but in that presumption, Medea was becoming a crafty, cheating woman.

“I don’t even know why… … His Majesty loves you so much… … .”

Clicking her tongue, the ladies stared blankly at where the Emperor and Empress were sitting.

Lyle and Medea were sitting side by side under the sunshade and talking about something. Near her was a large magic stove that ensured her warmth, but he paid attention to the hem of her dress worried that she might be cold.

There were attendants and maids brought from the imperial palace surrounding the seats they dared not approach. He stared at them with cool eyes as if he knew what they were talking about.

At Trish and Becca’s notice, the ladies withdrew their gazes with a frown. If it had been before, the Empress’ ladies-in-waiting would have been just moving in the direction of the maid-in-waiting like puppets. A lot had changed.

Lyle kept quiet about Medea’s memory loss, but her lack of knowledge was leaking out. Even if others knew, they felt the weight of the Emperor’s sharp gaze, and no noble was powerful enough to pretend to know.

In addition, most people thought that this might be one of the tricks the Empress did to win the Emperor’s heart. No one dared to take advantage of her.

“… … Millie. It will take time for the knights to hunt monsters and return. Let’s go inside and wait.”


She welcomed his proposal, and Medea stood up, holding his hand.

A large tent was properly set up behind the tent. As soon as the attendant opened the entrance, Medea was relieved to feel the warm heat inside.

Even though it was winter, they must have pitched his tent on dry grass, but he couldn’t see a single blade of grass in the wide tent. A thick carpet was on the floor, and a large bed was in one corner.

In the cozy interior surrounded by cushions, Medea blushed for some reason.

No… … . It’s not like that, is it? Even if the tent here is made of thick material… … .

As soon as Medea was already on guard, Lyle gave instructions to the attendants and maids: Don’t come inside the tent, and wait at least 5 meters away from the tent.

‘Hee hee!’

The attendants and maids who received the instructions seemed to have already noticed the Emperor’s intentions. They glanced at Medea, then hurriedly lowered their heads and left.

Standing in the middle of the tent, Medea’s face turned red.


Lyle came closer and hugged her.

It seemed that the attendant, who had left the tent last, carefully lowered the tent’s opening and tied the strings.

Oh my!

“Oh, Your Majesty? You—You’re not thinking— right?”

Medea asked, looking at him with a face stained red. Looking down at her, Lyle donned a mischievous smile on his lips.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, that… … you know! That!”

Lyle grinned and leaned forward to meet her gaze.

“That’s why I am asking what ‘that’ is.”

Lyle kissed Medea lightly on the lips.

Only the two of them were in a large tent full of warm heat. Medea was already his wife, but since she was alone in this space, it felt like she belonged to him all the more, which aroused him even more.

He had already confessed his love to her several times, but after losing her memory, Medea had never said as much. It was probably because she had never said she loved him that he was nervous

He told himself it was problematic for him to rush Medea to say those words, but he struggled immensely. Because she had simply ignored his confession every time he said he loved her.

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