YMA – 152

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“They aren’t delaying or canceling?”

“They’re going forth as scheduled.”

After Trish’s confirmation, Medea’s mood became subtle.

She had never imagined that they would be able to catch Archduke Rowendal, but they were really able to capture even Archduke Rowendal with the Duke of Lance!

‘There were three conspiracies that haven’t come to pass yet. Have they all been eliminated?’

It’s a relief if such good luck came to pass, but it seemed to have concluded in an ambiguous manner. Could she feel relieved? … In addition, the Marquis of Bermon had also been released without being implicated, although Medea knew better.

“It seems like the aristocrats are rigid these days, so it was probably decided to give them some relief. Plus, since Archduke Rowendal’s conspearies did no actual harm to the imperial family, and the imperial family is still in good health.”

When Becca added an explanation, Medea thought, ‘Is that so?’

It was certainly on the side of Archduke Rowendal’s forces who were trying to harm Medea, so there would be no need to be intimidated. If the imperial family shrinks from this, there will be nobles who would want to use it as an opportunity.

Even with justification, it was difficult for Medea to comprehend it easily. Now that even Archduke Rowendal has become like that, she wondered if anyone could dare to stand against Lyle. But, of course, the existence of the Dark Tower still remained… … .

‘Rowendal has become that way, so why is the Dark Tower left alone? Originally, the Dark Tower collapsed when Rowendal was destroyed.’

No matter how brilliant Lyle was, there was much at stake, and Rowendal had been too easily defeated. Of course, he had caught the Duke of Lance before he could even hide the evidence, but things were going too straightforwardly.

Everything was going very differently from the original story in many ways. But, since the existence of the Dark Tower remained, she didn’t even know if she had to be wary of a new presence that could become Lyle’s enemy.

‘… … there is no such thing.’

In Lyle’s setting, his father was lecherous. Although one would have assumed he had a plethora of illegitimate children, on the contrary, the former Emperor was very thorough. He pushed all the women he had had relations with into formal relationships as concubines. It seemed that under his control, he made sure that such a child would not appear.

Even if there was such an existence, it would be difficult for him to prove that he was of the Emperor’s blood.

Other than that… … .

‘There is a second male protagonist.’

The hidden illegitimate child of Archduke Rowendal and heir to the Marquis. Even Archduke Rowendal was unaware of his existence, so only one person in the world, the Marquis, who was the father of sub-male lead 2, knew that he was of Rowendal’s blood.

He was currently studying abroad, so he was not currently in the Empire. He returned to the Empire next year to take the knight exam. He had befriended Seira, an amiable route.

‘It’s the end of winter… … . Could he become an enemy?’

Since the novel’s main villain, Archduke Rowendal, had already died, in the wake of that incident, the father of sub-male 2 could disclose the truth to him. Sub-male protagonist 2 could get angry and vow revenge on behalf of his biological father’s death and become a villain… … .

‘Would that happen?’

Sub-Male 2 was a position loyal to the Emperor like Seira. Although he had feelings for Seira, he was an honest man who realized that Seira and the Emperor were in love with each other and gave up. Treachery didn’t seem like a good fit for his character.

Additionally, he had a good relationship with his father, the Marquis. If the secret of his birth is known, he is more likely to feel guilty and indebted to the Marquis and make choices that would benefit his adopted father. It was like that in the novel.

‘As anticipated, it won’t come from the sub male protagonist 2’s side. So then who will it be? Could something transpire?’

In the original story, after the assassination of a princess from the neighboring country, Seira and Lyle’s relationship developed for a while, and another event, the hunting contest, commenced. This time was different, but the hunting competition was still ahead.

Perhaps she could discern if all ended well by whether or not this hunting tournament safely concluded.

She recalled that it was Duke Lance and the Marquis Bermons who created mischief during the hunt. Although the Duke of Lance was executed, the Marquis of Bermon still remained… … . It seemed unlikely they would proceed alone. Archduke Rowendal, who had been instructing them from behind the scenes in the first place, died.

“My Majesty, the Empress, what troubles you so?”

“Are you wondering about who to select for the hunt?”

Medea turned her head as her maids asked cautiously. Other maids around Becca and Trish approached her.

“I haven’t decided yet… … .”

But she knew what they wanted. She caught a glimpse of their bright, dazzling eyes.

“If it’s Sir Hestia, I’ll let him compete. There’s no need to ask.”



Medea let out a bitter smile inside as she watched the maids hold each other’s hands and rejoice. By the way, since Lyle was a married man now, had Luke won Seira’s favor yet?

“Will Luke be involved in the hunt?”

“Oh, we are also looking forward to the Ducal heir, too, but his appearance is practically guaranteed!”

Seeing the maids squeaking and high in anticipation, Medea had the notion that she would have liked to call the sub-males 1, 2, and 3 and hold a popularity vote. But, for some reason, it seemed like Seira would beat all three of them.


Medea was relieved to hear that the Emperor did not intend to participate in this tournament. Since she wanted Seira to be on the field, she wanted someone by her side.

Of course, there were competent escorts around her, but none were as good as Lyle or Seira, and Seira had yet to reach her potential but had a main character’s buff.

“Are you letting Baron Hestia go as well?”

“Yes, I listened to Sir Gerrard’s request, but I also wanted to see his skills.”

“… … .”

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