YMA – 151

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It was easy to get Rowendal’s name out of Duke Lance’s mouth once he had come to his senses.

In fact, he wasn’t much of a bait to catch the power that Rowendal had left in the capital, so he was worthless after they received clues from him about the remnants. So formally, after he had spit out Rowendal’s name, he was then executed as scheduled.

The violent, bloody winds of the purge that followed were enough to mislead people that Duke Lance knew more than they had initially thought. Even that using that misunderstanding had been calculated and taken advantage of by Lyle, so they died while cursing the Duke of Lance.

The fate of Rowendal, upon coming to the capital, was also not much different from that of Duke Lance. The difference was that, unlike the Duke, he never had a trial attended by the nobility.

Lyle did not give the traitor a chance.

It was the only part he liked among the former Emperor’s policies that had left him with so many problems.

He didn’t even bother to meet Archduke Rowendal; he was left cursing inside the dark dungeon in humiliation.

Duke Lance’s abominable head, which had been hung from the wall, was taken down within a week. Because the schedule was not canceled, the monster hunting competition hosted by the imperial family was held as scheduled.

In this contest which the Emperor was to participate, the pregnant Empress was also scheduled to attend the gathering under the condition that she should not see anything unsightly.

Duke Lance’s body was burned, and his remaining bones were thrown into the swamp.

As a result of this incident, several nobles lost their property, titles and were imprisoned or expelled, so the atmosphere of the event was subdued.

Because he was a member of the imperial family, Lyle decided not to publicly execute his uncle, Rowendal, but to confine him to a tower. It was because the evidence and clues of his association with the Dark Tower had not come forth yet.

A magic tool that could open a gate just by assembling it and infusing it with mana was a significant threat to the Empire and the Imperial Family.

Rowendal insisted that he speak directly to Lyle about the Dark Tower. He tortured him until he opened his mouth and ordered that he starve unless he brought forth all the information about the Dark Tower.

However, less than ten days after being imprisoned in her tower, Rowendal was killed by an advisor’s mistake.

The advisor claimed it was a mistake, but Sid attached a wizard to him to ensure he wasn’t mind-controlled. It was only natural since they were wary of the Dark Tower.

“… … There were slight traces of it, though.”

They were unsure if it was the work of the Dark Tower, though.

Lyle made sure that Rowendal’s body was treated just like the other traitors so that news about the Dark Tower would not leak out.

“Isn’t it better to cancel the hunting tournament?”

asked Sid, but Lyle shook his head.

The winter monster hunting contest was not just a place for nobles to show off their prestige but also used as a device to protect the people who suffered the most from the demons.

Some aristocrats deliberately hunted monsters and practiced for this day, so it was also necessary to warm the hearts of the nobles who would have shuddered due to the attempted assassination of the Empress.

“That means that your Majesty will not participate and will send out other knights instead.”


Since before, Lyle had selected well-reputed men from among the new knights and had actively participated in the hunt himself. But now that he had a child and family to protect, he thought it was time to quit. Although Medea’s most vulnerable period had passed and she would remain in the tent, he wanted to be by her side.

Those selected as a knight of the Emperor, had meaning in itself. It will be an excellent event to show that the Emperor trusted the nobles.

“Then, we should closely watch the knights participating in this hunt.”

“I only trust Sid.”

Realizing that Lyle would leave it entirely to him, he felt emotional.

“These are knights who will carry your Majesty’s name! Your Majesty must choose for yourself!”

“What does my determination have to do with the selection with political intent? If it’s really difficult, talk to Ike.”

Because Ike faced so much discrimination as a child because of his birth, and he hated most aristocrats. The only entity he was loyal to was the Emperor and those who cooperated with him. Even though he was a high-ranking nobleman, Ike did not like to treat people without skills as human beings.

“I’m saying this because you brought up Ike, but… … What did you promise him?”

“With Ike isn’t there only one thing he wants from me?”

Sid, who remembered Ike’s terrifying sword attack, was at a loss for words. How easy are you to talk about battling with Ike, who doesn’t have limits!

The only reason he did not beseech him not to do it was because he trusted the Emperor’s skills. Even if the confrontation got a little rough, it was always the Count’s that got injured. Not the Emperor.

“… … Please do it in moderation. You must not break his arm like Baron Hestia.”

“It wasn’t on purpose.”

“I’d believe it more if you said you forgot how to walk.”

“… … .”

Sid, who was organizing the documents with a deep sigh, suddenly looked at Lyle.

“I can’t select all the knights, please ask if it is possible for the Empress to fill some seats.”

Because there’s not just one or two knights required, Sid added.


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