YMA – 15

Lyle’s heart shook with excitement at the screams of an unpretentious Empress.

He swept the soft skin of her inner thigh and felt her flinch.

“No need to be scared, I won’t hurt you.”

“Y-your Majesty, no need to go down there!” 

Lyle raised his eyebrows at Medea’s words. 

“Why? You want to get on top of me if I allow it?”

“W-Well, that’s not it, but…” 

Lyle clicked his tongue as he glared at Mildia’s face, which had been dyed red as a cherry.

Lyle’s hot palms covered her fragile petals. Medea was startled. 

Lyle was embarrassed when he realized that she was barely wet. The past Medea would be wet enough at this point. 

‘Oh, no, if you try it now, it’ll be painful.’

However, further delay would have put Lyle in trouble. 

Lyle traveled back and forth between the cracks with delicate fingertips. 

Dampening his fingers where it began to get wet slowly, he moved as if he had applied the sap on the petals. 

It was the first time someone had touched it, so it was more stimulating. With her cheeks dyed, Medea endured. 


Fingers came in and out without warning. 

Now Lyle was in a hurry. But if Medea got hurt now, she would cry and run away from the bedroom. 

‘I don’t have feelings for her, but forcing someone with no memory to embrace me is detestable too.’ 

“Ahhhh…Oh! Ah…. There…” 


Whispering, Lyle rubbed the area where Medea had reacted to. 

Medea’s bouncing waist made Lyle strangely hot. 

She was avoiding his eyes as if embarrassed but also tried to tolerate the discomfort. 

While Lyle bent his fingertips and wandered from place to place, he tried to teach her all the pleasing places. Lyle felt possessed, engrossed in Medea’s secrets, which began to melt away her reluctance as she started to moan and purr through her nose. 


It didn’t feel bad. 

No, in fact, it felt terrific.


It was at that moment, Lyle dug as deep as his fingertips could reach. Medea, startled, tightened her secret place. 

With a sensual touch that made her shudder with pleasure, Lyle instinctively taunted the place. 

“Ah, ah… … ! Uhhh….” 

Lyle didn’t relent, as a sweet look colored Medea, struggling with embarrassment. 

He quickly loosened her narrow passage and stretched his fingers, making room for two and then three. 


The obscene stimulus made Medea’s eyes flushed and hazy as she flustered and reddened. 

What kind of facial expression would Medea make if I pushed myself in here? 

At his stimulating thought, Lyle swallowed his dry saliva. He felt desperately thirsty; his throat felt as if it was burning and splitting in half. 

* * *

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  1. ‘I don’t have feelings for her, but forcing someone with no memory to embrace me is detestable too.’ We stan a respectful and decent man, I can truly believe he’s the male lead of another story too, this is how og MLs should be as well!

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