YMA – 149

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Lyle explained the story: Ethel initially went to see Rita in secret, despite family opposition.

“Still… … It’s dangerous to climb in through the window. If his Majesty promises he won’t ask me any more questions and pry, then… … I will open it for you.”

“I also enjoy sneaking in and coming through the window.”

Still, if they carried on like this, malicious rumors would spread about Medea. Lyle knew it well, so he kissed her on the cheek and went on:

“But since the Empress is so worried, I won’t do it anymore. Instead … … you could enjoy yourself on top of me tomorrow, right?”

Lyle appealed with a natural countenance. She was flustered.

“Uh… … . Ha, I can do that.”

Really, you only ask for that.

He kissed the grumbling Medea deeply.


Leisurely, Lyle slowly opened his eyes and watched the deeply slumbering Medea next to him. The time was approaching for the prey to be caught in the trap.

It was unforeseen that Medea quelled the assassination attempts. For Lyle it was particularly shocking because the Empress without her memories was especially vulnerable and had to be protected.

It didn’t mean he was shocked that Medea uncovered the plot. Even though the Empress’s Palace was a bit out of the Emperor’s realm, that he was ignorant of such a conspiracy going on within his imperial palace made him beyond furious.

The supporters of Archduke Rowendal were based on the aristocratic faction led by Duke Card. If the Duke of Card found out that he had instigated the assassination of Medea, he would lose the biggest part of his support base, so he didn’t expect that he was going to target her.

‘I may have never known.’

If Lyle continued to be cold to her, he might have left her alone. However, things changed when he fell in love with Medea.

Since the two now even had a child between them, it was highly likely that the Duke Card would completely turn his back on Archduke Rowendal. For the Archduke, leaving the capital had been a temporary measure.

Now, suddenly Archduke Rowendal was driven into a corner.

The Duke of Card was not so unwise that he did not know that Archduke Rowendal was behind it all. Although his affection for his daughter was shallow, he knew her value very well, so Rowendal’s support would erode.

Lyle was also intended to have a different mindset than before.

The Duke of Card had always scoffed at Lyle for not getting blood on his hands. It was the Duke’s philosophy that if he had an enemy he should be ruthless, even creating crimes that did not exist to bring them down.

Lyle thought it wasn’t his way. Playing dirty would eventually become a weakness. The more he got dirty the more he would be caught up in it.

His mother, who was eventually imprisoned in the tower and died, was like that, and the many who supported or tried to protect Lyle had also met similar fates.

He had no intention of fighting like the Duke. But he wouldn’t no longer leave the Archduke alone.

He straightened Medea’s blanket and kissed her forehead.

He had spent several days at Medea’s side, thinking that their enemies might err on the side of caution.

‘How foolish of me.’

He should not have turned the Duke of Card into an enemy. At least, the assassination of Medea was not uncovered.

Lyle was unaware that Archduke Rowendal had compelled the Marquis of Bermons to murder Medea. That her death had already transpired, and the present Soyeon was now in possession of her body.

The Duke of Card had already sent an assassin to Archduke Rowendal. Perhaps an assassin had already struck last night.

The emperor’s bloodline, the Astrad family, produced numerous sword masters from generation to generation. Archduke Rowendal had not reached quite that height, but he was still a formidable opponent. He also chose exile for his plans, so it was clear that he had a skill strategist by his side.

You probably survived the long night. But after that, there will be times when you will think it would have been better to die at this time, Uncle.

Lyle withdrew from her side and quietly walked out of the bedroom. A dim light poured on Medea’s feet.


Blood poured on the cold stone floor. Rowendal wrinkled his brow in irritation and pulled the knife out of the assassin’s body. Blood was gushing out as if he was still breathing.

Rowendal slumped at the edge of the bed, looking at the vigilant guards around him with a weary face.

Duke Card. It had to be him.

A man who has no hesitation in getting his hands dirty. Although he donned the most aristocratic attitude, he was not afraid to do things in the shadows.

Lyle was one who liked to block all escape routes and leave one hole, pretending it was an exit and then entrap the person there. He was not the kind of person that showed his teeth so directly and explicitly.

“Your Highness, you must avoid… … .”

All his guards who were supposed to guard Rowendal had consumed drugged food and passed out. Lyle wasn’t behind this assassination, but he had, to some extent, turned a blind eye and allowed it.

‘Only that the Duke of Lance… … .’

It was a conspiracy that had yet to be put into action. The method he was going to use at that time when all the cards were used. He never thought that he would be discovered so early on and he would be strangling his neck.

It would have been of no use if the Duke of Lance didn’t mention Rowendal’s name. All Lyle had to do was make him confess with torture, and would have been able to control Lord Lance as much as he wanted.

Rather, it was more concerning that the Duke of Lance had not yet spoken of Rowendal.

‘Lyle… … . What are you up to?’

Rowendal got up using the tip of his sword in the ground. It had been a long, exhausting night and his body was utterly depleted.

“Let’s go.”

Another knight rushed out in front of Rowendal, who left the shabby bedroom with his guards.

“Your Highness! Looks like we won’t be able to get out the front door! The knights… … .”

“The knights?”

The day before Duke Lance was captured, Rowendal moved from exile for safety reasons. If it had been his former residence, there would have been a secret passage through which Rowendal could escape with his escort, but now he was in just a large, ordinary mansion.

“Looks like the Duke of Card must have put a lot of effort into this situation.”

A man who walked in alone, smirked and laughed at Rowendal. Rowendal looked down at the man over the railing on the second floor and gritted his teeth.

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