YMA – 148

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Not a child… … .

Could she lock her door and be able to chase Lyle out again? She already tried running away and hiding before to no avail. This method might have succeeded if she had not opened the window at the end, so Medea decided to hold on for this time.

‘He doesn’t seem to have any intention of breaking in through the window.’

It would have been possible to cut through the window with a knife, but he hadn’t. He quietly squatted in front of the window and just knocked on the window.

‘So… … You don’t have to open it this time.’

Medea made a promise to herself, her cheeks growing heated. As much as Lyle knew he was weak to Medea, she also knew that she was weak to him as well.

Knock, knock.

She didn’t open the door, so the fight wasn’t very long today. He seemed to think that he could go through the window later. Like now.

Knock, knock.

This time, with the intention of holding out, Medea didn’t even pull the curtain. It was because she thought that if she didn’t see his face, her heart wouldn’t be weakened.

But the thought of a big man squatting in front of the window and knocking made her uncomfortable. Her room was on the third floor.

She had sneakily asked her maid, and she said that when it came to a sword master, that height didn’t matter. But human life was so unpredictable!

‘No, why are you doing that outside the window!’

Medea looked nervously at the window where the knock was heard. Everything was obscured by the curtains, so she couldn’t see, but from time to time a knock could be heard.

Knock, knock.

That didn’t mean she wanted him to keep knocking. He tapped, waited for a while, and tapped again when there was no answer.

‘It’s the middle of winter… … .’

Since he had expected to be indoors, he must have worn thin clothes. The setting of this romance novel was that if you are trained as much as Lyle, that one didn’t need to care about the cold, but Medea completely forgot about that.

‘What if you catch a cold?’

She was restless.

Standing in front of the window Lyle could see everything inside. Even though her curtains were drawn, there was a light inside. He could see the woman pacing back and forth without even having to pay attention to the sound.

‘Would you pamper me for being cold?’

Lyle grinned as she remembered Medea, who was terrified last night that he was on the 3rd floor and appeared dangerously outside of the window.

Unsurprisingly, Medea couldn’t stand it any longer and she opened the window. She had lasted less than 10 minutes.


“Couldn’t you have opened the door from the beginning?”

Speaking naturally, Lyle dropped a kiss on the weary Medea. It was so much fun to fiddle with her trembling nude body.

“Heh, that— your Majesty… … . hnn… … .”

As predicted, it was after serious titillating torture. Medea was half mesmerized and swaying in Lyle’s hands. A sound of pain escaped from her mouth as his fingers tugged her melting secret slit again.

“Are you going to open the door? Or will I come through the window again?”

Getting in and out of the window was also quite fun. Medea’s terrified and worried reactions were so rewarding, but if he keeps walking in and out of her window, there will be strange rumors spread about her.

“If Your Majesty doesn’t bother me for that reason… … . Oh, oh… … !”

Lyle quickly spread her legs apart as her back bent like a bow. Medea shook at Lyle trying to stick in it into her contracting interior, but he drove in.


Her head was tilted back at the stimulation that sent sparks filling her vision.

As Lyle thrusted and stirred in her he watched Medea’s breasts sway and jiggle to his movements. The rosy nipples that he had sucked on and stood upright drew his attention. The sight of Medea’s lewd figure weeping and drooling.

‘She’s so adorable.’

“Ha, ha! ah… … . Now, no… … . Ahh!”

He grabbed her waist as she was about to run away. The taste of holding her trembling body after she reached her climaxes several times was special.

While ejaculating inside, Lyle realized that this is what it feels like to have his blood boil. Even though she was already pregnant there was a primal urge to inseminate her and make her pregnant again.

“… … Will I come in through the window again?”

It was enough to avoid the guard’s eyes as much as possible. As he whispered, soaked in the feeling of being the Empress’s hidden lover, Medea’s eyes lowered.

“What do you want to do?”

“Well… … . Role play?”

“What kind?”

Lyle seemed to ponder for a moment at Medea’s question.

“Rita and Ethel… … How about something similar?”

“What is Rita and Ethel?”

At Medea who asked, Lyle had a blank face for a moment.

Then he remembered Medea’s amnesia.

“Rita and Ethel” was a story like “Romeo and Juliet”. Unlike “Romeo and Juliet,” Ethel goes to kill a dragon in order for his love for Rita to be recognized.

In the meantime, Rita hears that Ethel died fighting a dragon due to a conspiracy, takes a drug and commits suicide. But Ethel, who defeated the dragon and received the dragon’s heart, saves Rita with the dragon heart, and the story ends with a happy ending.

‘It’s kind of like a fairy tale… … .’

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