YMA – 147

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While kissing her fleeing lips, Lyle hurriedly took off his clothes.

“Ah… … . *Inhale* your Majesty… … . oh, sticking your tongue in… … .”

When he was finally stripped down without a thread on his body, Lyle hugged her tightly. He wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her towards him. Medea, already blushing, cried in protest,

“Ah, your Majesty… … . You did it until morning… … .”

“It is night now.”

Although not completely transparent, her thin negligee was made of translucent, thin material that showed off the curves of her body. While he fondled Medea’s breasts through the soft cloth he whispered with a teasing glee,

“Are you saying that while waiting for me in these clothes?”

“T-this is because the maids begged… … . hah… … .”

A thrilling pleasure ran through her tormented nipples. They had begun to stand stiff as he grazed them with his fingernails. While fiddling with them, he enjoyed Medea’s eyes growing heavy with lust and blurred expression.

“I’m going to lock the door and take dividends on the share that I’ve been struggling with… … You’d better be prepared.”

Lyle picked her up and made their way to her bed.

For a moment, Medea regretted opening her window, but… … she had no choice but to open it! This was the third floor!


Touching and licking was so pleasurable.

Her soft skin felt like it was clinging to his hands, smotheringly erotic, and it tasted so sweet everywhere he licked as if she was going to melt. On top of all that, his gaze that looked at her with his captivating blue eyes drenched in pleasure… … .

Maybe he was born to drive me crazy?

Licking the saliva that ran down her cheek, Lyle poured his kisses on her lips. Already he lost count in the middle. It’s also fun to tease her by telling her to match him.

“Ugh… … . ah… … . No more… … .”

While tasting and sucking on her pleading lips and tongue, Lyle gave her a savage gaze. He wanted to completely devour her. Already he was drinking her up, but he wanted to consume every single thing of hers, down to the strain of her hair.

“Lift up your back… … . huh? My Millie… … .”

“Ah… … . yes… … .”

With tears of her pleasure dripping down, Medea lifted her slender waist.

If she had gained some weight and some flesh around her waist, would their affairs be easier for her to handle?

While wondering about it, Lyle sucked and licked the stamen of her flower that stood erect and hot. Medea’s sweet moans rose and hit the ceiling as she reached a zenith.

“Huh! Hem! You can’t touch that… … . Aaaah!”

Her whining, pleading voice was so cute that Lyle couldn’t help but torment her to his heart’s content. It was lovely to see her waist popping up every time his fingertips rubbed her flower wine on her bud.

Medea’s body bent like a bow as he pistoned to her beat.


Unable to bear it anymore, Lyle rushed into Medea as she reached a climax. Her soft wet insides rubbed against him and the sound of flesh hitting between each other resounded. Medea struggled with astonishment at the stimulation he was stirring within her.

“Ugh! Aww! Stop… … . will die… … . Ahhhh!”

Lyle beamed ecstatically, coveting a sobbing Medea as she reached the pinnacle of pleasure again and again. He caressed her trembling body in his arms. Lyle gave her a burning gaze as he kissed Medea, who was sobbing in a delirium as if she had lost her mind.

“My Millie… … . Medea… … .”

Medea, who had been crying sweetly at his whispering voice, turned to her wet eyes. Lyle said with a happy smile,

“I love you.”

Mesmerized and in the midst of lustful arousal and pleasure, Medea wondered if she was dreaming. She had heard Lyle confess her confession before, so when she heard such sweet words all she could do was just stare blankly at him.

As if Lyle wanted an answer and wanted to prompt a response he gave Medea a soft kiss and whispered one more time through the gap between his lips.

“I love you.”

“Oh… … .”

With the ensuing sweet kiss, she fell asleep in Lyle’s arms.


In the morning, the maids who came into Medea’s bedroom were not surprised when they found Lyle with her and still tried to clean up. The couple got along so well, so in the early morning, Medea must have opened the door and let Lyle in.

Medea, who had already completely melted, could only mumble in her haze and was carried by Lyle in his arms to the bathroom.

The maids cleaned the bedroom and quietly cleared the room. They knew from experience that the Emperor wouldn’t just take the Empress into the bathroom and wash her body.

Knowing that Medea would sometimes get so embarrassed that she would banged her head against the table, they hurriedly left the bedroom, covering her ears as much as possible.

Thirty minutes later, Lyle came out, holding Medea, who was completely exhausted. He laid her on the bed with new sheets, wiping her dry with a towel.

He smiled contentedly, leaving her kiss mark on her soft skin in the middle.

“There will be no government affairs meeting today due to the investigation, so we can eat together.”

“Uh… … .”

Medea sighed and stared blankly at him.

I’m going to die of hardship, but here you are looking so happy!

Annoyed, she pinched Lyle’s cheek. Instead he took Medea’s hand and kissed the tip of her fingers.

“After I went to the main palace, you were resting comfortably. Yesterday, so I left you alone because your naughty scheme was cute… … .”

Medea eyes twisted with how unfair his words felt.

“But tonight, I will hear the truth from your mouth, Medea.”

Lyle bit her fingertips slightly and sent her a wild and sensual gaze. Medea was dyed bright red to the tip of her ear.

“Th-this Erotic emperor!”

At her shout, Lyle laughed out loud.


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