YMA – 146

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“Empress, are you inside? Did something happen?”

As he raised his voice and knocked on the door, he felt a presence inside. Judging by the sharp ears of a Sword Master, it seemed that she was lying on the bed, then came down and approached the door.

“I’m alright, your Majesty, go back and sleep!”


He was wondering what this was all about. Lyle knocked on the door again.

“What are you talking about? Millie, open this door.”

“I-I don’t want to! I’m sleepy today because of your Majesty, so go to the main palace and sleep!”

No, you won’t open the door?

Lyle realized then that Medea had sent all her maids and servants away for this purpose.

“… … Millie, are you going to make me break this door?”

“I am leaning against the door right now.”

“Ha!… … .”

When he checked her presence, it looked like she was indeed stuck to the door. If he broke the door, Medea could be injured.

“Are you really going to do this? You should think of the person who toiled and worked all day just to see the face of the Empress!”

“M-my back hurts because of your Majesty! Not today!”

Her back was hurting? He had to make sure that she could enjoy it in a way that didn’t put too much strain on her back.

While a concerned and worried Lyle was agonizing over this predicament, the servant and the maids were speechless, only able to exchange glances. [t1v: LMAO]

“… … Wouldn’t it be better to open it now then later?”

“If I let you in now, you’ll do the same thing!”

“… … .”

She wasn’t wrong, but Lyle was at a loss for words. Medea shouted from behind the door.

“You have to reassure me you won’t!”

“I would be lying if I denied it. Do you want me to lie to you?”

“Ah, then— go!”

Deep in thought, Lyle decided to step back for now. He sent the maids and servants gathered in front of the bedroom away, and dismissed his servants back to the main palace.


Did he leave?

Medea leaned her ear against the door and listened.

It seems that people were getting farther away… … . She was frustrated because there wasn’t even a small window in the door to peek out of.

‘You’re not going to break the door while I’m off guard, are you?’

She wondered if Lyle would use such a violent method.

Medea continued to stand in front of the door, but when her leg got sore, she tried to squat down at the door but immediately got up. If the Head Maid spotted such behavior …!

‘It’s quiet… … . Did he go too?’

It was a simple method, but she calculated that if she leaned against the door, he would not be able to break it. She was able to do it because Lyle loved her so much.

‘Even if I have to pay for it later… … For now, at least today has passed.’

Medea trudged over to her bed, climbed up and crawled in. The texture of her negligee rubbing against her knees was pleasant. Although it was a little embarrassing not to wear underwear.

“Should I take it out of the dressing room and wear it… … .”

She hasn’t turned off the light in her room yet, so she could find it in the dressing room.

The room was filled with dim lights, probably because he was conscious that they would go to bed as soon as the emperor came. It was decorated by the maids.

Perhaps because she slept a lot during the day, Medea was not sleepy yet. Instead she was thinking about what to do.

Knock, knock.

At the sound of knocking on her window, looked around her window. Of course, there were curtains on her window.

Knock, knock.

Medea’s bedroom was located on the third floor of the Empress Palace. Also, this bedroom didn’t have a balcony. It’s a window facing the main palace… … .

Hesitating, Medea got out of bed. She prayed that it was just a bird tapping against the window……. right?

Medea pulled her curtains back a little and peered out her window.

“Your majesty!”

This is the 3rd floor!

Startled and freaking out, Medea quickly opened her window.

Lyle entered the bedroom and grinned. Contrary to Medea’s concerns, he wouldn’t even get a scratch if he jumped from the third floor. It was so easy.

“What are you doing! That was dangerous!”

Medea was irate but to Lyle she was so cute that he couldn’t stand it. He quickly grabbed her cheeks and kissed her first.

“I…*suck* … uhnn?!”

‘Oh, so cute… … . I’m seriously going crazy.’

Following Medea, who was trying to run away, Lyle kept kissing her. He didn’t hug her waist to see how far she could run, but it was adorable that she kept backing away from him.

You can’t run away.

He sucked her soft lips and wrapped his tongue around her struggling tongue, coveting her sweet mouth to his heart’s content.

I’ve been looking forward to this all day… … .

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