YMA – 144

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“Heh, ah! Ah! Ah! Oh… … . please… … . Ah… … .”

Between her spread open legs, black hair fluttered.

She felt as if she was going insane as Lyle’s tongue and lips sucked and licked her folds and wetness as if eating something delicious. Medea cried, shook and tilted her head back. It was so overwhelming she was losing all reason. She was melting with pleasure as her curled toes were twitching.

How many times have I orgasmed?— What can I say? I can’t say I’m a possessor… … .

“Huh, huh, huh… … . stop… … . ahhh… … . I’m going crazy, ahhh… … .”

Drooling, Medea begged.

With her lips he bit the stamen of her flower, kissing and licking them with his tongue. Two of his fingers were inserted deep between her cheeks to sweetly provoke her favorite places. By pushing the other finger to the inside of her buttocks and playing around with it, Medea climaxed several times.

“Now… … . No more, ah… … . I’m going crazy… … —Uhnn!”

As she cried and pleaded, Lyle pulled his fingers out of both her her holes. She wondered if he was going to let her rest, but soon his tongue burrowed into her and stirred her insides.


She tried to run away, struggling with her legs at the tickling but lustful stimulation. Her spine bent back with Lyle licked and sucking her inner flesh.

“Ahhh, ah, ah… … . Ahhhhhhhh… … .”

It felt amazing.

Embarrassing and shameful, but it felt so good she felt on the verge of reason.

For Medea, this could never be a punishment. Even so, she felt like she was losing her wits from the overstimulation, afraid that Lyle asked her something in the midst of a climax, and she would truthfully answer him.

‘No! If you feel more… … .’

Medea bit her lip hard as she tried to hold on. Seeing that Lyle grinned and sucked hard. At that moment, a white flame appeared in front of her eyes.


Bowing her body like a bow, Medea orgasmed. It felt so good that her whole body relaxed.

Lyle lowered her, looking contentedly at the sight of Medea enjoying her trembling climax. He was very pleased to gently lick her twitching flesh and petals.

‘Ah… … . I love it… … .’

“Medea, how did you know the magic devices were there?”

Medea opened her moaning lips at her melting voice.

“That… … it’s in … … .”


Medea, who suddenly regained her consciousness, looked at Lyle. Lyle was also licking her buds and watching her.

“Hmm… … . I’m sorry to hear that.”

After all, she almost said it was in the original novel!

Lyle lifted her head without a second for her to calm her fluttering chest.

“Is it not enough to just lick you? I let you orgasm twenty-three times.”

“Ha… … .Ugh… … .”

In the midst of this, her entrance was still contracting and pouring out her transparent fluids. Breathing heavily, Lyle said could barely swallow his rough breath.

“I can’t stand it any longer… … .”

“Huh, oh… … . not now… … .”

She cried and begged, but Lyle’s penis pushed into her wet opening. It was such an overflowing stimulation to her that she climaxed several times in a row.

“I’ll make you feel full with this. It might be too much punishment for a lovely liar, though.”

As he spoke, Medea completely melted at his lewd waist motions, while lustfully penetrating her.


“… … You’re more persistent than I thought.”

It seemed that she had cummed more than thirty times—and that was an estimate. To be honest, Medea felt so frantic that she didn’t even know if she had confessed to being a possessor or not. She felt so shameless, her whole body was just hazy.

‘Ugh… … It felt incredible.’

Lyle turned Medea’s limp head leaking saliva and gave her a sticky kiss. Seeing her blue eyes loose from pleasure, he licked his lips.

“The stamina of the Empress is impressive… … I will let it slide for now.”

You’d better tell the truth later at night, growling and kissing Medea sweetly he left the bedroom

Why would I tell the truth if this was the punishment? I felt good!

She wanted to say that, but honestly she thought she would have divulged everything if they had gone on a little more. Frankly, Medea didn’t know what she was saying and had to shut her mouth repeatedly.

‘You scary man!’

Medea stretched. Lyle pulled the duvet up to her neck, so even if the maids came in, she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

‘Plan… … I have to think… … . Ah it was so good … … . Sleepy… … .’

I need to sleep.

As soon as she thought of this, Medea fell into a deep slumber.

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