YMA – 142

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“It will be hunting season soon,”

explained her maid. Medea tilted her head.

“Hunting season? Isn’t it winter now?”

“It’s the breeding season of monsters. There are hunting competitions held in winter. In winter, besides the foxes and wolves, the monsters often come down to houses and villages because there are no animals to hunt.”

To prevent this, a hunting contest was held in a forest where monsters abounded in large numbers. Each family sent out knights, but high-ranking aristocrats and the imperial families sent out a considerable number of knights. In general, the higher the title, the more wealthy the family, the more knights a family sent.

Additionally, many knights vied for the chance to participate. If their skills set them apart, they could catch the attention of the Emperor or the Commander of the Imperial Knights.

Nobles showed off their status and power not only with the numbers of knights they brought but the quality of skills their knights demonstrated.

“The Empress always selected three of her escorts to participate in the hunt.”

Three was a very small number for the imperial family.

‘Should I also let Seira go?’

Due to the early suppression of Duke Lance’s work, Seira’s opportunity to play an active role and show off her skills was completely lost. She may one day have to reveal Seira’s true identity so she wanted to deliberately give her a chance to make a contribution, make a name for herself and earn the esteem of others.

‘Ummm… … . But I wish one of the two, Seira or Lyle would stay by my side… … .’

VIPs set up large tents at hunting competitions, in which they would await the results of the knights’ hunting. It was the same with Medea.

“His Majesty….will he also participate?”

“Before he ascended to the throne, he had never missed a year.”

‘As expected.’

At Trish’s answer, Medea clicked her tongue inwardly. Without knowing what she was thinking, Becca said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“The Young Duke of Card has been participating since last year, so he will come again this year! Last year, he was a good competitor for his Majesty! Of course his Majesty won!”

It’s the sad fate of the sub male protagonist 1.

“Of course, the trial must be over before that.”

Saying so, Becca whispered in a small whisper that it was fortunate that Martha’s son was alive. Trish quickly noticed Becca bit her mouth.

Looking at her, she seemed to wonder what would happen to Martha. Medea didn’t know either.

She might change her name and give her a chance to live with her son if she properly testified against the Duke of Lance.

“Are you close with Martha?”

When asked, Becca waved her hands in embarrassment.

“Oh, no! It’s not like she’s friendly… … . Still, I was concerned because she has a son.”

Martha did her job well, but was a maid of few words and a rather pointed personality. Becca, in contrast, was talkative. Martha never really talked to Becca because she unilaterally didn’t like her.

Martha had a hard time with Trish. She seemed worried that Trish might notice something odd about her because she was meticulous and precise in everything.

“It will depend on how much she cooperates with the investigation. Since she has committed crimes she can’t avoid spending time in prison.”

Her life with her son will begin after she finishes her sentence.

Becca’s expression did not darken upon hearing Medea’s answer. I see, she nodded her head as if convinced.

If Martha had been instructed earlier, she would have assembled the magic tools and activated them, and many people in the  Empress’s Palace would have been killed. So it was excessive for her to have only compassion for her.

“By the way.”

Becca looked at Medea with her eyes twinkling. She was one of those, as she noticed that Medea had become quite vulnerable since her bout of amnesia.

Medea was by no means easy-going, but she was kind to those who served and cared for her.

“How did you find out the magic tool was hidden among the gifts?”

She was just thinking about what to say when Lyle asked her later.

Medea pointed to her brooch, which she still wears today. It was a gift from Luke.

“The shape of the furniture decoration is similar to this. So I was kind of worried.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

Not all magic tools are like that, but those containing powerful spells had a certain shape. There must be a magic stone in it, and there must be a part that forms a circle.

There were no magic stones embedded in the furniture found, but there was an empty space in which to put the magic stones.

‘Although I only noticed it later.’

Becca ‘s eyes twinkled with admiration, unaware of Medea’s thoughts.

“Amazing, you’re really amazing. Wow… … .”

“… … .”

Medea felt a strange sense of inquisitiveness from Becca’s attitude.

“Becca, do you have a brother?”

“Yes! I do! I have five brothers!”

She had more brothers than Medea thought. She even added an unsolicited explanation that she had five older brothers, two younger brothers and one older sister.

“Is there a wizard among the brothers… … .”

“There are none?”

Their faces didn’t look alike at all, but for some reason her behavior reminded her of Ashd.

Becca proudly declared that it was rare to have such a large family among aristocratic families, especially so many brothers. Her parents obviously got along very well.

I’m not going to be like that, am I?

It was good that she was on good terms with Lyle, but Medea’s shoulders tensed up at the thought because she didn’t want to have nine children.

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