YMA – 141

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Medea was shaking under Lyle, feeling that she was going to melt.

Lyle avoided a position in which his weight was on her, not wanting to put any strain on her body. Even before, he was mindful of their difference in physique, so there wasn’t much change from usual.

Difference was now he didn’t go in too deeply as it was still risky.

Lyle liked to push deeply so he was disappointed, but seemed satisfied with the fact that he could stick it in for the first time since her pregnancy. He enjoyed anal but Medea was reluctant and wanted to be embraced this way instead.

He was moving as slowly as possible thinking it would be best not to do it too intensely.

But, since this is Medea’s favorite way, she was mesmerized, feeling lost in overwhelming pleasure.

“Haaa… … . Yes oh, ah… … . Ahhhhhh… … .”

Medea looked at Lyle with hazy eyes, heavy with desire and he swallowed.

Lyle liked to thrust violently when his excitement grew, but he thought this wasn’t too bad either. A disheveled Medea, completely drunk on pleasure, gazing up at him, excited him unbearably.

‘I want to do it harder… ….’

Lyle kissed her lips frantically, stroking her cheek as she let out an exhilarating sweet moan. He wanted to drive her until that docile Medea filled the bedroom with orgasmatic screams, but now he had to hold back.

With burning eyes, he watched Medea and she caressed his cheek.

“Your Majesty… … .”


Just calling him in that wet voice made Lyle ecstatic. Medea looked up at him with her sweet watery eyes.

“You can do it harder… … . It’s okay, I… … . I also checked with the doctor.”

She was embarrassed and went through her handmaiden, but she was assured that it would be fine. He had a healthy constitution. So… … .

“You are holding back.”

Medea had already orgasmed five times, but he had ejaculated only twice. She knew from her experience that Lyle wanted more than that.

For a moment, she felt Lyle suck in his breath. It was because they were so close that they could feel each other’s breathing.

Medea was feeling the lovable part of Lyle filling her stomach.

She wanted Lyle to feel and as much as she felt and bask in pleasure like she did.

I want to make you feel better.

“Your Majesty… … .”

Lyle’s face lit up with joy as he looked at Medea.

“Lyle… … .”

he whispered, slowly pulling her back.

“Call me Lyle.” [t1v: FINALLY]

Lyle drove up hard. He grabbed her bouncing waist and began to thrust her with a different force than before. Medea’s toes trembled as his hard penis swelled through her in lustful curves.

“What are you going to do if you give permission and your excited Emperor devours you whole?”

“Huh, uh, ah!”

Lyle said, stretching Medea’s legs apart and pushing her back. Medea’s ass bounced as her saliva dripped from her mouth.

She enjoyed a gentle embrace, but this was also good. There was never a time when she did not feel her pleasure in Lyle’s arm.

“Ha—huh! Y-Your Majesty… … . Oh, Lyle!”

“Haa… … . Millie, my Empress… … .”

With an ecstatic smile, Lyle fell for Medea. It was still early in the evening, but the night seemed too short to them.

“Ah ah ah ah ah… … !”

Having tasted ecstasy several times in Lyle’s arms, Medea enjoyed a sweet dreamlike time.


‘I know it’s too late after what happened, but… … .’

Medea was perplexed when she saw her escorts who seemed to have doubled in a short duration.

She had asked Lyle once to increase the number of knights, but this was too much. Is it not possible to entrust the knights with simple sentry duties as soldiers do?

However, because Lyle was an emperor with a good reputation, and a large number of weapons and magic tools were found in Duke Lance’s house, there were few knights who were dissatisfied with the order.

Most of the jobs of the knights were training, writing reports, filing papers, and fighting monsters. There were knights who repeated only training without any luck, and there were knights who did not engage in swordsmanship except in training, and only occasionally patrolled after being assigned to the Capital’s Security Department.

It was only conceivable because they were in an era where warfare was distant.

The Empire that Lyle ruled was on good terms with its neighboring countries. In the first place, Istasia, ruled by Lyle, was the largest and most powerful on the continent, so if others wanted to compete with it, they had to cross the sea to find another continent.

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