YMA – 140

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The reason Luke couldn’t beat Ashd recklessly was probably because he was a wizard who ran away without using any magic.

It was also because Seira hugged his waist just as he was about to throw his fist.

“… … .”

At that moment she carefully raised her head to Luke, who had become stiff and hardened. He looked down at Seira, and his face grew red.

Although she had been held in Luke’s arms several times before, it was the first time Seira embraced him in her arms. She was even more startled when she realized as much from Luke’s gaze and fell away from him.

“What? What’s wrong with you two? Why are your faces so red?”

Ashd, who was still grabbed by the collar, slowly opened his tightly closed eyes and looked at Luke and Seira. As soon as Luke made eye contact with Ashd, he grimaced and let him go.

“Just know it’s thanks to Baron Hestia.”

After he said that, he grabbed Seira’s arm, who was still blushing. He actually wanted to hold her hand, but he thought it would look too odd now that she was disguising herself as a man.

‘I don’t care, but the lady will be in trouble… … .’

“Let’s go, Baron Hestia.”


She glanced at her arm caught by Luke, then followed him with a brief bow to Ashd. Ashd, who was left with the guards, tilted his head.

“Something strange… … . oh!”

Ashd, who quickly turned his head, clicked his tongue in regret.

“I didn’t get a definite answer if his sister was pretty! I’m sure he has a sister!”

The guards guarding the second entrance to the Empress Palace heard Ashd’s words and looked at him with pitying eyes.


Luke and Seira remained silent until they got on the carriage. She felt her heart thumping again as she looked at Luke.

‘I’ve kissed you before, but I shouldn’t be this excited over a hug… … .’

Luke smiled as she glanced over. His figure was good too, but she somehow felt that he was more relaxed than her, so she couldn’t help but be resentful.

“Lady Hestia, do you mind if I come and sit by your side?”

asked Luke, who was sitting across from her.

They went on outings together and were courting, he could have done this much without asking. As if he was trying to see Seira’s reaction, he asked such trivial things.

Seira nodded her head slightly, and he got up from his seat as if he had been waiting. Seeing Luke approaching, she avoided his gaze. Still her heart was beating hard.

‘Ugh… … . M-my heart is pounding… … .’

The last time they toured the capital together, she was alone, but the atmosphere hadn’t been so tense and thick like this. Was it because she held him by the waist earlier? Would he get upset and say she was too hasty?

“I hope you weren’t troubled— because I was too angry?”

Seira’s eyes widened at Luke’s cautious question.

“Oh, no. That’s… … .”

As a matter of fact, she couldn’t even pay attention to Ashd after she inadvertently hugged Luke’s waist to stop him. He smirked at Seira’s reaction.

“I’m glad you weren’t offended.”

‘Your cheeks are still red,’ he whispered, as he caressed her blush with his fingertips.

She felt the heat build up on her face and pulled away. Seira was taken aback by herself avoiding Luke’s hand, but he didn’t seem to care.

His gaze was as if he was beholding something very cute, so Seira quickly turned her head.

It can’t be….. Did he notice?

She never said she liked Luke or wanted to court him, but she thought he must have noticed somehow. She could see it in how he was touching and treating her.

She glanced at Luke and their eyes met. Seeing his affectionate gaze and then his smirk, Seira once again turned her head, her face red. Ugh, how could he not know now? She was so obvious.

“My lady.”


She was so startled her shoulders flinched. There was a laugh in Luke’s voice.

“Are you too wary? Are you that scared of me?”

“Oh, no… … . It’s not like that… … .”

“If I ask if I can kiss you… … I think you are going to cry.”

No way!

Seira did not tremble even when she was surrounded by six monsters that were 3 meters tall. But it’s just a kiss… … .

She glanced at Luke, furious, and he slowly approached her.

‘Oh! Oh!’

She didn’t hate it—in fact it was good—but her heart was pounding too loudly!

Seira squeezed her eyes shut, but tried to move her pounding chest away little by little.


When she opened her eyes to the sound of laughter, and looked at Luke, he was smiling, suppressing laughter as his shoulders trembled with his fists covering his mouth. Seira turned bright red and glared at him

“Y-Young Duke!”

“I’m sorry. The lady’s expression just now… … .”

Luke’s cracking up made her want to punch him.

“Don’t laugh!”

As she screamed impatiently, a hard arm wrapped around her waist.

Seira gasped, but she missed her timing to push it out. Considering that she was so enraged she should have pushed him away, but her response was delayed because the opponent was her favorite.


Seira’s eyes widened at the light kiss that hit her lips.

“I was wrong, my lady. Please forgive me.”

Luke whispered with a smile.

Seira stared at Luke, losing her timing to get her angry. Then chu… … kiss… … —kisses fell one after another.

Every time soft lips touched it felt like her heart was pounding. Seira was overstimulated.

“Oh, wait… … .”

“Are you still very angry?”

Luke asked in a voice with no laughter and only hot tenderness. Seira looked at him resentfully.

“Y-you coward! This way… … . Chu….Suck… … .”

The overlapping lips intertwined deeper than before. Seira’s eyes closed automatically at the heat that penetrated through the gap between her lips.

She couldn’t let him get away with his… … .

But with his sweet kiss melted down her consciousness until it completely faded away.

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