YMA – 14

It was apparent that Medea now had forgotten how to kiss too. 

He almost laughed soundlessly.

Under the dim light, he saw Medea’s red face. 

Lyle felt drunk and tried to kiss gently. 

He sucked her soft lips while being wary of pushing her too fast. 

“Ha hu. … .” 

A breath of bearing patience leaked out while the sound of wet lips grew louder.

Lyle hugged Medea, increasingly enthralled with her sweet lips.

Her lips instead coaxed him to taste them deeper. 


Medea kept trying to breathe by opening up her mouth a little wider. 

Lyle sipped her saliva, and Medea exhaled, her arms shaking. 

“Haaa. … .” 

With a deep sigh, Lyle’s hand started to move from her shoulder to the front opening of her dress.

When his hand touched her cool bare skin, goosebumps appeared. 

Lyle stroked her dress down slowly, releasing her breasts from the confines of clothes. 

Should I take it off completely? I couldn’t stand it until the dress was all undone. 

Lyle had the thought that he had never been so excited, but soon he couldn’t entertain thoughts anymore.

As Medea reclined, Lyle started to go up her skirt.

He felt Medea’s “oooh” s and gasps as he pulled down her inner skirt. 

Lyle’s rough palm slowly caressed and fondled her thigh. 

Medea felt her heart beating like crazy. 

Do I like it? Or is it disgusting? 

All I knew is that I was trembling.

‘Is it okay to do this?’ 

The Emperor is the Hero and belonged to Seira, but as long as Medea was in the picture, nothing would go the way it was supposed to due to Lyle’s nature.

I can’t believe I am going to sleep with Lyle.

‘I’m sorry, Seira. I have first insure my life and then see what will happen.’

At least Seira had a talent with the sword. Other than her pretty face, Medea was useless. 

I didn’t know if the Duke loved his daughter but Medea’s brother… … Oh, he followed her around a lot. 

He was a sub hero who accused Medea of being killed by the Emperor and tried to take Seira away.

As Medea was preoccupied with her thoughts, Lyle’s fingers reached the space between her thighs. 

In front of her tightly closed knees, Lyle was silent for a moment. 

“… Medea.” 


Medea responded with a clueless and absentminded face.

Irked, Lyle looked down at Medea. 

“Open your legs.” 

“Uh… … .”

Medea hesitated and spread her legs a little. 

Then Lyle grabbed Medea’s thighs and spread them wide.


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  1. At least she’ll be having a painless first time if lyle is good at it a lot girls wish for that.

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