YMA – 139

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“Y-your Majesty?”


His eyes were burning hot. Medea’s cheeks were dyed as she glanced at his lips that were steadily approaching.

When the Duke’s treachery came to light, Lyle couldn’t sleep with her at all. Of course, he always came to the Empress’s Palace to sleep, but they literally only slept. Although he kissed the sleepy Medea lightly, they went beyond that.

Even though the hazardous period that the doctor warned about had already passed.

“I miss you so much… … I felt like I was going crazy.”

If Medea hadn’t been pregnant he would have called her into his arms and embraced her.

Before he had never been aware that he had the capacity for such deep desire, but now that he knew, he didn’t want to go back to before he embraced Medea, nor did he think he could.

“Millie… … .”

Contrary to his hot, heavy voice, the kiss on her lips was soft and weak, as if it would be easily extinguished. Medea sighed as he delicately pressed their lips together and licked them softly.

His hand that had reached out to her lips, caressed her cheek softly and then went down her neckline to her collarbone. She glanced at Lyle as his hand lightly skimmed the form.

He made eye contact with her and while holding her gaze, he pulled and untied the ribbon that adorned the front of her dress. As the hem of the dress loosened, he hooked his fingers and pulled it down.


She was pregnant so she didn’t wear anything that compressed her body. Lyle looked amused and intrigued when her white breasts were exposed over the hem.

“I heard that when a woman is with child, her breasts get bigger… … Is it true?”

‘I think it’s already big… … .’

She looked down on her much larger breasts compared to when she first entered this body, and her cheeks flushed.

Lyle looked down with ecstasy, exposing the other side of her out of the hem of her dress.

“Do you want them to be bigger?”

“It could be bigger, or it could be as it is.”

He squeezed her breasts, raising them up, and bit and sucked on the tips loudly. Medea’s face heated up as he skillfully teased them with his tongue.

“Ungh… … .”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s smaller, Millie, as long as it’s yours. Because I want to touch you… … .”

he declared and tickled her nipples with his tongue. She looked down at Lyle like that and her face became red. He smiled and suddenly sucked in deeply, and a moan burst out of her throat.

Her body, which had become more sensitive, was still only responding to him.

Lyle, who had been sucking her hard, released her pointed, soaked nipples and rolled it up and down gently with the tip of her tongue.

It occurred to her that it seemed she had missed this. Because Lyle had always hugged her more than Medea wanted and before she could be aware she missed it too.

Lyle smiled as Medea reached out and stroked his hair as he licked her nipples. He crossed over to her other nipple and sucked heavily, picking up the other soaked nipple with his fingertips and massaging it.

“Ah, uh… … .”

She felt too good. Her dress further loosened as she gasped and enjoyed relaxing into leisurely pleasure. Lyle pulled off her dress as if he was familiar with it.

Originally it was easy to pull Medea out of her dress, but he was reluctant to lift the pregnant woman.

So he took off her soft underskirt and underwear and spread Medea’s legs apart. Embarrassed to be caught so wet and eager she covered her face with both her hands.

“Well… … .”

Lyle’s laughing tone made Medea want to cry with shame. Between her legs, she was soaking wet. She was accustomed to having sex almost every day, so it was only natural for her. Lyle had not been able to hold her Medea for weeks, and she was very anxious.

“Did you wait long?”

“Oh! Ah, something like that… … . Ahh, oh yes… … .”

The touch between her thighs was pleasant and welcomed. Lyle caressed Medea’s petals and whispered.

“Judging from the reaction, it seems that you couldn’t even comfort yourself. I didn’t know it would be so wet… … . It’s going to flow under the sofa.”

As he spoke in joy, even her earlobes were dyed red.

“No… … . D-Don’t make fun of me.”

“Of course, I mustn’t make fun of you.”

Lyle hugged and picked her up. It won’t be finished in one or two rounds to resolve the pent up lust, so they had to move from the sofa. At least the act had to start in the bedroom.

“In the meantime, I’ll give you plenty of love, to make up for making you wait.”

I’ll kiss every corner of your body,

whispering sweetly, Lyle took Medea and entered the bedroom.

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