YMA – 137

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Coming out of the Empress’s Palace, Luke felt it was fortunate that Medea didn’t ask about his progress with Seira. Judging by the look on his face, she seemed to have already noticed the situation.

“Uh… … . Isn’t it today?”

A young man scratched his head as if he was troubled from behind the guard. He was a lively young man with bright reddish brown hair and bright blue eyes. He had pretty handsome face, his eyes full of mischief and playfulness.


After thinking with an embarrassed face, he turned his gaze to the side, and his eyes widened when he saw Seira and Luke. The sight of him walking with his mouth wide open and staggering was very suspicious.

Luke quickly tried to block Seira’s front, but she thought it would look strange, grabbed Luke’s arm and shook her head. Luke grimaced and silently watched the young man approaching.


“Beauty, beauty, beauty… … .”

As expected, he was a weirdo. That was Luke’s judgment on Ashd.

“This one looks like the Empress, but she doesn’t seem to be as beautiful… … . is it the little sister?”

Although it is unforgivable to mention my sister in comparing her appearance, he was a fellow who did not like the way people judged her by her face.

“That remark just… … Can it be considered an insult to the Empress?”

Surreung—the hiss of drawn swords. The patrols guarding the entrance pulled out their blades.

“Y-young Duke!”

“Seeing blood at the entrance to the Empress Palace!”

“Huh? The beautiful woman is angry!”

Ashd screamed in panic.

Seeing that there was no resistance, Seira pulled out a sword and grabbed Luke’s arm.

“Duke, if you fight here, the Empress will be upset.”

“… … .”

At Seira’s dissuasion, Luke withdrew his sword reluctantly. Then he glanced at Ashde, and found him staring at Sera with a vacant face. Until then, he had been obsessed with Luke, who resembled Medea, so he had before been unaware of her existence.

“Uh, uh… … .”

Seira frowned as Ashd approached, reaching out his hands as if he were a zombie with no soul.

“Wait a moment. I’m not a woman either, so please curb your actions.”

“What… … wait—what?”

Ashd was startled and pointed his fingers at Luke and Seira. Then he raised her hands and ripped my hair out.

“No way! I just felt the resonance of my soul!”


Ashd’s eyes widened and teared up in an instant at Luke’s cold glare.

“That face… … I can’t believe that face belongs to a man!”

“Don’t cry over that!”

Bewildered, Seira glanced at Ashd in disbelief, then looked at Luke. Luke had little to be mistaken for a woman except for his face. He was taller and bigger than Ashd, his shoulders were broad, and his chest wide.

She was thinking about it quietly, but her face turned red as she recalled the time he held her to his chest and heard his heartbeat. Luke looked at her in admiration of her cuteness, but Ashd stopped crying and stared blankly at Seira.

“It doesn’t make sense… … aren’t these real? No matter how I look at you, your chest… … .”

Although Seira’s chest was flattened with bandages, of course, it was never alright for him to grope her. Luke’s face distorted as Ashd’s hand inadvertently moved toward her chest.


Before Ashed’s hand touched Seira’s chest, someone grabbed him. He turned his head to see a ghastly murderous aura pouring from his side as Luke furiously glared at Ashd threateningly.

His grip on Ashd’s arm tightened.

“Does that mean I can cut off this arm?”

“Ah, ah, no! I’m sorry!”

Ashd fell to his knees on the spot and begged. Seira sighed deeply and looked down at Ashd.

“… … It’s good to be light-hearted, but it’s a crime to touch someone else’s body without permission.”

“Yes! No… … . that… … Oh, I see!”

Ashd, who was about to say something, was conscious of Luke’s fierce and bloody gaze and swallowed his words. He seemed to have judged that if he made a mistake with his mouth, his arm would have to pay the price. He wasn’t wrong.

Luke clicked his tongue in distaste and released Ashd’s arm. Ashd grumbled “his face is pretty but his temper is nasty” and got Luke’s ire.

“If it’s the young duke of the Card family, there isn’t any other older sisters or younger sisters… … .”

Saying that, Ashd glanced at Seira. His eyes glistened with hope, and Luke felt a pang of embarrassment.

“Do you have any older sisters or younger sisters?”

“W-why are you asking that… … .”

As the answer didn’t come right away, Ashd was sure Seira had an sister.

“Does she look like you? How much? Please introduce me!!”

Ashd sniffed and clung to Seira. Luke exploded as he almost touched her face and poured out questions.


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