YMA – 132

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It was in a room in the Empress’s palace that Medea led her maids, escorts and Ashd. This five-story room was used exclusively to store her pregnancy gifts.

“What’s this place?”

“It is a place where gifts from the Imperial Palace are collected. The precious metals seem to be kept separately, but types of furniture are gathered here.”

While explaining, Medea looked around the room.

The imperial family contracted a furniture company, so it was ridiculous to give furniture as a gift. However, there were actually many nobles who gave furniture as gifts in hopes that they would use their items.

“The Imperial Wizards have already inspected… … but I want to check it out one more time.”

“Of course, my Empress!”

Ashd’s eyes lit up and he spoke to Medea and began to examine the furniture in the room.

Hired, low-leveled wizards inspected any items that entered the palace. It was because it was something that even a low-level mage could do. It was simple to identify mana and find magic tools.

If you were an intermediate or advanced wizard, you wouldn’t be entrusted with such a task, and even someone asked them to inspect they would reject the task.

‘I’m glad you didn’t say no.’

Since the Empress requested, he couldn’t refuse, but he could have resisted and shown dislike. The current Ashd had a completely willing attitude to do anything.

Ashd’s lax attitude as he spoke to Medea was moving back and forth between furniture and miscellaneous goods with a unperturbed expression.

“Empress, may I break this piece of furniture?”

asked Ashd while standing in front of a fancy wardrobe. It adorned with jewels and gold, Medea nodded her head.

It was her gift, so it was up to her to dispose of it as she willed.

“Do that.”

As soon as permission was granted, Ashd tore off the decorative parts of the furniture.

One from the wardrobe, one in that bed, one in that cabinet, one at that desk… … . There were six parts that were collected one by one while walking around.

“That’s strange.”

Ashd said while checking the rims of the gathered metal. He hadn’t put it together yet, but he was sure that if he put it together and cast an enchantment on it a gate would open.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it, but when I assemble it, a gate will open.”

To open a portal to and from outside of the Imperial Palace. That alone meant the possibility of treason.

He had looked at things simply to win the empress’s favor, now his expression changed. It is unknown where she had felt anxiety and summoned a wizard, but the Empress’s choice was wise.

“I will have to report to his Majesty. In what form… … .”

“I will tell him.”

With Medea taking the lead, Lyle would prefer to hear it from her rather than hear it through someone else’s mouth.

And there were people who haven’t been caught yet. Because of this, a fire fell on her feet and she had no choice but to move.

She had to tell Lyle about him too.


Martha was uneasy.

Even though she wasn’t the one responsible for the magic tools carried on the furniture to the imperial court, it was unsettling that the most important part of the plot had been exposed.

There was no choice but to leave debris behind, so at the time the item was sent to the imperial court, she made sure that there was no evidence left behind. So she knew that no matter what, the investigation would not led to her, but… … she was nervous

How did you know?

How far did they notice?

Maybe they know about me too.

Even if one scheme failed, she could use another method as long as she remained in the palace. Even though she knew it, Martha was worried.

She heard the empress had called the wizard herself to inspect the imperial gifts. She couldn’t believe the Empress noticed. Wasn’t she just a husk since she got amnesia?

She remembered the Empress watching her with strange eyes. When their eyes met, she had turned her head as if in disinterest, but something caught her heart. She looked like she was watching her closely.

‘Don’t tell me—no way… … .’

Wasn’t she just an immature and powerless person after suffering from amnesia? She may have won the Emperor’s heart with her changed appearance, but she was far from scheming for power.

‘If I don’t make any sudden movements. If I continue as usual, their doubts will fade… … .’

Just because she was uncertain she could not be reckless and commit a blunder out of nerves.. If she was ever under surveillance, acting erratically would be like confessing to her masters.

Plus… … If they knew that Martha was under suspicion, they would have tried to dispose of her rather than watch her.

They had promised to protect Martha but she didn’t believe them. She was smart enough to know that it’s easier to dispose of her than to protect.

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