YMA – 131

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This was such a significant and terrifying incident that more than half of the employees and servants that worked in the palace where the princess of a neighboring country stayed ended up losing their lives.

Seira also fought for her life.

But Medea had no intention of waiting for that event to happen. When things have already happened and come to pass, it’s too late.  Medea did not want the maids and guards around her to die.

Since it seemed Medea was acting as a substitute for the royal  princess’ arc, she may not die, but many others who serve her may lose their lives.

‘Right, even if Seira’s not around… … .’

She thought it was a good time to call Sub Male Protagonist 3. This guy was weaker than Lyle and Seira, but he was useful in many ways.

“Is there a wizard named Ashd Ferguson? Could you please call that person?”


Because Luke hadn’t received a definite answer to his proposal Medea didn’t want to risk bringing in a sub-male lead. But on further thought she thought it would be okay since even if there was no male protagonist in the picture he still wouldn’t have been chosen.

Sub-Male Protagonist 2, which appears only next year, was someone that was on par to be Luke’s rival, but Sub-Male Protagonist 3 was not. Perhaps he was just thrown in to show off the power of Seira’s harem that didn’t seem complete without a wizard.

‘Besides, Seira isn’t around me right now… … .’

Before she had been hesitant because she had no clues, but now she was able to move with certainty and purpose since finding suspicious maid number 1 with the power of the main character Seira.

She can’t remember the name of the suspicious maid 1 in question, but she does remember that Sera was going out to her town and she ran into her and she found her suspect.

‘So it’s her! That must be right!’

In the meantime, Medea was thinking of a way, but she couldn’t move hastily. Even if she found the tool hidden in the palace, if the maid in question remained, the incident would eventually take place.

But she caught the culprit with completely strange logic, allowing her to deal with the magic tool in question!

“Then why me?”

Ashd Ferguson, a wizard who had been dispatched to the Imperial Palace from the Tower of Magic, entered the room with a dead face.

It must sound odd. The Empress with no connection to him  suddenly calls him.

Hearing that Ashd had come in, Medea put down her teacup and looked back at him. Although he was the son of a noble family, he had nothing to do with power.

“Welcome. Come on in, Ferger… … .”

Before he could finish his words, Ashd, who had found Medea, slumped down as if his legs had lost the strength of his legs.

“Sir Ferguson?”

Huh? What… … .

While staring at him, Ashd walked up to Medea on his knees. He crawled up to her chair and shouted while kissing the hem of her dress.

“Young lady! Please marry me!”

Oh, yeah he was like this.

The first day he met Luke he cried and lamented “Why weren’t you born a woman?” and got kicked.

‘You did what you promised.’

“If you were a woman, I would have proposed to you right on the spot,” Ashd said during his first meeting with Luke. Indeed, Medea’s face was even more beautiful than Luke’s… … .

“I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you in my life! please… … Have pity on me for being your slave… … .”

“Ahem. Lord Ferguson.”

Waving her hand to stop the coughing maid, Becca, Medea looked at Ashd with pity and explained:

“That’s difficult. If I accept your proposal, His Majesty will cut off your head.”

As she spoke with a smile, Ashd looked at Medea with a stunned look. Becca looked at Ashd with sympathy and introduced her,

“This is Empress Medea.”

Ashd was more shocked by the fact that Medea was a married woman than the fact he had been disrespectful to the Empress. and fell on his face.

“Er—ah, Empress… … . Are you saying you’re already married? … .”

As expected, she couldn’t leave Seira next to her while he’s around. We just need to deal with the magic tool and send him back.

Now, Seira wouldn’t come unless Medea had called her, but it was clear that Ashd would flirt with Seira if he found her.

‘She’s going to marry Luke and become my sister-in-law… … . The fewer disturbers, the better.’

Ashd was so shocked that he even forgot that he was in front of the imperial family, and began to cry. Such a personality was possible in a romantic fantasy novel.

“Lord Ferguson,”

Ashd looked up at her call. It wasn’t a pretty sight to see him crying with a runny nose, but she thought it would be fun to observe someone living so honestly with their feelings without a filter.

“I called you because I was told that you are competent as a wizard. Because of my position as the Empress, even if I try to get a recommendation for a wizard, I am often introduced to those with impure intentions.”

It was a world where it was acceptable that people recommended relatives and connections to attach them to the imperial family.

Ashd was a comfortable person in that respect. He was a free spirited person without desire for power and uninterested in politics.

“Praise for you came to my ears by accident… … It doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Will you help me?”

As Medea smiled as she spoke, Ashd hurriedly wiped his face, his eyes now alight. He was still on his knees,

“If you ask, I will obey anything you say!”

he shouted.

Well, first of all, she wanted him to get off his knees … .


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