YMA – 130

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Seira, who was escorted to her seat, sat across from Medea. Even when she was not wearing the uniforms of the escort knights of the Empress’s Palace, she was as beautiful as a shining star.

She was a pretty girl no matter how you looked at her, but it was strange that only she seemed to notice.

‘Is it the power of a romance novel?’

It’s like she’s defenseless.

“Is your arm okay now?”

“I was treated and I am completely fine because I had a good rest.”

“Still, don’t overdo it. I heard that you come to the imperial palace every day?”

When Medea spoke, Seira hesitated for a moment.

“Already… … there’s a rumor?”

“Sir Hestia stands out.”

Seira denied it, but Medea laughed inwardly. The setting that a woman disguised as a man would be popular was a common setting.

“Have you gotten close to Luke?”

“Ah… … .”

Seeing Seira’s momentarily bewildered expression made her tense. She heard from Luke that he had proposed to her. Even if she had rejected him right now, it wouldn’t be the end of it, but she was worried about her younger brother.

She wanted to ask, but the problem was that she couldn’t ask the maids around her. She was sure bad news would be added.

“N-now… … He’s very kind and we are doing well.”

Pleased, Milletia took in the sight of her blushing face. It wasn’t a bad reaction. At this level, it seemed that Luke would not have to worry about growing old alone.

“I will cheer for and support Sir Hestia as long as it’s good… … Tell me if there’s anything on your mind.”

If the Duke of Card was going to become a problem, she was going to help the two by any means possible.

“N-no! I’m still thinking… … . Oh, that-that… … .”

Seeing Seira bewildered, Medea nodded her head lightly. She felt reassured that the atmosphere seemed good.

“What are you thinking about?”

Even though she knew what she was worried about, she asked: In times like these, pretending not to know was helping. Then Seira’s face turned red all the way to her ears.

Seira glanced at the maids around her. It was clear that they were listening to the conversation.

“I have to tell you in a whisper… … .”

“Yes. I will allow it.”

Medea nodded, and she stood up from her seat and whispered in her ear.

“I- I got a proposal.”

“Oh, I see! Congratulations!”

At her words, she bowed her head with a look of helplessness. She was careful not to burden Seira, and inspected her expression. She seemed embarrassed, but she didn’t seem to hate it.

‘Is this a good sign?’

No matter how much you stir-fry beans, it’s oily. It was surprising that such a sudden proposal would work. She was worried he might have been kicked to the dirt. Thank god.

It was Medea who looked at Seira with a smile, but she realized that she saw someone else.

It’s his face.

Excluding Lyle, Luke was the top in the list of handsome men. In addition to that, he has a high status, has a lot of money, has a good family, and has abilities… … . He was a man who had everything a sub-protagonist should have.

Because he was the sub male protagonist.

‘After all, in the world with a face, money, and power?’

Since Lyla had no rival, Luke seemed to be the number one to Seira. It was very fortunate for Luke, but Medea’s mind was a bit complicated.

“Your Majesty, Empress.”

When refreshments arrived, the conversation was interrupted for a moment. Medea smiled softly as she watched her maids carrying sweets and cakes and pouring her tea.

Seira looked at one of her maids and gave her a strange expression.

As they retreated and exited the glasshouse, Medea watched her. Seira seemed to be deeply contemplating on something.

“What’s the matter, Sir Hestia?”

“Oh, no. Nothing, your Majesty, Empress.”

Seira dismissed it, Medea had already engraved deep in her mind the handmaiden whom Seira had been looking at. As with all novels, there was always something going on if the main character thought someone was strange or looked at it.

“Tell me, it’s alright. Did you notice my maid?”

As Medea urged, Seira spoke cautiously, as if conscious of the eyes around her.

“That… … she looks like someone I saw in town… … . That’s all.”


“Downtown? Date?”

When she asked with a twinkle in her eyes, Seira’s face turned red.


“It doesn’t look like I’m wrong?”

With a smirk, Medea questioned Seira. She said that, and in the corner of her mind, she did not forget to carve the face of her handmaiden whom she had spotted earlier.


The first conspiracy that occurred in the original story was an attempt to assassinate a distinguished guest who was staying in the Imperial Palace.

The distinguished guest was a princess from a neighboring country who had come to propose to Lyle. Seira saves her life, running to the scene.

The incident was at the princess’s drawing room. The maids and escort knights brought from neighboring countries desperately protected the princess, so she was alive until Seira came, but it was a terrifying incident in which the maids and her escort knights were almost wiped out.

‘They opened the gates to the Imperial Palace using magic tools and sent monsters… … .’

Rosemary, who had been expelled recently, was the first to lose her life in that incident. In the novel, she was the first to die, but she wasn’t really the first to die.

Anyway, this magic tool was assembled and used after entering the palace. So, it turns out that she was able to avoid the eyes of wizards entering and leaving the Imperial Palace.

This magic tool was assembled by a maid already in the palace who was then assigned to serve the princess.

‘I think the maid that Seira pointed out is probably the girl in question.’

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