YMA – 129

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“It is said that every day, he comes to the knights gym and trains. He said he was aching from boredom from trying to rest in a room. Since he was wounded, the younger Duke of Card made it hard for him to train.

“He’s passionate.”

She had tried to go down to the Card’s estate to stay with Seira, but it seemed it was for naught.

‘No way… … .’

Since the original has already started, was the original female protagonist making moves?

‘It would be nice if that was the case.’

Wouldn’t it be great if life could be so smooth?

But the main character was Seira, and Medea had not forgotten that she was only a supporting role.

‘Isn’t Lyle pushed into a supporting role because he got entangled with me?’

Or the terrifying power of the original plot comes and kills her. Making Lyle into an emperor who is grieving at the loss of the Empress and connecting him with Seira… … .

‘Stop thinking about this. I’m starting to get goosebumps.’

Lyle will be back sometime this evening. Until that time, Medea thought it would be good to be near the knights gym where Seira was.

‘If there are a lot of knights by your side, you might be able to get help when something happens.’

“Sir Hestia, is he still training now?”

When Medea asked, the maids paused and glanced at each other.

“He’s probably training, but… … Don’t tell me you’re going to see him?”

“Why? Can’t I go and have a look?”

“Uh… … .”

With an awkward smile, the maids secretly divulged the matter to her. Rumors that the emperor and Baron Hestia were in a strange rivalry over Medea was discreetly spreading.

“Eh. Really?”

Everyone is out of their minds.

“Do you believe that?”

“Rather than believing… … Baron Hestia is so handsome. How great is the grace that the Empress has bestowed upon Baron Hestia… … . perhaps… … .”

The maid could not continue her words and looked into Medea’s eyes. She laughed.

“Sir Hestia was handsome, so I helped him?”

“Rumors… … say so.”

“Is that what you want me to do?”

“The rumors are even stronger because your Majesty is secretly checking on Baron Hestia. Of course, if it enters His Majesty’s ears, those who spread the rumor will not survive.”

People here were really risking their lives. Indeed, a world without the Internet, TV, or computer games. The boredom could be so bad people were risking their lives over boring rumors.

“I can’t even manage his Majesty alone. How could I add another man?”


There was good reason for Medea to summon these maids. Although they knew a lot of rumors and information, it was because they were also the basis for the rumors about the Empress Palace.

Still, it seemed that there was still no leak on deadly information that would cause heads to fall. Like for example, Medea’s memory loss.

If the Empress’s affair became the subject, the topic was different.

“How much his Majesty loved you last night… … .”

The maids’ faces turned red as they shyly shared the banalities that melted bones and flesh. Embarrassed Medea drank tea, their bright and dazzling eyes filled with envy.

Hey guys .. hey guys. You’re envious because it’s someone else’s business, and you won’t be jealous if it’s your own business.

“I can’t be satisfied with anyone except for his Majesty… … . I don’t know what people are expecting, but I can tell you that it won’t happen.”

Medea continued her speech as she put down the mug with a graceful demeanor.

It seemed that it would be useless to try to erase her past ugliness they had seen when she was just possessed, but Medea’s authority was enormous.

Her maids nodded her head with a look of ‘Yes, yes.’ She was so exquisite they had an attitude that whatever the older sister wanted to do, she should do it all.

Well… … . A dirty world that only cares about what she looks like. Thinking of her past makes her want to cry.

“Y-your Majesty the Empress? Why all of a sudden… … .”

Medea suddenly burst into tears. The maids were in bewilderment. She lamented with tears in her eyes, using the handkerchiefs from her maids,

“Because I miss his Majesty… … . It’s been eight hours since I haven’t seen his Majesty. My eyes are going to dry out.”

After taking a long sigh, the maids remained silent.


After putting on a show, Medea told them to invite Baron Hestia to the garden of the Empress Palace. Her arm broke  that day, so it was an excuse to look at her condition and talk.

She knew the rumors about Seira and herself were bad, but she was also desperate. As if something happened… … .she didn’t have the strength to get through it.

The only people she could trust are Lyle and Seira. It was terrifying that she couldn’t stick with at least one of them all the time.

“Your Majesty, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

A rose garden in a glass greenhouse would be better than a drawing room, if a little out of the ordinary. There were many other maids besides Medea herself.

She actually thought it would be safe to invite her, since it was in public.

‘I wish Luke was in the Imperial Palace.’

Because of Luke’s personality, he wouldn’t have liked Seira training like this. Seeing that he hadn’t come along, it seemed that he didn’t know yet.

“Welcome, Sir Hestia.”

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