YMA – 128

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Seira, who had been contemplating over and over again, came up with a plan to use the gymnasium for the Imperial knights.

Some of the practice swords were used individually at their own expense, but there were other public use swords that were borrowed for shared use. Let’s go to the Imperial Palace and practice with those swords!

She dared to enter the Imperial Palace for that purpose, but she was the Empress’s escort. Saying she will train to better herself to be a more perfect escort Empress Medea—who would say anything!

‘Right! Let’s go to the Imperial Palace!’

Seira, who made up her mind, hurriedly changed her clothes.


Medea was in a bind.

Since Seira was gone, she tried to stay by Lyle’s side for a few days of her vacation, trying not to fall off, but the emperor didn’t just work at the Imperial Palace. Occasionally, there were things to do outside of the palace, and things to see.

‘Argh! What’s going to happen now?… … .’

At the behest of Medea’s request, the number of guards doubled compared to the past. The knights of the Imperial Palace were even more vigilant about their surroundings.

Even though she knew it, Medea couldn’t get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

“My Majesty, Empress. Is there anything that is making you uncomfortable?”

“Oh, no. More than that… … Did you bring what I asked for earlier?”


What Medea asked her handmaiden was a list of those who worked in the Imperial Palace. She couldn’t remember all the details of the novel, but she was wondering if seeing a name would jog her memory.

The maid handed the list to her. Medea said thank you and told her to take a break.

‘There must be a familiar name… … .So far, no. Does it mean that there will be no incidents, and it’s safe?’

Medea began examining her papers with an anxious look on her face.

The problem was that Medea had read too many romance novels. Rosemary, she happened to remember because of the famous horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby, but she couldn’t think of the rest.

She thought she’d remember the name when she saw it!

“Ugh- I don’t know who’s who!”

Main characters catch clues and uncover the culprit, but she also knew who the wrongdoer was in some conspiracy! It all happened after the incident.

Medea wanted to get things done and finished before her child was endangered.

‘Is there no way? The conspiracy, I know who it is, but once I catch it and seize him, something will come out… … .’

As of now, there would be no evidence. Could it be done without proof?

If Medea herself had been the emperor, she would have done so by making up evidence that didn’t exist, but now she is not the emperor, but the emperor’s wife. Empress.


That’s why she should have her own power, not her husband’s! She knew who the mastermind and killer was but couldn’t arrest him—!

‘Should I go to the Duke of Card’s mansion where Seira is at all with the excuse of visiting? I think it will be a hassall.. … .’

Seira was off for one month. It’s only been two weeks now. If Lyle doesn’t leave the Imperial Palace every day for a month, it might be safe if she’s careful. Maybe.

‘The conspiracy might not even be happening at the right time.’

Medea was worried and closed the Empress’s Palace personnel file. If she went to Seira’s side as a guest and left the imperial palace, where safety was strict with plentiful guards, and she was attacked it would be a major issue.

‘Things in the world don’t work out the way you want them to. Who knew Lyle would break Seira’s arm.’

With a deep sigh, Medea, pushed the papers away, called her maids. As she drank tea she was going to listen to what they had to say.

She didn’t know until they became close, but they knew quite a bit of information as they were also nobles. It seems that the maids of high-ranking aristocrats and high-ranking aristocratic maids gather together, and when they get to know each other, they leak information about the owners they serve.

The maids of the imperial family were decapitated when they leaked information about their masters, so they couldn’t give out much, but since most nobles were tied to the information of the imperial family, they seemed to be able to easily get along with the maids of any nobles. There is a lot of information to be obtained there.

What Medea was listening to these days was information about Lyle’s uncle, Rowendal.

Currently, Rowendal had been implicated in a corruption case and was exiled to the North. If the evidence had been properly caught, he would have been beheaded rather than exiled, but it had been ruled that his involvement and connection to the corruption case was ambiguous.

Even though the evidence had not been clear, Lyle was troubled since he voluntarily requested exile, saying that he was guilty of failing to properly look after the aristocrats under his command.

‘That man is a villain… … .’

It would be after the spring of next year that Rowendal would began to move in earnest. Given the time of the novel the plots would be unrelated to his uncle and that collusion was being held in a place far away from the capital.

If this villain would make any moves earlier than in the novel, it would be for one reason only, that the Empress Medea was pregnant.

Currently, Lyle had no children and no other siblings. If he died, the throne would naturally pass on to Rowendal.

However, if Lyle and Medea had a child, Rowendale would be pushed to second place.

Even if Lyle was killed, it is highly likely that the Empress Medea and her maternal grandfather, the Duke of Card, would seize power using the young child as a pretext.

‘So you’re looking at me?’

“Your Majesty, did you hear that?”


“News concerning Baron Hestia.”

Seira must have been recuperating at the ducal estate. Because she had secretly confided to Lyle, she was nervous. There was no way he would have said anything about it but she was still apprehensive.

“What? Did something happen to Sir Hestia?”

“It’s work. He commutes to and from the Imperial Palace every day these days.”

“He’s working?”

It was a body that was given a vacation by the Emperor’s order. If you go to work in the Imperial Palace, you are violating the Emperor’s orders. Besides, where did you go to work without even saying hello to your boss?

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