YMA – 127

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Lyle strode closer to Medea, who was about to read a book on the sofa placed near the Emperor’s desk.

“My Empress.”

“Yes? Ah… … .”

He lowered his head and grabbed Medea’s chin and lifted it to a kissable angle. Meeting her slightly startled look, Lyle said with a serious expression.

“Since you came in without the permission of the owner of the room, you don’t need an invitation to these lips, do you?”

It was Lyle who instructed the servants to let Miledia in as soon as she came. It was because he thought it was a waste of time to ask his permission.

“Your Majesty… … . uh… … .”

As soon as her lips opened, Lyle’s tongue rushed in. As he pushed his lips and kissed her lewdly, Medea dropped a book and stumbled.

Lyle was holding only her chin, but his entire body was leaning over her as if he was about to attack Medea.

“Haa… … . Millie… … .”

Raising his head, his red eyes were blazing with passion.

Medea realized that something was wrong with her plan, but she was already too late. Her emperor seemed to always be in heat around her.


Flip… … .flipping… … .

The sound of flipping paper and rolling it seemed to come from afar.

Realizing she was on something quite hard beyond her dim consciousness, Medea rubbed his head against it. It was different from the soft feel of the pillow she usually felt.

“Hmm… … . Millie, are you doing this because you want to do it one more time?”

She was dazzled by those words. She hurriedly tried to get her body up, but an affectionate hand held her head down to prevent her from getting up.

“It’s all right, sleep more. They say that when you are pregnant, you sleep more. Even if you take a nap, you need to sleep a lot, you don’t get enough sleep at night.”

Her face flushed as Lyle spoke with a smile in his voice. That’s right, but who’s tormenting me so that I have to take a nap!

“Are you still working?”

“Today’s work is over, but I can’t get up because my lovely empress is sleeping sweetly.”

So he was processing tomorrow’s paperwork in advance.

After finishing everything he was looking at, Lyle set aside the documents he was holding and kissed Miledia’s forehead.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes… … .”

She slept surprisingly well for a pillow that was hard. She wasn’t originally that tired… … His Majesty made her tired

As if she wanted to get up, and Lyle helped her up. Then he sat close to Medea and made her lean on him.

When he was with her in the flesh like this, he thought it was ridiculous to suspect that Medea favored Baron Hestia. She was so  candid and honest that he wondered if he was holding onto an unwarranted anxiety… … .



There was something sweet in her gaze as well. Lyle sighed, feeling the happiness in those eyes. He grabbed her little hand completely wrapped in his palm.

“Well… … What did you mean by Baron Hestia being the main character?”

“Uh, it’s like the hero of an adventure story. The lord of a small estate comes to the capital to escape his uncle’s plots and conspiracies to target the estate and become a knight.”


Lyle was stunned when Miledia unraveled the excuses she had worked so hard to come up with while he had been gone.

“Adventure story?”


Lyle, who had been only diligently scouring romances, was momentarily despondent.

Adventure … … . She means adventure?

But he remembered that she had very few novels of that genre on her loan list.

‘I don’t think there was an adventure novel?’

Although Lyle seldom read regular novels, he knew the content of one of the few adventure novels Medea had borrowed. It was so famous that he didn’t even read it.

None of the novels, which Medea had borrowed, reminded him of Baron Hestia. But Baron Hestia’s story resembling a novel… … It seemed like it could be argued.

Lyle looked at Medea with a worried expression.

“Then… … What about me? What kind of person am I to the Empress?”

Miledia laughed out loud.

“You’re my male lead.”

Even though he knew he was being transparent, in response to the desired answer Lyle poured her kisses on her.


‘How are you, my Empress?’

On the fourth day of her holiday, Seira was sore and bored. That’s because she never missed training for more than a day, even if something happened.

She wanted to wield her sword. She wanted to swing her sword. Cutting and stabbing… … Guess she would have to run in the gym!

Since she wasn’t using her arm, it seemed that running would be fine, but Luke was adamantly that she could not.

‘Even if the bones were reattached by divine magic, they would still be weak. You need to be careful.’

She was free because she was going out and nobody could meddle. But if she started to train, people appeared like ghosts and stopped her saying that the young master would kill them if she didn’t stop.

Saira reluctantly gave up her training, but was nervous.

She had already beheld Lyle’s higher skills. She knew she could climb higher and wanted to face him again so it tormented her to rest.

‘What if I secretly took a sword and went out to the outskirts of the capital to train… … .I guess I’ll have to borrow a horse for that… … .’

In addition, she had a feeling that she was going to be discovered as soon as she was carrying a sword.

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