YMA – 126

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After Seira took a month’s leave to recover, Medea had been restless and on edge. She couldn’t deny her vacation without a good reason!

‘Why did Lyle break her arm!’

Although divine magic had restored her arm, it was the doctor’s orders that said she had to rest her body and she should take a vacation. She couldn’t help it, she was worried.

‘What if something happens while Seira is gone?’

Medea anxiously stroked her belly. She wouldn’t have been so anxious if she had only to worry about herself. Being with child and having a mother’s heart, she seemed three times more nervous.

Why not double? It doubled because she had a mother’s heart, and tripled because of her hormonal imbalance.

‘I shouldn’t do this… … Should I stay with Lyle until Seira returns?’

Lyle was the strongest man in the world. Even putting aside the basic setting of being an emperor, he also had the nonsensical stats of being the best swordsman on the continent.

Although there is no realistic setting, Seira could not defeat Lyle until the end of the novel. Because it ended with the content of the two becoming stronger and equals.

‘Right! As long as Lyle is by my side, my life will be spared! Even without the help of the main character, Lyle is set to be the strongest in the world!’

Fortunately, the current Lyle did not dislike Medea’s visit. He was rather welcoming.

“… … Her Majesty the Empress?”

Medea, who had been lounging in her bed, got up hastily, and her maids froze at her side. She got up in a hurry and even rolled off the bed.

‘Yes, I guess it’s like the former Medea.’

She had been told that there were many times when she fell down because she fasted too much.

“I must go to His Majesty.”


‘I can’t find anything in common between these male protagonists.’

At best, they seemed obsessed with the woman who was the main character. The various propensities of the male leads was so erratic that it was impossible to draw a correlation.

The only comforting thing was that there were only two types that reminded him of Baron Hestia.

‘What the hell was she referring to?’

Some tried to manipulate the female heroine, some were swayed by the female heroine, and there was a type that behaved like a puppy and clung around.

‘Does that mean Medea doesn’t have a type?’

“Your Majesty, her Imperial Majesty the Empress has arrived.”

Lyle was startled by the words of the servant. He tried to hide the romance novel he was reading in panicked embarrassment, but he couldn’t hide more than a hundred books.

Lyle hid the book she was reading amidst the pile of books, and welcomed Medea’s arrival with a nonchalant manner.

“Your majesty.”

With just one of her smiles, more than half of his cold aura induced by Sid’s remarks had melted away.


Lyle sighed inwardly. Really, now, he knew he couldn’t help it any longer. He was completely helpless against Medea.

“You’re busy. Am I interrupting you?”

Medea asked, as she eyed the pile of books. She didn’t seem to catch on to what sort of books they were.

“No… … .”

He quickly got up from the desk before she noticed, but Medea approached first.

“Wow. Is this a love novel? Your Majesty, this… … .”


As she approached with a smile, her expression slowly changed into a question. There are quite a few books, but all of them seemed to be the ones she had read?

Raising her head to look at Lyle, he averted his eyes with her face that seemed to pierce his corners.

Why are you looking at all of these? It doesn’t matter if you look at it, but… … .

‘Am I in a situation where I should be horrified right now?’

It’s best to ask when you’re not sure.

“Your Majesty, are all of these books I have borrowed?”

When Medea asked, Lyle’s face began to turn red in embarrassment. [t1v: omg I squealed—how cuteee] It surprised her to see that His Majesty could make such an expression.

‘Maybe it’s okay since I can see you’re shy… … .’

The most menacing situation would be if he hadn’t known it was embarrassing.


Covering the pile of books with his body, Lyle denied it for now. Because he couldn’t think of any other way than to deny it.

“Aren’t you a bit too self-conscious? So many books… … Do I have no other reason to have them just because the Empress borrowed it?”

“Then why did you borrow all those books?”

At Medea’s question, Lyle came to use his good mind as an excuse.

“… … The Empress seemed to like romance novels, so after checking the contents, I thought of presenting them to you. But it’s no use saying since you’ve read them all.”

The books here were not borrowed from the imperial library, but were purchased new after receiving a list. So Lyle wouldn’t be caught. The Director Librarian knew better to keep his mouth shut.

“Did you mean to give them all as gifts?”

“Haven’t you been bored lately?”

It was true that she became bored because her actions were restricted because she was pregnant.

‘I don’t think he’s telling the truth… … .’

Medea glanced at Lyle suspiciously, but there was nothing to point out.

Lyle quickly changed the subject.

“But what happened that brought you to my office?”

“I missed you, your Majesty.”

Lyle was speechless for a moment at the blunt remark. He felt her face heat up for a different reason than before, and looked at Medea, who was approaching him.

“I wanted to stay with you until your work is done. May I?”

“That… … .”

His heart was beating so fast that he had to swallow before he could answer.


Medea grinned and walked past Lyle to the pile of books. She asked him as she looked through the stack of books.

“Can I read while I wait… … ?”

“Do as you please.”

When Lyle answered, she quickly picked up a book and settled down. He quickly looked at the title and saw that the Duke was the male lead.

‘Is that better?’

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