YMA – 124

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“You can’t lean on me. The child will be pressed.”

“I know. I never heavily leaned on you.”

Lyle always moved, aware he was taller and bigger than her. He was so careful, she could feel it in the arm that softly embraced her.

Medea giggled.

“Your Majesty will be a good father.”

“I wish I could be a good husband too.”

She wanted to tell him that he was already, but it seemed like the night would be more arduous if she did. Medea replaced her reply by kissing him cheek and lips.

Lyle stared at her with curious eyes.

“What do I have to do to be a good husband?”

“If you cut it down to four times a day… … ?”

Lyle averted his eyes, as if he wasn’t sure he could.

“Isn’t four times too few?”

When Medea got angry she glared at him in resentment.

It sounded like something that Medea could do because she wasn’t in his shoes. Just looking at his woman he was overwhelmed with the urge to bite, suck and lick her.

That Medea was now carrying his child made him even more lustful— how could he leave her alone? He was holding back with a lot of patience even now!

“I’m really doing my best,”

Lyle confessed seriously. Medea was speechless.

Are you serious?

‘Really… … With the effect of a romance fantasy novel, the child enters gently and endures.’

Not that it wasn’t, but Medea was seeing the effect. She didn’t think there’s anyone in the world who has such a gentle pregnancy.

She was also a little more sleepy than usual, and her feet didn’t swell yet, and her taste was still intact. It’s good that her menstruation is gone, except that there is no pain in her stomach and there are some emotional ups and downs… … She had finished her words.

“Is there any other way?”

“Then… … Haven’t you caught Lord Hestia’s uncle who was aiming for him yet?”

“Again, Baron Hestia,”

Lyle remarked sullenly, his face gruff, displeased. Medea held back a smile with a twitching frown.

“Because he might be my brother’s lover.”

“Are they lovers….? … .”

Lyle muttered, as if he couldn’t even imagine it.

Medea suddenly wondered what impression Lyle had of Luke.

“I remember very little about my brother… … What is Luke like?”

“Well, we haven’t interacted closely either.. … .”

The fact that he was the heir of the Duke of Card made him a ‘close enemy,’ but apart from that Lyle didn’t know anything about Luke.

Until a year ago, Luke had been occupied training as a knight and taking successor classes outside the capital. Even before his  knighthood, Lyle was so busy that he didn’t have a chance to get to know Luke.

“… … According to what is known in the social world, he is a polite and steady young man.”

“Is that so?”

Medea also knew a little about Luke, but she only knew about him from the novel.

She suddenly turned and watched Lyle’s face, looking nervous.

“What’s troubling, my Empress?”

“Then… … then, what do you think of Baron Hestia?”

When asked, his eyes narrowed as she looked at Medea.

“Are you asking my personal opinion concerning Baron Hestia now?”


Medea nodded with a tense look on her face.

Lyle thought for a moment before opening his mouth.

“An inexperienced kid who is diligent and is skilled.”

‘That’s all?’

He seemed to only see him as a knight.

He quietly gazed at Medea.

“Then what about the Empress?”


“What does the Empress think of Sir Hestia?”

At Lyle’s question, she thought of Seira with bright green eyes and blonde hair like bright sunlight.

“The main… … .”


Medea almost inadvertently said ‘the main character,’ bit her mouth quickly. Lyle’s red eyes gleamed coolly.

“What do you mean? Why did you stop?”

“It—it’s like the protagonist of a romance novel… … .”


Lyle knew she read romance novels frequently. His instantaneous judgment led to speculation that Medea might see herself as the female protagonist of a romance novel and Baron Hestia as her male protagonist—and his blood pressure rose.

Don’t tell me you like that kid?

Seeing Lyle’s face grow red with anger, Medea realized that she had made some dangerous remarks, and she desperately made excuses.

“In a B—BL novel! The main character of a BL. … !”

“What is a BL novel?”

“Boys Love… … .”


“A-a story of men dating each other… … .”

said Medea, avoiding his eyes.

Dumbfounded, Lyle looked up at the shy Medea and jumped up. Then he immediately summoned the attendant to search the books of the imperial library.

Medea was deeply frustrated with her intuition that all of the BL novels hidden in her library would disappear.

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