YMA – 123

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“It’s completely broken,”

noted a high-ranking healing priest summoned by the royal court attendant as he looked at Seira’s arm.

Seira watched the divine magic cast on the spot with curiosity. It was the first time she received treatment from a high priest because one had to donate a large amount of money to summon a higher priest from the temple.

Regardless, no high-ranking priest dwelled in the temple on the Hestia’s estate anyway.

“It’s done. Try moving your arms. Do you feel any pain?”

“Uh… … . Not at all.”

The black bruises disappeared in an instant. She seemed to have forgotten the fact that he had broken her arm, let alone have pain.

“Even if it looks fine on the outside, there are limits to the treatment with divine power. Refrain from using your arms for a few days and pay attention to your nutrition.”

“I understand. Thank you, priest.”

“It was nothing. Thank the goddess for her grace.”

“Oh, yes. Thank the grace of the Goddess.”

Seira recalled the goddess they worshiped, and hurriedly used the priest’s greeting.

The priest withdrew with a satisfied face, and Gerrard looked at Seira.

“Are you sure you are alright?”


“Well… … . It’s rare for his Majesty’s sparring partner to get hurt.”

That said, Seira was so strong that he couldn’t control his power. Instead of answering, she smiled softly.

“Sir Hestia!”

The door swung open and Luke rushed in. Seira was surprised to see his well-groomed forehead wet with sweat.

“Young Duke? Why are you here… … .”

“You are hurt… … . I heard that the lord was injured… … .”

Considering rank, it was strange that Luke was speaking respectfully to Baron Hestia. Because Luke Card was also a Count.

“It’s just practice. Everything is fine because a high priest healed me,”

Seira responded, sounding brave, but Luke’s heart was not at ease. Gerrard looked at Luke as if it this was nothing to fret.

“Did you come to the Imperial Palace for this?”

They didn’t outright say the word “just,” but it was an unnatural situation. The imperial palace is not a place where you can go in and out at will like any tea house.

Truly, the young duke of the Card family, with its immense power, could go to and from the Imperial Palace at will. Would he enter the Imperial Palace for something like this?

“… … I had some administrative work to finish,”

Luke claimed, but in Gerrard’s eyes, it was only an excuse.

Since he didn’t have to convince or make excuses to Gerrard anyway, Luke turned his gaze to Seira.

“You two seem to have become very close in a short time.”

Gerrard patted Seira on the back with a grin, impressed by their friendship. It was a face that did not think that Luke was by Seira’s side with an impure heart.

“His Majesty said you could go home early, so you can take him home.”

He knew that Gerrard was Seira’s benefactor, so he held his tongue, but from the moment Gerrad touched Seira on the shoulder, Luke was vexed.

As Gerrard left the room with a big smile, Luke glanced at the closed door and walked over to Seira.

“Are you really okay?”

“It’s not the first time I’ve had an injury like this.”

“still… … .”

He knew it couldn’t be helped because she’s the one holding the sword, but even so, it was heartbreaking to see her hurt.

Luke took a deep breath and hugged Seira. Her face lit up in an instant.

“Y-y-y-young duke!”


“T-this is the Imperial Palace… … . I… … .”

“I won’t do anything more than a hug,”

At his words Seira in his arms jumped. Luke couldn’t help but smirk.

He loosened his arms a little to look at Seira’s face. Her pupils were trembling.

‘Seeing that expression makes me want to kiss you.’

Luke grinned bitterly, loosened his arms and clasped her hands. As he pulled her closer and kissed her fingertips, she shyly bowed her head.



“The lady is a knight… … I know you can’t avoid getting hurt. Still… … Please be more careful.”

“I can’t help but get hurt, but I will be careful.”

A master like his Majesty is rare, Seira thought, so with her eyes shining, she promised herself that she would improve her skills.

“Since you can leave work early… … Shall we go on a date? I know you haven’t seen the capital properly yet. Don’t you practice every day? … .”

“Uh, but… … I train on days when I am not working.”

“Even on the day you got injured?”

Luke was smiling brightly, but his eyes looked angry, Seira quickly curled up her tail.

“Oh, I was going to rest today! The priest also told me to rest…too … . yes… … .”

“Let’s go out then. There’s a lot I want to show the lady… … There are many things I want to buy for you.”

At Luke’s kind words, Seira nodded, curious.


By the time Medea came to her senses, she had already been transferred to the Empress’s Palace. She found her husband lying next to her, checked her outfit, changed into her dressing gown, and sighed deeply.

“Are you awake?”

Lyle gently stroked her cheek in the palm of his hand as if pampering her.

“You make me tired every day… … .”

“I apologize.”

Smiling, Lyle kissed her forehead. Medea glared at him with a sleepy face.

“What’s the use of apologizing if you’re not going to fix it?”

“Hmm- If I fix it, won’t the Empress be in trouble too?”

He kissed her lips, his voice mischievous. Medea hugged his neck in a kiss that sweetly entwined and entangled their tongues.

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