YMA – 122

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He wetted his fingers with her love liquid as he admired Medea’s moans. Then he pulled them out and poked it in her arsehole.

He put one in at first and then pushed in the second.

“Ah… … .”

After all, it was not easy to get used to, so Medea looked uncomfortable. If her sensitive body even with the potion was having a hard time, maybe she wouldn’t have been aroused from it without the aphrodisiac.

‘However… … .’

As the inside of her ass started to stretch and respond to his stirrings he buried his face again in Medea’s pussy. She trembled as he dug deep into her wet flesh with his tongue.

“Ugh… … . Ah… … .”

Heat pooled in her lower abdomen at his warm and soft touch. Lyle felt a growing desire and frantically moved his tongue.

Hurry… … he wanted to thrust into her. It seemed unbearable unless he was able to put his cock in her front and back entrances, and watch her groan in pleasure.


Some say they get tired of being with one person and think of other women, but Lyle has never done that. After he poured out his desires every time, he only thought about embracing Medea again.

“Ugh, ah! Your majesty… … . too fast… … . ah! ahm… … .”

Medea’s body quivered beautifully as his fingers stretched her hole between her buttocks. Lyle made sure her insides were loose enough, and with the other hand took a bottle of lube from his pocket.

His heart was pounding. He pulled out his sex organ, opened the bottle of balm, and applied it to his cock.

“Heh, ah… … .”

Seeing Medea moan and shudder as if she were about to orgasm he slowly pulled out his fingers.

When he pushed his lube-soaked penis between her ass cheeks he was able to insert it with more ease than the first time as she was getting used to it.

“Ohhhh… … . Ugh… … .”

Medea gulped as she felt the insides of her ass widen. It was tough for her every time she accepted it, perhaps because it had only been a few days. Fortunately, her body was highly aroused, sensitive from the aphrodisiac so she was able to accept him with relative ease.

As he passed through her pressure sensitive entrance, Medea’s face grew hazy from the strange feeling of it slipping in with balm. After all, it felt so strange to enter her from the back.

“Huh… … .”

“Millie… … . More, uh… … .”

Feeling good, Lyle’s waist began to slow, his expression blurring. Medea moaned and felt his penis stroke the inside of her ass.

“Ugh… … . ahh… … .”

The two legs wide apart swayed slowly in accordance with Lyle’s motions.

When she realized how obscene it was for her to be naked with only bright red shoes, she reached out to take off his shoes.

Perhaps Lyle was feeling it too, he took her hand.

“It looks good on you.”

“Ha, but… … . Ah!”

Medea’s body jerked at his suddenly speedy thrusts. Lyle her other hand, pressing it against the back of the sofa.

“Oh, hic— ah!”

“Ha… … . Millie… … . gr, uh… … .”

The first one was rather quick. On purpose, Lyle smirked, pulled out his cock then sat down on the sofa and put Medea on his lap.


The second insertion followed, and it went deeper than the first. Lyle skillfully placed her legs on his lap and reached to her trembling vagina.

“W-wait! Ah!”

His fingers dug into her twitching flesh and began to tease her clit. As one hand teased her entrance soaked in bodily fluid, Medea twirled her hips.

“I was letting you off easy at first, but… … this isn’t your first time, is it?”

I’ll make you feel like you’re going to go crazy with pleasure.

Medea’s vision flashed white at the subsequent stroke of his waist.


“Huh… … . uh, no… … . ah… … . stop… … .”

Lyle chuckled in satisfaction as he lapped up her trembling nape with his tongue. Perhaps it was stimulation of that plus his freshly ejaculated semen poured and spurted out, that Medea trembled with another orgasm.

“You’re so adorable. Don’t you know I am not satisfied yet?”

“Ahh, ah … .”

As Lyle massaged her ass with a solemn face, her hole ozzed and leaked a bit of his semen. Medea couldn’t even be ashamed of the sound of lewd fluids pouring out.

“Ohhh… … . ha… … .”

“You get so aroused here too.”

Medea moaned and twisted her body as he pinched her pointed nipples. Her body was completely aroused, reacting no matter where Lyle touched.

“Ha… … . I love you, Millie… … .”

“Ah, ah!”

Medea felt dizzy as she swayed on his lap as his thrusts grew stronger. Because of her pregnancy, it had been a really long time since she had been embraced like this.

‘… … Even after the ninth week has passed, I want to do it again.’

He wondered if she would allow him if she made her feel so good like this, but Medea was surprisingly stubborn about sex. She must have been much more sensitive and sensible than he was, and had a lot of pleasure, but she seldom asked for sex unless Lyle asked for it fist.

Lyle, who had no clue that it was because he was doing it more than necessary, spurred frantic thrusts with a troubled expression.

“Oh, oh, oh! Ahh!”

Soon, his thoughts flew away, and an intense pleasure engraved itself in Lyle’s skin as he basked in the afterglow.

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