YMA – 121

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“It’s not a matter in which I need to meddle in. It’s the Duke of Card’s problem. But they have to plan for the succession of the dukedom.”

If Luke, Duke and brother-in-law of the emperor, was known as a homosexual, he could also harm the prestige of the imperial family. The Duke of Card would mobilize all the powers in his grasp but would it stop rumors from spreading?

Whatever the feelings between Luke Card and Ian Hestia it would be difficult for the relationship to last. If they were lucky, Baron Hestia would return to his estate alive, and if he was unlucky, he would be murdered by an assassin hired by the Duke of Card.

Either way, the Duke Card’s reputation would be damaged. In the latter case, it was possible to capture evidence and weaken his power.

‘I don’t mind if some imperial prestige is tarnished.’

The question was how Medea would take it.

In the past, Medea would have jumped to join forces with the Duke of Card to attack Baron Hestia.

“… … Are you really not going to oppose Baron Hestia?”

“Do you want me to object?”

“I’m asking the will of my Empress. Is it really okay for the ducal heir to date a man?”

“If only he can handle it and take responsibility … … . yes.”

Medea thought so even if Seira was a real man.

She had lost her younger brother in an accident a long time ago. If he was still alive and happened to like men she would welcome him regardless. If only he were alive.

“I want him to be happy.”

It was Medea’s honest feelings. She happened to gain a brother now by possessing Medea so as she thought of her late brother, she hoped that he would be happier.

“… … .”

It would not be easy for Luke Francis Card, the successor of the Duke of the Card house, to be happy. Especially since he’s a gloomy fellow.

“I won’t assist the Empress in this matter. But… … I promise you I won’t hinder you either.”

“That is plenty enough for me, your Majesty,”

Medea said, relieved.

Now, the Emperor was very, very, very—slightly—sorry that he broke Baron Hestia’s arm when he thought of him being targeted by the Duke.

“By the way—”

Lyle whispered sullenly as he pulled the arm that was wrapped around Medea’s waist.

“You knew Baron Hestia was gay, but you kept it a secret from me? Did you enjoy my foolishness for being jealous of him?”

As he said that, Lyle began untying the knot on her dress. She was flustered as the knot on her back was untied and the dress loosened.

“Hey, w-what did I do? Your Majesty does as you please… … . Hiccup!”

The dress was pulled down and fell at her feet. She wasn’t wearing a corset because she was pregnant.

With a skillful touch he unbuttoned her brassier and reached out to the ribbon of her petticoat.

“Ah! No! Why is it that there’s always an excuse to take off my clothes! Not everything has to be about sex!”

Medea turned around, slapped his hand trying to untie the ribbon of her petticoat. Lyle’s mouth became dry at the sight of her only wearing her petticoat as she covered her breasts with one arm.

“Not at all. She is a heartless wife who doesn’t care to understand the feelings of her husband who can’t hold her enough.”

He smirked as he took a step towards her and she stepped back. Medea blushed as she glared at him.

“So—I can’t because I’m pregnant!”

“That’s why I’ll only do it from behind.”

As he proclaimed that, Lyle hurriedly pulled down her petticoat. The soft cloth fell to her feet and the only thing she donned was her shoes and panties.

“Y-you’re going to do it again at night… … . no… … .”

She twisted her waist and grabbed Lyle’s hand as he stroked her over her underwear. Her underwear quickly got wet as his fingertips flirted with her sensitive areas.

“Ah, ah… … . your Majesty… … .”

“It’s amazing how your body is able to feel good no matter where. I never knew you’d like it so much from the behind too… … .”

Squeezing between her ass cheeks, he pulled down her panties.

A piece of fabric made of thin lace was torn by Lyle’s hasty hand. Medea looked at the ruined underwear in his hand in bewilderment.

“Y-Your Majesty!”

“The maids will deliver new clothes anyway.”

Lyle went to the sofa as he led Medea, who was not sure what to do. He put her on the sofa, spread her legs, and knelt at the feet of the sofa.

“Ah… … . Yes… … .”

Lyle’s lips were covered with her wetness and his tongue moved lustfully. He had already found out how she liked to be licked so left trying to hold her lips shut with her hands.


“No! Don’t go there!”

She had noticed that his lips as he was caressing her secret slit started to travel down between her buttocks. Medea looked terrified as Lyle looked into her eyes not knowing what was the problem.

“It feels good.”

“I don’t want to! Please, Your Majesty… … .”

Medea shook her head with tears in her eyes, as Lyle licked his lips and pondered.

It was tempting to torment Medea who was crying, but he had a feeling that if he licked her there he wouldn’t be able to even set foot in the Empress’s Palace tonight.

“Fine. Instead, I’ll hold you until I’m satisfied. Will you allow it?”

“Uh… … . yes.”

Medea nodded, her peach-colored cheeks blooming with heat.

With the go-ahead Lyle stirred his two fingers through her soaking wet slit.

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