YMA – 120

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With a brief scream, Seira stepped back. Lyle hadn’t even planned to go that far either. While everyone held their breath, her maids supported Medea, who had gone pale.

Gerrard and one of the other knights commanders approached and examined Seira’s arm. He smiled bitterly and looked at the emperor.

“It appears to be broken.”


Kicking his tongue, Lyle turned to Sid. He made eye contact with Medea, but as she fiercely glared with an absurd look, he swallowed his breath for a moment.


Medea’s eyes were talking: I’ll see you later.

Lyle felt a cold sweat that did not flow even during the duel and turned to Sid.

“Call the imperial doctors and high-ranking priests. Because it’s my fault, I’ll give Lord Hestia a break from work for a while.”

Since it was a fantasy world, even a broken bone could be healed quickly by calling a priest.

“I am apologetic.”

When Lyle came over and apologized, Seira shook his head in spite of the pain.

“No. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to face your sword.”

Lyle felt a slightly sorry for the sincere answer, but the core resentment he had against Baron Hestia was still unresolved.

Medea had even watched his duals with such focus. She had never showed him that kind of expression.

Lyle asked Gerrard to take care of Baron Hestia and entrusted him with the sword. Then he left the gym and returned to the Empress’s side… … Medea was staring at Lyle with a face that had a lot to say.

“Do you want to talk to me, your Majesty?”

He was also hoping for something.


“Is the Empress blaming me for the injuries that occurred during a legitimate and fair duel?”

Leaving from the training ground of the knights with the gymnasium, Lyle and Medea were guided to a room where they entered the nearest palace, the Hundred Palace.

The Hundred Palace was a place given to the eldest of the emperor’s children. When they became the Crown Prince, they were transferred to another palace.

The Hundred Palace was empty because the Imperial couple had no children yet.

As they entered the thick carpeted living room, Lyle and Medea told the servants and maids who were following them to retreat. Lyle’s aid, Sid, had already returned to the main palace with the other servants.

Seeing Lyle showing her blatant dissatisfaction, Medea looked at her with criticism.

“Did you really break his arm by mistake?”

“… … .”

It was not without self-interest. Lyle regretted having Baron Hestia attached to Medea’s side.

“Well, what are you going to do if that’s the case?”

Medea’s eyes narrowed.

“Since this incident has proven Sir Hestia’s skills, we should keep him closer. Your Majesty seems to have no objection to having him by my side… … When I go out, he must always accompany me.”

“That… … !”

He was furious for a moment, but it was difficult to say that he was just jealous as before. At the time, he was just blatantly disliked, but now he had broken his arm… … .

He felt like a foolish emperor who broke his servant’s arm out of jealousy.

“Empress, are you really going to come out like this?”

“Your Majesty, stop worrying about Sir Hestia. There’s no way I’m interested in anyone other than His Majesty.”

“Then why are you fighting me for Baron Hestia? You have already shown enough compassion!”

Lyle said as he came closer and hugged her waist. The red eyes looking into Medea’s blue eyes were blazing as if demanding her to the truth.

“It’s because… … [he’s] Luke’s favorite person!”

She couldn’t even tell him that she was a woman, in response Lyle snorted.

“Are you telling me to believe that? Even if you lie… … .”

“Even if you don’t believe it, it’s true.”

He was confused as her serene expression seemed to be telling the truth. It was hard to imagine that the Duke of Card’s successor liked men.

“Do not lie.”

“When you see the two of them together, your Majesty will know.”

“… … .”

Lyle stared at her face as if measuring her. He still didn’t believe it, but he felt much better than before.

“Did you make him an escort with the intention of breaking them up?”

“I don’t object to their relationship.”

Her was startled by her words.

“You’re not against it?”

“I don’t know if it’s Luke’s unrequited love, but Hestia doesn’t seem to unshaken… … .”

“Millie. If Duke Card finds out, he will be turned everything over. He might try to kill Baron Hestia.”

“Then we have to keep it a secret until Sir Hestia makes a contribution.”

No matter how great the contribution Baron Hestia made and outstanding acclaids he garnered, it was unlikely that the Duke of Card would keep him alive if he found out. Lyle had a headache.

“If you’re a member of the Imperial Knights it’s already hard to get a chance to distinguish yourself. Besides, Baron Hestia is your escort knight.”

“I’ll think about it later.”

He stared at Medea’s serious mood. He thought she’d be less trouble than before… … .

“My Empress seems to be looking for trouble.”

“You are not going to interfere with Luke and Sir Hestia, are you?”

she asked, looking at Lyle with a serious expression.

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