YMA – 118

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Gerrard looked at Seira, explaining the lack of bodies representing the 2nd Order, so he wanted Seira to fight in their stead.

Seeing Gerrard’s confident expression, Medea was assured that this would help Seira.

The Empress had appointed her before she could take the knights’ exam, so many knights were probably dissatisfied with her orders.

“Sir Hestia. How about it?”

“I… … I would like to, if the Empress allows it.”

She wanted to prove herself; she was not unaware of the dissatisfied gazes of her colleagues.

Seira and Lyle were the best swordmasters in the novel. Although the book had never confirmed whether Seira or Lyle was more skilled, Medea speculated Seira must be at least stronger than the knights gathered here.

But that had been… … . towards the end of the novel.

Now Seira was probably still progressing with her skills.

‘This may be an important event for Seira’s growth. Since she became apart of my guard she was not able to join the Imperial Knights.’

“Good. Then, show us your skills, Sir Hestia.”

With Medea’s permission, she took off the robe and sword she had been wearing with a comrade and went out to the arena. Her maids exclaimed that her back was enough to fall in love with.

‘Ugh, I think all the other knights in the tournament now hate me.’

However, it was a one-on-one match. So even if they were all against Seira, they wouldn’t be able to commit cowardly tricks.

She took the practice sword Gerrard gave her and went to take a seat where the 2nd Knights gathered and settled down.

Two people from different orders came out to the center of the gym and started to fight. The dust of the gymnasium flew, and the sound of weapons clashing resounded sharply.

Unable to follow the movement of the swords with their eyes, Medea could only watch, holding their breath.

‘Is this why gladiator fights were so popular in Roman times?’

The tournament wasn’t as brutal or as absurd as the matches in the Colosseum, but it was thrilling enough.

Even though there were only fake swords, there were bursts of exclamations. Then, at the sound of the admiring maids, the fighters’ enthusiasm was heightened, and a winner was finally determined.

“Oh Sir Hestia is up next!”

One of the maids next to Medea whispered in a low voice for the other maid to ‘get out of the way.’ The other escort knights guarding Medea watched the arena with great interest and a careful eye.

‘I really hope she wins … .’

It wasn’t the second half of the novel, where Seira was enhanced through all sorts of events, so her heart was anxious. Even so, Medea told herself she wouldn’t be weak; she must have trained with the other guards.


The blades of the swords collided against each other, and sharp, shrill sounds rang out. Because Seira had a slender frame, her opponent, a huge knight, thought he could run into her, thinking she would have no strength.

The issue was that the author had fantasies about a heroine with superpowers. Seira’s powers were set in a nonsensical way. There was even an episode where she wielded a 3-meter long sword with one hand and destroyed demons.

The plot had changed a lot, so Medea had no idea what would happen in the future, but she didn’t think she would falter for such a tactic.


At Seira’s appearance, without the slightest sign of tilting against the massive knight, not only the maids but also the knights exclaimed.

Medea, who was watching, had a subtle feeling.

‘If she was so skilled in the first place… … Shouldn’t she have been able to save Ian without support from Lyle’s knights?’

She realized that the author’s writing of the protagonist was a mess but felt fortunate that Ian was alive. If she had cultivated such formidable power, she would have been riddled with guilt and regret, thinking she could have saved her brother if she had developed her skills earlier.

“Oh my god!”

With Seira’s kick, the enormous knight flew out of the line of the fight ring. An eerie silence settled over the knights at the sight of the massive man vomiting out gastric juice because he had been squarely kicked in the stomach.

“Sir Hestia wins!”

The maids cheered quietly because Medea was with them. Behind the maids clasping their hands and stamping their feet with joy, the escort knights also looked surprised. In particular, Alex had a strange expression that seemed to be bewildered, embarrassed, and relieved.

‘That’s the main character’s buff.’

Some of the knights who had looked at Seira with skepticism before now began to look at her with eyes of surprise and wonder.

Seira had earned that same reaction during the knight’s test in the novel, but that had been circumvented. Now she was proving herself among the elite and not some examees…

‘I don’t know if she will be able to become the final winner.’

During the knights’ exam, she had dueled with aspiring knights, but these were full-fledged knights with years of training and experience. There was a vast difference in skill… … .

“Sir Hestia wins!”

‘… … The main character’s buff is stronger.’

Medea sent her sympathetic regards to the losing knight who was taken out of the gym on a stretcher.

Seira was steadily knocking out her opponents. Even though she wasn’t really a member of the 2nd Order, they heartily cheered for her as if she were their own.

Without realizing it, the maids squealed and also started to raise their voices. They closed their mouths in embarrassment when they caught Medea’s gaze. She cautioned them but was delighted as well.

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