YMA – 117

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When Medea went out with her maids, the knights who chaperoned her followed.

They didn’t have to ask where they were heading because the maids had already informed the guards where they were going.

Because Media had so regularly and often gone out to the garden, her escorts were internally reluctant.

‘I’m bored.’

They say that no matter how beautiful a flower is, you will tire of looking at it for 12 days. She started to get tired of the large and splendid gardens of the Imperial Palace after several weeks.

‘I am not an avid flower lover in the first place.’

What Medea loved was her romance novels, but reading them wouldn’t make her gain muscle.

‘You will burn calories at a rate similar to breathing alone.’

Medea sighed as she observed the flowers, dreadfully bored. Her exclusive maids were ordering the other attendants. Soon a table and chair were placed in the garden, complete with refreshments.

Medea sat in her chair and ate the sweets while her maids served her.

‘Power is the best… … .’

Even in the Middle Ages, where yoga videos were absent, let alone a yoga instructor, at least the taste of power was sweet.

‘If you eat this, you will gain weight, but that is the weight you need to gain for the child in your stomach.’ Medea hypnotized herself that she was walking to build her muscles.

“Your Majesty, are you bored?”

Seeing her sighing as she ate the snacks, a close maid to her asked. She nodded.

I hope someone can develop a fun way to exercise!

“Today, the Imperial Knights… … .”

In order to check and maintain the skills of the knights, they fought in a tournament every six months. Furthermore, to solidify solidarity among the knights, one person from each Order was selected to represent them in each duel.

It would usually last 4-5 days, and today was the second day.

It seemed that the attendants secretly wanted to see it, explained the senior maid.

‘You guys told me not to go to the library because it was far away!’

Medea looked at them sullenly, then turned to the senior maid.

“Isn’t it private?”

“It is forbidden for outsiders to watch,” she said. “Her Majesty the Empress and His Majesty are exceptions.”

And you guys who go with me are also exceptions, right?

The maids looked up to Medea with their dazzling pleading eyes. But, unlike the Medea of the past, the Medea of today would sometimes listen to their requests and pleas.

“Alright. Let’s go, let’s go.”

Since she had stayed in only the safest places in the Imperial Palace, she was also curious about the Imperial Knights. Medea complied with the request, not knowing the consequences of that choice.


There was a strange atmosphere in the gymnasium of the Imperial Knights. Orders were united in cheering for their fighter, and everyone booed the losers without mercy.

‘How brutal. There’s blood.’

Even if real swords were prohibited, it was a battle.

Since it was an informal match, there was no mandatory attire so the state of their apparel varied widely. Some fought with their upper body wholly exposed while wearing only their pants.

The knights seemed bewildered by the appearance of the Empress, but she told her maid to them that they should not pay attention to her and carry on.

‘No wonder the ladies were so anxious to attend… … .’

she mused upon witnessing the robust muscles. But, because she had already seen Lyle’s body every day, it did not affect her, who now had impossibly high standards.

Still, the duels of the knights were entertaining. Since it was a tournament system, everyone was speculating who would win.

Unlike Medea, who knew no one, her maids seemed to know every member of the Imperial Knights. She realized that her maids were like the fans of idols and celebrities from her old world.

‘They would have been resentful if I had refused.’

Even though she was the Emperor’s woman, highest in status and beauty, her maids were ladies of aristocratic families.

Even though the previous Medea, before her possession, had once banned attractive women from entering the palace, she thought that every woman had her distinct personality and charm and the unattractive label was too harsh.

… … At least that’s how it looked in the possessed Medea’s eyes.

Rather it genuinely seemed like that to her because they had gotten to know each other very well.

Naturally, the knights were conscious of the Empress and her maids’ gazes, and the duel heated up.

“Oh, Sir Gerrard.”

She recalled Lyle sending him out to Silore; it seemed he was also a member of the Imperial Knights. He bowed with considerable respect and restraint when Medea lightly waved her hand.

“You know him?”

The maid was not on duty when Medea had first met Sir Gerrard. She lowered her hand and looked at her maid.

“I was introduced to him through his Majesty.”

“Sir Gerrard is the commander of the Second Order of the Imperial Knights.”

‘I see… … . So I was able to bring Seira to the capital on his recommendation.’

Seira received her knighthood because Medea pestered Lyle, but it may have also been because Sir Gerrard had so highly endorsed her skills.

Even Seira was cheering for the 2nd Order because she knew him.

“Ah, the number of fighters from the 2nd Order are not much. Many of them were injured from the last monster subjugation and are still resting.”


Five seats were vacant, so the chances of the other orders winning were higher.

Sir Gerrard, conversing with the other Knight Commanders, then looked towards them.

“Oh. He’s coming this way. What’s going on?”

Sir Gerrard hurriedly approached and bowed in front of Medea.

“I, Sir Gerrard, humbly greet the Empress.”

“Sir Gerrard. What’s going on?”

“I came here to borrow one of the Empress’s guards.”

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