YMA – 116

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“Sir Hestia.”

Coughing, her boss, Alex, called her. Seira rushed to her and ran to him. Alex glanced at the maids who were peeking at Seira and said,

“I don’t what your relationship with them to be bad, but you don’t have to accept every interaction. Do you understand?”


Alex looked like he wanted to say something more, but he ended it with that and bit his tongue.

Although he didn’t like the Baron’s slender physique and pretty face, he (Seira) was recommended by the Empress. He was a guest at Duke Card’s, and seemed to have a personal relationship with the Empress, so it would be difficult for him if they didn’t get along.

‘I wonder if he can even properly hold a sword… … . I don’t know why the Empress would want such a person to be by her side.’

Alex shook his head and glanced at the Baron’s back running to their post.


‘Do pregnant women sleep more?’

Medea wondered as she slowly opened her eyes. She tried to sleep a little more, but she was hungry, so she gave up.

‘Shall we eat and sleep again?’

She was sleepy after she ate, so she wanted to sleep. But… … .

‘No. I am pregnant in the Middle Ages where modern medicine is absent! Wasn’t there a high mortality rate in that era? I can’t gain too much weight! I want an easy delivery!’

She wanted to punch her past self that imagined living comfortably as an Empress with a child without any thought. Why was she so reckless? … .

“The pelvis seems wide enough, but… … . Won’t I suffer while having a baby?”

It was said that some people had easy deliveries and could give birth in an hour, but Medea wanted her to give birth as soon as possible without suffering in labor for as short as possible.

‘I hate labor and pain! Lyle, why don’t you have a baby for me!’

When the line that appeared in a certain overseas drama, “Birth is like an orange coming out of a wine bottle,” came to mind, even though she lying in her bed, she felt dizzy.

Why did she do something like a pregnancy? … . The emperor, her husband, complained that he couldn’t have sex… … . There are so many women who die from pregnancy and childbirth, but they say childbirth is not a disease… … . give birth to a child and then raising it… … .

How do you have children without money? I can’t have a baby because I don’t have the money, time and space! It’s not that I don’t give birth!

Medea trembled as she recalled what her senior female seniors who were pregnant had to go through and slumped.

‘Yeah, this isn’t modern times… … .’

It has been more than two months since she took possession in the book, but modern thoughts still came to her. Medea had left the capital, so even if she was homesick or dealing with culture shock, the doctors would not be able to figure out why.

“Tteokbokki… … I want to eat something very spicy.” [t1v: ugh, omg i want some too now]

Although it is in a fantasy novel, there was no spicy food in this palace. There weren’t even any rice cakes.

Medea was about to roll over but then remembered that she was pregnant, and gave up. And she was annoyed. It’s her body, but she couldn’t do just one roll!

But the pressure on the stomach seemed to be bad for the child.

“I’m hungry.”

“Her Majesty, the Empress… … . Did she cough?”

The familiar voices of the maids came from outside the door. Medea had only mumbled a few words to herself, but they could hear well.

She stood up and looked around the door.

“come in.”

The door opened, and the maids, who were now quite friendly and familiar entered the room. Medea complained to them and made them bring breakfast.


“Your Majesty, Empress. Are you going for another walk?”

As soon as she had breakfast, her handmaiden asked her after her instructions to bring her robe.

She actually wanted to go to the library, but it was quite far from the Empress’s Palace. There were a lot of stairs, and her maids were tired of them.

“You are still thin. Don’t worry, his Majesty is completely obsessed with the Empress.”

“No. This is for an easy delivery.”

Medea shook her head resolutely and stood up from her seat.

The reason why beautiful women of high-ranking nobles had trouble giving birth to children was because of their lack of exercise and narrow pelvises. Fortunately, Medea’s hips were wide enough. All that remained was her lack of exercise.

‘You can never give a difficult birth!’

“No, what do you mean for an easy delivery? You’re still in the early stages of pregnancy… … .”

“If I said I was exercising, it’s just walking! I have to start now… … . When I’m full, I won’t be able to move properly then!”

She wanted to learn horseback riding, but horseback riding was a bad sport for pregnancy. She couldn’t do yoga or pilates in a world of a romance and fantasy novel… … .

‘Even if I call a yoga instructor with my rich husband many maids are… … .’

“Still, don’t overdo it. If you are even a little tired, you have to come back right away.”


She didn’t even have the will to move enough to get tired anyway. She never liked to exercise, so whenever she thought of it, she just wanted to move even if it was just a little bit.

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